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Thursday, 12 October 2006 05:05

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 12, 2006

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Subject: 911

The MANTRA for ... us Democrats should merely be: 911 Happened on George Bush's WATCH!!!!

This is easy to say, and irrefutable for the wicked Right-wingers!!!!!!!!

Dr. Chuck Aftoora

Subject: Dear Mr. Bush

It has become obvious to us you really don't understand why people are not happy with the economy. Yes, the economy is working very well for people who were already doing very well when you took office. Those people are doing even EVEN BETTER NOW. High end stores and luxury items are selling very well. Not so for discount stores. Mr. Bush, no one is arguing the people at the top (the people you hang with, the people you know) are doing very well, but when the economy is only working for you and your friends, then it is not really working. We need the economy to work for ALL OF US.

Shorty in Memphis

Subject: The Next October Surprise

I'm surprised that you guys haven't covered this, but the Republican "October surprise" seems to be fairly obvious.

What is it? The judges at the trial of Saddam Hussein will sentence him to death about a week before the election. The media will be absolutely BLANKETED with coverage of this event, putting a supposed "accomplishment" of the administration front and center on every media outlet for the last few days before the election.

I think you guys should call this one out so that it won't be a surprise.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Brand the GOP

GOP: Party of child predators

Party of child predator apologists

Party of child predator protectors...

Party of Family Values, My Ass!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Republicans Are Hiding Foley

Just after Republican Mark Foley was caught trying to have sex with young boys he checked himself into an alcohol rehab center supposedly to treat alcoholism even though he's not an alcoholic. What Foley is really doing is hiding out till after the election. He's avoiding the FBI and congressional inquiries that could really expose what happened.

I think it's time to call Foley out of hiding and have him face the consequences of his actions. I think it's time for Hastert and the Republican leadership to stop being in on the Foley cover up and pretend Foley is being treated for something that we all know is a lie. To use a treatment center as a hideout from justice is just plain wrong.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

Subject: Response to Kate Taylor

I agree that there are other ways to try to impress upon these neo-clowns and Presidunce that we no longer believe their lies, including the biggest one...that they "win" elections. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Just bear in mind that this is exactly what they are counting on...that you will be AFRAID...afraid there may be violence (even though it is invariably them that start the violence), afraid you'll "get in trouble," afraid you'll lose your job etc. They want you to do nothing that might cause a ripple. If millions upon millions of people didn't make a difference before the illegal invasion of Iraq, what makes you think taking a day out of work by a few people will change anything? We need people to refuse to return to work until the vote matches the polls. If it was good enough to overturn an election in Ukraine why isn't it good enough to overturn ours? Look at the example of the Mexican people...they knew something was wrong and they took to the streets. So did Ukrainians.

We have to stop being afraid of a confrontation with them...that was the only way things got changed in the past and it's the only way they'll get changed now. Have a sit-in in front of your local news stations...refuse to leave until they cover and demand a revote, a public, paper ballot, non-partisan revote. Not a recount of the same rigged numbers. Demand that they randomly sample voters ON-AIR to see if indeed all these people really did get the most votes. That's a start.

Above all, keep the pressure on...Commander Codpiece and his ventriloquist count on us just giving up! Civil disobedience may be all we have left.

Sue Bailey
North Kingstown, RI

Subject: The Fascists Will Remain in Power....You Can Bet on It...They Have Nothing But Contempt for the American People

Until I see the Petroleum and Pharmaceutical stocks take a dive, at least the investor class seems to know something we don't. They apparently have faith in the ability of the republicans to count the votes as usual. I believe they will yet rig another election...Don't count your chickens, because they count the votes!!!!!

Richard Johnsen
Hartwick, NY

Subject: Democrats Stand on Iraq?

The Pentagon released a report yesterday that America was going to stay in Iraq at least until the year 2010! Is this true?


Maybe I've been missing the message?


Haven't the democrats heard the message that the majority of Americans want us out of Iraq now?

Are we going to be duped again? Call and ask your senator and house representative! Progressives do not need a November surprise!

Evangelicals now to the tune of 63% are going green and are considering voting their environmental conscience this fall according to a recent Bill Moyers documentary. They now realize that man-made global warming is not what God intended. They are going directly against the likes of corporate owned christian leaders like Dobson, Kennedy and others.

Lawton Watson
Springdale, AR

Subject: A Song for Our Time

Dear Friends at BuzzFlash:

Recently a group of US and UK musicians* produced an anthem for the coming midterm elections. Entitled "The Rules Don't Apply to You" (lyrics below), it's available for listening and FREE downloading at www.myspace.com/relaxedwilly We've gotten airplay to date on stations in Kansas City, MO, Youngstown, Ohio, Mendocino Country, CA, the Maria Heller Internet Show, and were featured on the World Can't Wait website.

We hope to reach a lot more potential voters via internet and college/community/progressive radio before 11/7, and would welcome and appreciate mention on your site. Thanks for listening.

*RELAXED WILLY is: San Diego singer/songwriter MIKE RYBAK, American-born film composer ("Bend It Like Beckham")/gold & platinum record producer CRAIG PRUESS, and London-based singer/multi-instrumentalist DAVE JACKSON.

The Rules Don't Apply to You

How did it start? Who taught your tender heart such a primitive view: That you're entitled, whatever you do, And rules don't apply to you?

You don't need laws, you don't need science, You don't need reason or truth. Stubborn and reckless, you do as you choose. Rules don't apply to you.

Katrina, Iraq, the debt on our backs - See all the damage you've done. Secrets and lies cannot disguise All of your failures our country is bleeding from.

How can it end while you pretend Your failed illusions are true? You smear your critics and fake-up the news; Rules don't apply to you.

Katrina, Iraq, the debt on our backs - See all the damage you've done. Secrets and lies cannot disguise All of your failures our country is bleeding from.

Full speed ahead. Don't mind the poor, the dead - Hey they ain't nothin' to you. Just serve yourself and the privileged few. Rules don't apply to you.

Full speed ahead. Don't mind the poor, maimed, or dead - Your party approves! It's not exactly what Jesus would do, But rules don't apply to you. Laws don't apply to you. Science don't apply to you. Facts don't apply to you. Reason don't apply to you. Ethics don't apply to you. Constitution don't apply to you. I said, Constitution don't apply to you. The rules have never applied...to you.

©2006 Miracle Horse Music/Heaven on Earth Music (copyright pending)


Mike for Relaxed Willy
San Diego, CA

Subject: 3 Critical Issues


1. Bring our men home from Iraq and support our men 100%; 2. Close our borders completely; 3. Stop all SPP [Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America] and eliminate NAFTA (and do not begin the variations on this theme) activities.

We will soon lose our nation and this process has begun. Few people are watching and soon it will all be over. You will have a new currency (Ameros) and nation combined with Mexico and Canada, a nation filled with terrorists, and an economy the mirror image of a 2nd world nation. This has started. REPLACE all GOP and start talking about the above 3 points.

Doris Patrick
Santa Barbara, CA

Subject: John McCain

John McCain is setting himself up for a run for President in 2008...trouble is...his brain is gone, apparently. He has been dissing both Hillary and Bill Clinton...and I lost it for him when he and Warner and Co...were supposedly keeping Bush from doing away with Habeas Corpus...which is now not even a part of this country's Constitution. The shame in this country is now smelly.

After watching "Iraq for Sale" today...there were things in there, I could hardly believe. But, I surely do. When the people who did it are discussing it...you gotta believe it!

I fear for this country...like never before.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: GOP House Page Committee Chair Capito STILL doing a "heckuvajob" running Congress' Pedophile Teen Camp?

NOMINEE for Top Ten Neocon Idiot of the Week? Because the "longer" she stays, the "worser" it gets....

SOMEBODY please tell me ...When will the media try to find out why Shelley Capito (R-WV) hasn't been issued a subpoena by the House "Ethics" Committee? It has been widely reported that around fifty subpoenas were issued days ago and yet her office claims they never received one. Isn't this the same "ethics" committee that never looked into her ties with Jack Abramoff, Neil Volz, David Safavian and and Bob Ney?


As only 1 of only 3 members of the GOP House Page Committee, shouldn't they have sent her one of the FIRST ones? And when will anyone ask publicly why she was left by House leaders to protect those teens from even more predators despite the fact that she miserably failed to protect them in the first place?

FACT: Ms. Capito was 1 of only 3 senators on the Congressional Page Board assigned to oversee the health, safety, and welfare of the "lucky" 15 and 16 yr. olds serving as pages on the G.O.P. side of the House of Reprobates.

FACT: Ms. Capitoad's fellow Senator Foley (G.O.P. - in his case that stands for "Grossly Overt Pedophile") is WIDELY KNOWN to have used Capito's own Congressional Page program as his personal "Rancho Pedo" for YEARS under her watch.

FACT: Ms. Capito has YET to receive a subpoena from her House "ethics" committee DESPITE the fact that they issued around 45 subpoenas to everyone BUT her even though she STILL is in charge of the GOP House Pages. She has OBVIOUSLY earned the Congressional equivalent of the Bush-Katrina accolade declaring "Yer doin a heckuvajob Shelley" while leaving teens to their own resources.

YET STILL the NeoCon-held Congress has amazingly left Ms. Capitoad in charge of essentially the same group of teenagers to be preyed upon by the rest of her fellow GOPeratives on the "Hill."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Two Weeks To Save the World

The time it'll take for the aircraft carrier Eisenhower attack force to be in position to nuke Iran. We let this happen and any time thereafter expect to hear "Will the last one out please turn off the lights."

How to prevent the impending doom? We the people prevent it, that's how - By recognizing that not only are we at the abyss, but that unless we do something about it, over the edge we go.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Republican Lecher Song

Here’s a song to give the “values” voters something to think about. If we sing it enough, fewer of them might show up at the polls.

The Republican Lecher Song—AKA “The Happy Adulterer”

(Sung to the tune of “The Happy Wanderer)

The Happy Adulterer

It’s not a sin to sleep around If you’re Republican So Rudy, Newt and John McCain Can all do it again.

Adulteree, Adulterah, Adulteree, Adulterah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Adulteree, Adulterah, They’ll all do it again.

Poppy Bush did bare his tush, Fitzgerald was his crony, But did they sin? No, once again, ‘Twas voodoo matrimony!

Adulteree, Adulterah…etc. ‘Twas voodoo matrimony!

The O’Reilly boy did ask a girl To touch his loofa gourd.* She put the transcript on the Web, He settled out of court.

Adulteree, Adulterah…etc. He settled out of court

*(OK, OK, it was the other way around. He offered to touch her. There’s poetic justice here, why not poetic license?)

In Hollywood, did Reagan schtupp Many a star-struck lass, But did he sin? No, once again, The Gipper gets a pass.

Fornicay, Fornicah,* Fornicay, Fornicah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Fornicay, Fornicah, The Gipper shtupped the lass.

*(OK, Reagan wasn’t an adulterer. But for people like Bill Bennett, Jerry Falwell, and Ralph Reed, fornication would have been just as wrong had the Gipper remained a Democrat.)

There’s no shortage of eligible Republicans. Forget about Strom Thurmond. No single verse would do him justice, and I doubt an epic would suffice. I wanted to write a verse for Rush, but I couldn’t come up with anything south of the border that rhymes with Viagra…wait, something just occurred to me:

Rush Limbaugh went a sex touring He’s quite the randy squirt ‘Twas proven when customs found Blue Pills in his brown shirt.

Fornicay, Fornicah….etc. Blue pills in his black shirt*.

*(this last line could be the motto of the republican party)

And finally,

Republicans write pious books, Their culture wars to wage, With footnotes by Mark Foley On the bottom of a page.

Fornicay, Fornicah….etc. On the bottom of a page.

There must be dozens of other good verses to this song out there. And of course we must write other songs--songs that we can sing at Republican campaign rallies, songs that we can sing at demonstrations and protests, songs we can broadcast on AM radio.

Oakland, CA

Subject: Genie and Mailbag 10/11

From what we hear here...at least 1200 voters have been registered...who do not even live in this state...or are dead. So much for the 2006 election!

I have been sick...tried to work as much as possible for Claire McCaskill ...Talent is such a jerk...but, I, like you, think that we are not even close. This election is going down like every other one has from 2000 on. They are fixed...and sadly, I think nothing can be done about it...it is like the war that was declared over in May of 2003...and instead will be going on until 2010...no matter who is in that office...and God help the man if he is a democrat...it will all be his fault.

I watched the news conference today...if you can call it that...and thought...this man owns us...no matter what we think...he will never let go of that office, until he has another person in there to blame for the entire war...that is their game...blame the previous administration or the next one!

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Bush Cuts Deficit

Bush has added 3 trillion dollars to the national debt and he’s crowing because last year he added “only” $248 billion more. The $71 billion he “saved” compared to 2005’s budget deficit will pay barely a fifth of the $352 billion dollars a year in interest we now pay on the national debt. That yearly interest payment is 8 times more than Bush plans to spend on Homeland Security in the 2007 budget ($43 billion). What magnificent economic achievement can we look for next?

Albert Clark