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Tuesday, 05 December 2006 04:19

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 5, 2006

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Subject: Iraq Study: Will Bush Listen to Advice? - Newsweek National News - MSNBC.com

"It's like the father with a baby and a bicycle," one Maliki aide told Bush. "You have to let him fall and if he scrapes himself you can run and pick him up. But if you hold on too long, trying to mentor everything, he will never be able to ride on his own."

This analogy probably made a great deal of sense to W... since his daddy’s hands are firmly re-grasped over his on the handles of the Free World bicycle he now finds himself wobbling on top of.

John L. Johnson
Laingsburg, Michigan

Subject: U.S. Wants Prisoners Silent

Carol Leonnig and Eric Rich of the Washington Post reported in a press release in early November, "That the Bush administration has told a federal judge, District Judge Reggie Jackson, on Oct. 26 that terrorism suspects held in secret CIA prisons should not be allowed to reveal details of the 'alternative methods' that their captors used to get them to talk." The government, in trying to block lawyer's access to the 14 detainees, effectively asserts that the detainees' experience is a secret that should never be shared with the public.

"TORTURE" is despicable. This is one of the many reasons we have lost the respect of our allies throughout the free world. How can this happen to a nation that believes in the right of the law and humanity of mankind? Perhaps, it is because the leaders in the this administration, President Bush on down, have never faced combat or the fear of being a POW. The torture of POWs or detainees is totally unacceptable. It makes us as evil as our enemies.


Colonel Colin J. N. Chauret, USAF Retired
31 Years Service, 1942-1973
Universal City, TX

Subject: Scalia's Mental Status

We are concerned that Scalia may be exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer's Disease. He is becoming more outspoken in a way that is antithetical to the dignity of a judge or justice of the supreme court. Witness last week's refusal to accept precedent and want to throw out patent protection that is written into the very fiber of the constitution. It's not even an amendment. It's the original contract with the American people. How about that for original intent? Do any physician/psychologist readers see changes for the worse in Justice Scalia's actions? judgment?

U.S. Supreme Court Ponders Patent Rules (eweek)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: George Will

Hi, Buzz!!

Marjorie Swanson, you have a stronger constitution than I do; I gave up on George Will long ago. It's a shame really; the guy used to write well (regardless of what you thought of his content), but now he's not even coherent a good deal of the time.

You are correct about the minimum wage; fully 75% of the people working minimum-wage jobs are adults - NOT teenagers living at home. I got that figure from the Presbyterian Church USA's lobbying office in Washington. So let George Will put that one in his pipe and smoke it - it would probably not be as harmful as whatever it is he's smoking now....

Jane Hawes
Emporia, KS (not-so-red-state Democrat)

Subject: Take Them Off of Our Streets

Dear Buzz,

I'm afraid that I am going to have to agree with the wimpy members of the Democratic Party and say that the pResident should NOT be impeached. Once again, George W. Bush should NOT be impeached.

George W. Bush should simply be arrested in the way that any other common murderer would be apprehended: he should be cuffed, shackled and taken into custody. He should be forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and fingerprinted along with Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and as many other suspect neocon enemies of the Constitution as can be rounded up. In this way, they would not be able to perpetrate any more crimes against the Constitution or Humanity.

Now that I have your attention and all dreaming aside, what is this b***s*** that the Wimpycratic Party is saying and the pundits are encouraging about "impeachment is off the table"?! Are we not a nation of laws?? This is the same damned thing that happened under the Ford "administration." We were told by the pundits and the politicians that we should put Vietnam and Watergate and conspiracies and military-industrial plotting behind us because "America wants to feel good about itself again." WTF!!!!

Oh yeah, and the feel-good Defense Secretary under Ford put a halt to the investigations of all American war crimes in Vietnam - including an investigation of the systematic slaughter of thousands of Vietnamese civilians in the Song Ve area in the late 60's. And who was that feel-good Defense Secretary? Why, none other than Donald Rumsfeld, who came back to be the author of more crimes against humanity.

And THAT is what happens when a nation fails to prosecute its evil-doers. They come back to do it again. Colson and Liddy and Kissinger of Watergate, etc., are back to advocate the trashing of the Constitution. Gates, of Iran-Contra, returns to kill more innocents and make more millions for himself. Negroponte, of the Salvadorian death squads, is back to plot torture and murder and terrorism in the guise of "policy." I'm surprised that Richard Nixon hasn't returned from the dead to be appointed to a cabinet position!

What will it take to ensure that these mass murderers are put away for life, thus protecting the safety of Humanity and Democracy? Maybe if we could get them busted for smoking pot or burning a flag, something could be done. In the meantime, We, the People, need to keep pressure on the Democratic Party to ensure that they do their job this time.

There is so much more than a stain on a blue dress at stake.

Mick Fowler
Glendale, AZ

Subject: From a Clark supporter re "Clark debt" not really debt

Any reports I've seen say that Clark04 has $390,000 and owes only $260,000. So, there could be money left over after the committee pays the bills. Although the dictionary says debt is something owed, many of us tend to think of it as not having enough money to pay what's owed. So, Edwards is more in that position, I think, as his committee owes $300,000 and only has $2,200. Yet, here are some examples of them being lumped into the same category.

Washington Times, Edwards, Clark have debt from '04 (AP)

USAToday, Edwards, Clark carry debt from unsuccessful 2004 White House bids (AP)

Oh, well, they have to sensationalize it to sell newspapers, I guess.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Another Alternative To Stop Funding For War...

Congress passed a requested Resolution in 2002, some 33 days before the 2002 midterm elections. This Resolution requested that Congress approve a Resolution "authorizing the use of our military forces" in the "war on terror." Despite little debate on the floor of Congress, and a warning that this was giving the Executive "a blank check" to "wage war" against whomever, wherever, and whenever it was deemed feasible by the President, Congress did approve such use of our military forces.

Thereafter, we made a preemptive attack against Iraq for reasons that have now been found to be outright lies or forms of deception.

Our Congress would never pull the rug out rom under our troops by defunding the war. There is, is there not, another alternative? What may it be?

Well, if the Resolution was based on faulty and/or deceptive information put forth by the Executive branch, could the Congress not kill the Resolution upon which such authorization of our troops was made? If Congress claimed that they acted upon false and/or questionable claims, then in the name of "we, the people," they should be able to rescind the authority to allow further conduct of wartime activity for good reason.

Just a thought.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Losing the Good War (NY Times Editorial)

Afghanistan was supposed to be the good war -- and the war America was winning. But because of the Bush administration's inattention and mismanagement, even the good war is going wrong. [more]

A BuzzFlash Reader

I think Newt Gingrich is the most unsavory person in American life today and should be roundly and soundly ignored. What has he ever accomplished for the good of this country? Nothing! His Republican Revolution in which this incompetent bunch of boobs took over the Congress has produced only corruption, hypocrites, and dumb bells. Anyone who listens to Gingrich has run out of ideas and brains. It may be true that he is a thinker, but what he thinks is not what is needed by Americans, and his personal life is not anything on which to bank, either. If he were so great, he would not have lost his place as Speaker of the House.

Mildred Perry Miller
Chattanooga, TN

Subject: "Unauthorized leaks" are anything but

Real leaks? Humpft! It's pure theatre! It's more of the same old boring propaganda, stage-managed and served up to a gullible public by the same old disgracefully uncritical news media which is, in fact, willingly complicit in yet another attempt to control public opinion and give Bush cover.

Don't believe for an instant that the latest round of so-called "leaks" were done without the White House's knowledge and consent. They were White House theatre productions designed to give Bush cover. It isn't hard to distinguish the true whistle-blower leaks from the state-managed, fake leaks. All one needs to do is ask oneself, "Why aren't Bush and his minions out in front of his pet reporters' cameras calling for heads on platters?" They're not calling for heads on platters because there are none to serve up, and they know it. It's pure theatre, and not even very entertaining.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Using All the Tools

If I am a master carpenter and want to build a house, there are things I must do in order to build a good house. After doing the background work of finding the land, planning and designing the layout, acquiring all the permits and ordering the materials I will need, I am almost ready to start. Before I drive the first nail, it would be wise for me to check my tool bag to make sure I have all the tools I might need.

Tools packed, I start out for the site, however on the way my mind wanders and I come up with the brilliant idea that I will not use my saw. The saw is right there, it is a very valuable tool, and my work will go much smoother and the house will be of higher quality if I use it, but I am adamant about not using it and decide it will stay in the truck and not be used.

I believe that this would make me a nut or a fool. Maybe both.

So which is Nancy Pelosi? Isn't she refusing to use a valuable tool before even getting to the site? She may even be worse off than my carpenter because she isn't even taking the saw with her. "Impeachment is off the table," she has stated. WHY? A good craftsman uses all the tools at their disposal to ensure the best job possible. Our laws are the tools used to build the best America we can. Discarding one out of hand is foolish and self defeating.

Everyone knows that the Bush administration and many of its backers have broken many laws, hell they flaunt this fact. Even some of their supporters realize this is a cult of bad guys but admire the openness of their misdeeds. When an ordinary citizen breaks the law we all expect that person will pay the price for their misdeeds, according to the law. The criminals themselves expect to pay a price if caught. So why does the twerp in the Oval Office and his gang get treated differently?

Isn't that lil-Georgie's problem, that he has never had to pay the price for any of his screw ups? Isn't that why he has never grown up, because mommy & daddy or their friends have always cleaned up after poor Georgie? He has never grown into being a man because others were always protecting him.

Now our great Leader of the House elect wants to continue this charade? Why? Is there some unwritten law that the elite must protect each other? If this Group Of Perverts is allowed to get away with their attempt to destroy this country and its freedoms, then what's to stop the next group from trying the same stunt? Our so-called system of Justice is set up to teach a lesson, not only to the person being charged, but also to the next person to get a similar idea.

So what's the matter with Nancy? Maybe the fine citizens of San Francisco need to remind her that they also voted to begin impeachment investigations when they re-elected her, and she was rehired for only 2 years.

HMMMM, an elected official knows what their voters want, but don't seem to care and just go ahead and impose their view of how things will be. Why does that seem so familiar?

Maybe Nancy needs some calls, letters and emails to remind her who the deciders really are.

Jim E.

Subject: Do Nothing Congress

BuzzFlash article: DNC: The Republican Do-Nothing Congress Still Doing Nothing 12/5

Now isn’t that a fine how-do-ya-do? Let’s face it, the republican congress couldn’t pass 9 of 11 bills if their lives depended on it ... that’s why they called them the “do nothing” congress. However, they were known as the “rubber stamp” congress, too. With that title, the republicans could work feverishly into the night for some whacko, Bush request. Frankly speaking, and at this point, the republicans prefer to be in the position of taking pot shots at the Democrats beginning in Jan. 2007. It is all part of their scheme. Like children who lost the neighborhood sandlot game, they are taking their ball and going home... r-r-right now! Republicans won’t sulk about the loss because they know exactly why they were sent packing. Consequently, they will scheme and plot against the Democrats, trying to make them look bad, all the while hoping their schemes take their toll. Gee whiz, Holy Batman! I wonder if the media will join in the pot shot scheme? Bet'cha you all can't imagine that!

Captain Jessie
Cincy, OH

[BuzzFlash Note: A Republican Party spokesman has already said as much: "Republicans over the next two years will focus on holding Democrats accountable, and recommitting to reforms that deliver for hardworking families." -- Danny Diaz (AP/Taipei Times).]

Subject: 'Nearly As Many Contractors As Soliders In Iraq'

Here's the solution to Iraq:


It'll increase troop levels AND lower our reconstruction costs.

Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq (Washington Post)

A BuzzFlash Reader