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Monday, 04 January 2010 03:51

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 4, 2010

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Subject: underpants bomber

Hi, Buzz!!

Once again, I'm confused. An Al-Qaeda trained terrorist gets on a plane in Lagos, past whatever security they have there, changes planes in Amsterdam, once again getting past security, and fails to detonate a bomb over Detroit. The solution, apparently, is for Americans to be treated even more like criminals at the airport than we already are. Lagos is not in our jurisdiction. Neither is Amsterdam. So how is putting more restrictions on U.S. going to prevent people from coming into the U.S. with bombs in their underwear?

Seems to me the failure on our side was with the State Department. The man's own father warned our embassy, and our very own State Dept. didn't revoke Abdulmutallab's visa. That's what we need to be looking at, not how to make flying even more difficult than it is now.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Strip-search machines aren't the answer. They are a violation of the Fourth Amendment, and I will not fly into any airport that uses them, even if it means I never fly again.

Does NOBODY in Washington have any common sense?

Jane Hawes
Edmond, OK (red-state Democrat)

Subject: Cluck You Fox

Cluck You Fox!

Yesterday began my official boycott of anything owned by Rupert Murdoch including Fox TV, Fox News (which I never watched anyway), FX and whatever other TV stations he controls. I never read the newspapers and magazines he owns, except for the Wall Street Journal, but I don’t subscribe to the WSJ. I will however, purposefully NOT link to any articles on the Internet that I see originates from the WSJ. I know I can get my information elsewhere.

Rupert Murdoch’s greed got the better of him when he threatened to take his stations and leave the sandbox. At issue was the money for stations that we viewers can get for free if we don’t have cable – FX, Fox, and others. Murdoch wanted Time Warner to start kicking in money to have these stations included on basic cable. If they didn’t, those stations would be pulled from Time Warner’s list of options to their customers.

I decided that I was sick of all of this. I took stock of the few shows I watch on the Fox stations and decided I can live without them. They are Bones, American Idol and NFL Football (oh, and my guilty pleasure – Wendy Williams – but she re-airs on the BET network). I love Bones and have been a huge American Idol fan since the beginning, but it’s not worth it anymore. It’s not like I don’t have other, more important, things to do with my time anyway. And besides, I can listen to my local teams’ games on the radio – until that too is taken from me, I suppose.

This has nothing to do with politics, although the fact that his politics repulses me makes this easier; it has everything to do with money and how the public are pawns between two large corporations. Since Fox was holding Time Warner over the coals, at our expense, I thought about what not having access to any of their stations would be like. I realized it wouldn’t be that bad.

So, Cluck You Fox! Good-bye Bones; I can watch reruns on TNT. Good-bye American Idol; the world won’t stop spinning of I don’t watch you. Good-bye NFL on Fox; you are just a game anyway.

I feel better already.

Ilene Wells
Saugerties, NY

Subject: Cheney Needs A Refresher Course

Hey Undisclosed Bunker Man Cheney,

Regarding your attacks on President Obama, it seems YOU need a refresher course...

We got attacked on 9/11 ON YOUR WATCH. Over 3,000 were killed on that day ON YOUR WATCH - even though YOUR administration had been given a 8/6/2001 PDB telling YOU that terrorists were planning an attack fairly soon.

Shortly after 9/11, we had Anthrax Attacks ON YOUR WATCH at The Capital and News Networks.

We had the Shoe Bomber ON YOUR WATCH. You took YOU SIX DAYS to respond to that attempted bombing. Seems YOU conveniently forget about that, especially with YOUR comments YOU made today.

"YOUR Administration" had the American people and the MSM wrapped around your finger, supporting YOU after the attacks.

"YOUR Administration" gave the Director of The CIA, who gave us SLAM DUNK "intelligence" about IRAQ, some Medal for his Incompetence, err, Great Job.

YOU had a CIA Agent exposed and outed because her husband dared to write an Op-Ed about YOUR lies about WMD in Iraq.

YOU and Rummy could care less about capturing Osama bin Laden and gave up in Tora Bora, Afghanistan; so YOU could go after a guy in Iraq, who had nothing to do with 9/11.

"W" made his infamous "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California. Guess with all YOUR deferments from fighting in Vietnam, YOU could not join Bush on the carrier.

The war YOU wanted so bad in Iraq continued for many, many, many more years with casualties mounting and no sign of us winning.

Today, with over 4,600 dead soldiers, we still are not out of Iraq, so YOU could set-up YOUR Oil Contracts for Halliburton.

EIGHT YEARS LATER and Osama bin Laden still has not been captured!! Way to go Cheney!

Now our soldiers have to go back into Afghanistan to clean-up the mess YOU left President Obama, by not capturing Osama bin Laden and his cohorts when the soldiers had him in their sights and YOU told them to leave and YOU gave them no more Special Forces to capture him.

So stop trying to re-write history Cheney. The ugly, screwed-up record that YOU left behind, for others to clean-up, will take years to complete.

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Who do we screen for?

Every time someone tries to blow up an airplane we start asking the question, "How do we spot terrorists? Who is safe to let through?" One thing that is common to all these terrorists is a strong belief in God. No Atheists are out there blowing up innocent people. That's because Atheists don't have an invisible friend promising us sex with virgins in the next life if we blow up a bunch of innocent people. So when you get on a plane you might want to ask yourself who you would rather fly with, Atheists or Muslims, because an Atheist is much more interested in keeping everyone safe in this world.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
Gilroy, CA

Subject: A President, not a Superhero

It's a new year! Time for commentators everywhere to air their complaints about our Failed-Superhero President: Obama caved in on health care, or went too far. The stimulus package was too ambitious, or not ambitious enough. He broke his promise to be bipartisan, or tried too hard to court any Republican who'd listen. His Afghan policy is too harsh, or maybe soft. He brokered a bad deal in Copenhagen. He didn't do enough to create jobs. No, scratch that. His attempts at creating jobs made matters worse.

Here's one thing the President did: face up to issues that, if ignored any longer, would render America a second-rate power within a decade. The President's attempts at revamping health care, climate, and economic policies are flawed, but they are essential starting points. At least he got some balls rolling. That's more than his predecessors were able to accomplish.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Four More U.S. Military Personnel Killed Last Week In Afghanistan

Their names are Marine Staff Sgt. Charles Cartwright, Army Staff Sgt. David M. Gutierrez, Army Specialist Jason M. Johnston and Army Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Spino. While history will record that these brave men fought in an ignoble war of conquest, this wasn't their fault because they, along with most Americans, had been brainwashed into believing that either we get the "bad guys" over there or the "bad guys" will come to America and get us here, and never mind that nobody over there ("good guy" or "bad guy") would have had any interest whatsoever in getting us, if only our government had accepted the Taliban's offer to hand Osama bin Laden over to the U.S., in exchange for our providing the Taliban with proof that he was responsible for 9/11. That is not to say that those killed in the Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakestan/Yemen war have died in vain, just that they didn't die for the reasons that our government fed them and us, they died that there be no war no more, nowhere, never, not even one.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: LA Times Pitching California Ballot Measure That Calls For Constitutional Convention

And if it passes there'll be a constitutional convention made up of 221 delegates selected by county and city elected officials and 240 chosen by random selection, application and election. Except It's not a random selection "which might open the convention to anarchy, nor is it a nomination process by the elected leadership. Instead it's democratic, innovative & promising, balancing epertise with populism, & is fair & smart." Except the populism is,at most, small p. What's more the the whole thing reeks of the same fear of the power of the masses logic that messed up the U.S. Constitution. How otherwise to explain this fear of actual random selection. Noteworthy, too, the fact that the idea for a constitutional convention came from the Bay Area Council, a business group that is, among other things, looking for ways to lower taxes on the super-rich. Just the fact the the call for this convention came from a business group and is strongly supported by that infamous anti-labor rag, the LA Times, until proven otherwise, has to be considered as some sort of code blue alert for all progressives.

A BuzzFlash Reader

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