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Tuesday, 31 October 2006 03:42

A Final Word of Judgment -- Ms. Smith Goes To Washington

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When I see polls like this, I'm suspicious. Judges today are not independent, at least those appointed by the GOP. Bush would not be squatting in the White House if it weren't for partisan judges on the Supreme Court who got their payback. Even Scalia's son got a job. We've seen that those who have been appointed by the Republican Party keep giving back to the GOP. People are still brainwashed by the very word of judge. We've been brought up that way. At least, I'm using myself as an example, because before Bush was illegally put into the White House, I actually thought judges appointed to Federal Courts and the Supreme Court took their jobs seriously ... and, I was right, they do and they pay back those who put them in those jobs ... that's how serious this whole judge situation is.

But that unhappiness is a consequence of an independent judiciary, said Justice Stephen Breyer.

Poll: Americans don't want politicians constraining judges (CNN.com)

Naw. I don't trust CNN anyway. They lost their credibility long ago, but the only thing in their favor today is that they haven't changed their name to Fox News Redux.

After the illegality of the election in 2000, in my opinion, there should be no lifetime appointments, and Supreme Court judges who make such obvious political decisions should be impeached right along with their treasonous selection they made and placed into our White House. The only things more scandalous and obvious are the Diebold voting machines. Election fraud, any which way they can. Supreme Court exists no longer. They might as well take up singing for a career, at least that would give them more respect than they deserve today.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith