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Tuesday, 19 January 2010 03:40

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 19, 2010

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Subject: Scott Brown Suggests Obama Is A Bastard

Scott Brown, the Republican running for the Senate seat in Mass., was on a Boston TV show recently sticking up for Sarah Palin and at the same time suggesting President Obama's mother was not wed when she had him all those years ago.

I sent this to "Morning Joe" and others, but I doubt if anyone will use it or even bring it up:

Scott Brown told a Boston TV station he was not sure President Obama's mother was wed when she had him.

Does this mean the Hawaii newspaper that printed Obama's birth is in the habit of printing the birth of babies born out of wedlock?"

And how did the Hawaii newspaper that printed the birth of Obama know he would grow up to become President?

Bill Corcoran

Subject: Marc Perkel

Marc.....you put it wonderfully. I could not have sat down to write a commentary on what Obama has had to deal with since his inauguration....but, you did it very well. I am amazed that this country is still standing...after the Bush/Cheney debacle. There was nothing they did right,Nothing!!!! Anybody with a half mind...should have known what was going on there....Cheney, wanted to make Halliburton the richest company on earth....and Bush , sadly, was just ignorant enough to allow Cheney to have the reins....and do as he pleased. Dick Cheney, came into that office , caring nothing about the American People...and G.W...sadly, did not have the brains to stop him....between Cheney and the head of Blackwater...they screwed the American people into the ground...we are lucky we are still alive....very!

SW St. Louis

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