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Monday, 11 January 2010 03:49

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 11, 2010

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Subject: Credit Cards

Credit cards are trying to squeeze every penny from the consumer. They are charging inactivity fees. Fees for doing nothing. Also, for even those with great credit they will start charging yearly processing fees, annual fees, activity fees and statement fees. What a racket. My own credit card just lowered my credit limit to what my balance is and raised my interest to 19.9%.

I have had this one particular card for years and I have never missed or have been late with a payment. I have always paid much more than the minimum. After a few years of using my card too much, mostly for medical payments, but never over my limit, I have chipped away at the balance to where it is reasonable. I try to avoid using credit cards and I would like to eliminate them altogether, but we are held hostage to the banks and credit cards by big business. Try to rent a car with only a debit card. You just can not do it.

Hotels will take your debit card but will charge a deposit to your account. My experience has been that the major high end hotels treat you like a second class citizen and you usually get the worst of rooms if you use a debit card. I can change the payment to my debit card at checkout, but to get the service at these hotels you need to have a credit card on file. For those two reasons alone, I am FORCED, let me say that again, FORCED to carry a credit card.

The people that say if you don't like credit cards don't have them, never rent cars or go to hotels. In days past, today's credit card companies would be considered illegal, loan sharking and usury.

Every day, there are more and more examples of how our government works for the corporations and NOT the American people. I am getting fed up with our politicians, especially the Democrats that had a chance to make real significant changes for the people. I believe Ralph Nader was correct. There is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

Bob Lambert
Northridge, CA

Subject: Why Are So Many In The Media Protecting Lies and Liars?

I, for one, am so sick and tired of watching every corner of our media constantly sit by in the face of outright lies from their guests and say and do absolutely nothing.

A perfect example of this in the last few days has been the non-stop media tour of Rudy Giuliani. I have been privy to watching a parade of television commentators kowtow to Rudy Giuliani over and over again while he continuously spouts lie after lie after lie.

From Larry King Live (LKL) on CNN to Morning Joe on MSNBC, these so-called 'professional' media people are just sitting there while this self-proclaimed terrorism expert outright lies and NO ONE dares to challenge or correct anything he says. The amount of flat-out misinformation that these people are letting Giuliani get away with is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing.

On January 6 on Larry King, Giuliani said repeatedly that President Obama only spoke out about the attempted airline bombing after 10 days when even my 14 year-old nephew knows that it was 3 days. That fact is common knowledge and has been widely talked about and not once did Larry correct him on that point.  By the time Giuliani got to Morning Joe on January 8, the timeframe for Obama speaking out about the attack had gone from 10 days to 2 WEEKS and absolutely no one felt the need to correct him.  It was almost like they were scared to disagree with him on these astoundingly false statements.

Giuliani’s blatant lies seem to have no bounds. Among them, on LKL, he said that the attempted airline shoe bombing was BEFORE 9/11 when in fact it was months after.  On Morning Joe, he stated that there were NO domestic terror attacks under George W. Bush’s watch -- completely forgetting that 9/11 WAS on George W. Bush’s watch.  Then he said that President Obama has been talking about how “Bush released people from Guantanamo” or “Bush took too long to come out after the shoe bomber” when in fact Obama has said absolutely NOTHING about any of this.  It was the media that has pointed out all of these things… and rightfully so. Obama has not ONCE said anything about how long Bush waited before coming out to speak on the shoe bomber and yet these people sat there and let him present that as a fact.   

I am just over these so-called professionals in the media acting so timid in the face of outright lies.  Whatever happened to fact-checking and journalistic integrity in today’s media?  Whatever happened to "the truth will out"?  Now, it just seems to be about getting the interview and getting ratings and who gives a damn if what comes out of someone’s mouth is the truth!  And we wonder why more and more people are turning to online media, comedy shows and blogs for their news…at least with them you know what you’re getting. 

News Flash: It’s not about defending President Obama or his administration or his agenda or anything like that, it’s about making sure that your viewers are being presented with the best possible facts and truthful information so that they can come to their own conclusions.  Something a lot of people in the media seem to have just simply given up on.

I am just fed up with turning on what is supposed to be news and instead getting only the information that someone DECIDES I should get.  What good is a country of misinformed citizens and what good is a media format that knowingly allows their viewers, listeners or readers to be misinformed?

Here’s a little tip to all of them, correcting someone when they say something that you know is false does not make you a Liberal or Conservative or an Obama apologist, it makes you a journalist!


Dee Evans
Plano, TX

Subject: Double standard for Democrats? Not a problem for me

The Republicans are making a big deal about what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said about race. Republicans claim that there is a double standard claiming that some people are a lot more forgiving when a Democrat makes a racist sounding comment than Republicans get. I don't have a problem with the double standard. Republicans have worked hard to disenfranchise blacks while Democrats have worked hard to empower blacks. Harry Reid has a strong record to fall back on. So if an old Democrat uses the word Negro, it's not that big of a deal.

I am amused however because the more of a big deal Republicans make of Harry Reid's comments, the less likely they are going to be able to get rid of their incompetent party leader Michael Steele. Democrats look forward to taking on the GOP with this year with Steele in charge.

Marc Perkel
Gilroy, CA

Subject: Guiliani says no domestic attacks under bush

Then why was he running so fast on 9/11?

I KNOW! He wanted to be first in line to guy tickets for KICK ASS THE MOVIE!

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, AR

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