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Wednesday, 04 October 2006 09:24

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 4, 2006

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Subject: Military build-up to attack Iran

How about running some coverage about the military build-up happening to attack Iran.

Could you not wait until the attacks are underway?

Bush intends to attack Iran before Nov. 7 and people need to know it.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: W-/C-/Shoulda

A recent BuzzFlash headline: "Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda? The more the House Republican leaders try to defend themselves on the Congressional page scandal, the worse it looks. 10/4"

We are, of course, witnessing a tragic event in the course of politics, one that has found one weakened member of the herd having been attacked and wounded, only to have the rest of the group scenting fear and blood, only to join in the attack, weakening themselves and wounding each other, perpetuating a vicious circular cycle of flesh tearing and wounding and maiming leading to a probable killing of many of those once-strong and proud members who have joined or been drawn into the fray out of some instinctual instigation.

While the behaviors might be compared to some in the Animal Kingdom like sharks or wolves, the response is entirely human in that those nonhumans are interested in survival and the overall good of their respective but unrespected groups. Needless to say, what has become a "feeding frenzy" has occurred AFTER the fact of the aberrant behaviors, AFTER the group has become infected and defective, AFTER the appropriate times to act have long since passed. While Fooley [sic] might have been discovered and outed (as in "kicked...) out an earlier date, the sore was allowed to fester and manifest in order to ensure that as many of the group became similarly, if only peripherally, afflicted. One is reminded of Hugh Hefner's swimming pool that has a reputation for its herpes. One really makes the grade when an otherwise ugly virus becomes the secret bond between members, something real animals would naturally abhor, something only real humans would adore.

While Foley [sic] may have been a weirdo (even for Republicans), the fact remains that even Scarborough has come out and shared his observations and conversations with and about the human of the moment, Joe making everyone aware of his awareness of something anomalous in the former Representative's behavior. When O'Reilly goes so far as to mislabel the character as a "D" on his Faux News graphic, he is attempting to distance HIMSELF from the issue, one of which is a religion shared with many of the anomalous, one that somehow allowed him to acquire an appetite for falafels.* There is something amiss when people in high places are unable to police themselves, not displaying the moral fiber that they apparently find so attractive because they only want it without actually having it.

Joe or Bill or even the "Beastly" Mark finding himself contrite or apologetic well after the facts come out is a little late in identifying the character flaws that tend to offend the sensibilities of those around them. One wonders why there has been so much knowledge that has not been shared with the Floridians or anyone else, especially by those who are situated to be in the know. Could this have been an effort to shield the Catholics (all three are) from another scandal involving persons in power and those who are either acolytes or pages? While "Pills" Limbaugh has raised this issue, even he can't make the facts any different, better or worse, than they are. There seems to be quite a bit that has not been revealed and there are things being secreted (?!) that would give everyone a pregnant pause if allowed to progress unimpeded through the proper channels.

This is about Foley's tomfoolery and folly but it is also about a larger issue of entrusting youngsters to those who wield quite a bit of power simply because of their age, positions, and stature within the society. Using a euphemism like "clergyman" is as ridiculous as any other attempt to soften or cushion the blows to those whose expectations demand excellence when putting their faith and trust in prominent people. We have had enough of the "clergymen" and teachers and politicians and pundits who use their positions to provide their charges with "extra credit" lessons or experiences. These higher placed persons create more of a climate of fear than most legitimate terrorists do, considering the likes of the former Representative enervate the citizenry, making many more who rely on stronger people to assist them through the travails of daily life weakened and susceptible to fears, only to be preyed upon by even more manipulative characterless conmen.

Alamaine, Ive

Grand Forks, ND

Subject: Foley Shows That Laws Don't Work

This is another example of how Megan's Law does not work. Let me remind everyone that pedophilia is a recidivist crime and here we have a registered sex offender on the prowl for his next victim. Also zero in on the sentence he received for abusing two boys. Only nine years. This is where I feel that the legislators across the country must do away with Megan's Law and put in its place harsher sentences. In fact, in our collective response to Mark Foley and the Republican leadership, let us all start contacting our elected officials in Washington , D.C. demanding harsher sentences and making pedophilia a federal crime.


Subject: "Fat cat" Hastert should resign and be punished

Instead of talking about why leadership of the Republican Party should resign over the sex "scandal cover up shouldn't they be talking about their criminal behavior period? The action seems to be about gays being child molesters. This is a ploy for their agenda.

Check out the Hastert land deal.

Leader Dennis Hastert did a land deal which is fraud and the Ethics Committee and the State of Illinois are ignoring it. He and partners bought the land, passed legislation to put a road there, and then made a big profit. He made millions on the deal and will resign or leave office with our tax our money. We should get it back.

The deals made and the profit made in the House cloakroom are historic. Everything from allowing forests to burn for lumber corporate profits to getting a campaign contribution or big job after leaving DC. The subject should be their corruption and manipulation of the issues for their own power and profit.

Check out the banking scandals.

There is a difference between Clinton's consensual affair with an adult (his wife's business) and the child sex crimes of Foley, etc. REp. Foley is a gay so what? Gays don't all do child crimes.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: RAMBLA

It's time for the "neocon/Republicans" to form a new Committee exclusively for themselves.

It should be called RAMBLA:

Republican American Boy-Love Association.

When Foley comes out of his "rehab" he can be the Chairperson Emeritus, and, of course, other members of the Committee hierarchy would be all of the Republican members (including their worthless staffmembers) who were aware of what was going on and chose to do nothing about it.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: Two News stories -- Why Foley, Why Now?

On the Daily Show Monday night, Jon Stewart started off by saying they'd prepped all weekend to talk about the detainee legislation, abuse of the Constitution, etc., etc., and then of course the Foley story happened. The rest of the show was mostly about Foley. This morning it got me to thinking -- how exactly did the Foley story break, after being hidden for years? Does anyone know? Could it be possible that the admin revealed it themselves to distract from the detainee legislation?

If so, why is that legislation so important to them? I don't believe Bush really gives much of a damn about fighting terrorism. So why would it be worth the risk to the Republicans in November to reveal it? Does it have anything to do with the contract that's been given to Boeing to post cameras and security all along the Canadian border as well as the Mexican border? Is the purpose of that security to keep Americans in, rather than all those Canadian terrorists out?

You all have a nice day, too...

Takoma Park, MD

Subject: Foley Fiasco

These poor kids... to have to get part of their sexual education from a 52 year old with a damaged view of what is sexually permissable, but that they have to go along with if they want to get along is so sad. This is no different from the criminal coach, clergyman, scout leader etc. who ruins the lives of our youth.

I have a question about a portion of Disgusting Denny's comments on the second day of the scandal I believe, (hard to remember the changing excuses given) where he said "The family had gotten what it wanted" Now...is it me, or does that sound like pay-off of some kind was involved. I mean... that would be soooo unlike the Repugs I know (wink, wink... nudge, nudge), but I think that might be investigated further. What if there are more kids out there he was trying to abuse and they have had to learn that it really is all about the money and saving the Gross Old Perverts party political asses...sorry kid. This is just the most demoralizing thing for those kids.

I also have heard that the Page Program leadership (Shimkus is the head I believe) only warned Repug pages? Can this be true? If it is, that is the most damning evidence of all. How do you possibly justify that? It plainly shows that you were aware of something very bad going on, but you only protect certain children? C'mon, that is just hypocrisy and criminal! No excuses about timing, or "it was only" this or that, or "it was being taken care of" (with no oversight afterwards evidently), or the perennial favorite from their hero that works so well "I forgot". NO!!!! This shows they knew, they knew it was wrong and they still let pages be abused... period... beginning of sentence... JAIL sentence, that is.

They all need to rounded up in this, becuase Commander Codpiece is taking Denny's side in this publicly, Bush, Cheney, Foley, Hastert, Shimkus, Boehner, Reynolds and Delay, since he was the Majority Leader for the time before Boehner. Letting Alber-toe-the-party-line Gonzalez be the final arbiter of this has made sure it will not get done any time soon, and more likely just dismissed late on a Friday afternoon and in the meantime they can all say "I can't discuss an ongoing investigation". Between what they classify and what is an "ongoing investigation" we get to know zero, zip, zilch, nada about what's going on in OUR government! I wonder how long we can count on the "news" outlets to keep covering this?

"It is not necessary to censor the news, it is sufficient just to suppress it 'til it no longer matters" Napoleon Bonaparte Vive la BUZZFLASH !!

Sue Bailey
North Kingstown, RI

Subject: Foley, the Florida Democrat

Sad but true, since who but a Democrat would seduce young boys? A republican? Never! Seems that the powers that be have to respond this way. Otherwise it'll be show over, no refunds, get out. They know it too, but then this damn Foley jerk's gone and made things so bad for the Republicans with his child-molesting ways that the House Republican leadership gets caught trying to keep the entire mess hush-hush, lest the public find out before next month's election.

And now the public knows and, guess what, the Republicans have never been so desperate. Understandably so, since they could lose everything and even wind up behind bars - "How we gonna get out of this mess. Oh yes, it never fails, our usual trick, invert reality, doublespeak and don't forget to say it over and over again.

We got'em this time, though - "What, these Republican leaders knew that this Foley guy was actively pursuing young boys, yet for months, maybe years, they did nothing? Foley's a Florida Democrat? Bullsh#%"

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A Dismal Peek At Next Month's Elections

Dear BuzzFlash:

After reading Mark Crispin Miller's latest on the likelihood of the 2006 mid-terms stolen by Bush's Republicans again, it certainly has its effect on whether voting is even worth it, with such overwhelming evidence that a vote for a Democrat won't count, at least enough to get us a majority of one of the Houses. Add to that the spineless Democrats who are still in office, with the notable exception of John Conyers, and the right wing controlled media's refusal to address voter fraud, even NPR, and you have a recipe for defeat.

Which leads us to a real quandary. Do we raise hell before the elections, and try to stem the theft of votes? Would that not turn potential voters away, who would, rightly so, figure their vote won't count, as previously stated? Or do we cross our fingers, write to our Congresspersons and Senators beforehand, warning of what we will do if evidence of vote tampering surfaces, and hope for the best?

I will not let the fact that Republicans are fixing elections keep me away from the booth.

They depend on a low voter turnout.

Better to have my vote stolen rather than not cast one against these arch criminals, which is what they are.

For that reason, I believe the best strategy is to focus the Democrat message, pounce all over the Republican perverts and war hawks, and get as many people to the polls as possible.

Then, I'm in total agreement with Miller. In the event that this election is stolen, too, which it most likely will be, Americans must rally immediately and demand investigations, demonstrate, and otherwise raise so much hell that the media and the lawmakers all over the country will have no choice but to respond. We must demand recounts, march in the streets, picket our elected officials' offices and perform every peaceful activity we can muster up to maybe one day take our country back.

If we fail to protest yet another stolen election, the country will fall, and we will be as responsible for its demise as the Republicans who put us in this jam in the first place. Never have I been more fearful of our nation's future as I am now.

Fayetteville, Ar.

Subject: Business As Usual For The GOP

The Foley scandal, disgusting as it is, is nothing new for the Republican Party. They have been getting away with murder, literally, by bombing Iraqi civilians and, via proxy, Palestinian civilians. After you've vaporized children with illegal incendiary weapons, it doesn't take much of a leap to go after minors for disturbing gratification of subhuman impulses.

The glaring problem is, no one is seriously taking the Republican leadership to task for its interminable list of outrageous, unethical and plainly illegal actions. They are following the example of the man who would be king, George Bush, whose flagrant disregard for the law, both Constitutional law and the laws of man, or laws of nature, if you will, paves the way for all members of the party that trashes Lincoln to commit atrocity after atrocity with complete impunity and arrogance, knowing full well that not a congressperson or federal judge anywhere will hold them to account.

As I have previously purported, the onus of enforcement has fallen to we, the people. We are the owners of this once great country, not the uber-wealthy elite who have systematically stolen all our dollars and resources through collusion with all three branches of government. The Constitution guarantees the people the right to redress government for grievances, a right that dates from the Magna Carta. If we, the people, passively sit at home and cower in the illusory safety of our four walls, then we will truly deserve whatever abuses are heaped upon us by the rabidly foaming beasts who seized power by massive fraud in the last two presidential elections and the last two congressional elections.

It is not at all surprising that Foley felt he could use his position at an agency designed to protect children to abuse children. Every position of power given to the Republican congress has been used to exploit those who are weaker. Every opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of the working class has been seized. Every available law or loophole to protect their hold on power and further transfer wealth from the working class to the idle class has been utilized. Despite being beaten down again and again, we have sullenly taken it like a household pet. It is time to say "No more". It is time to refuse to be exploited any further. It is time to throw that big wrench into the Republican machine.

One way to accomplish this will be civil litigation at all levels. Republicans have legislated themselves and their interests immunity from criminal prosecution in most areas, but they are still liable in civil courts, where the burden of proof is lighter, and where the damages can be assessed by a jury. More on this later and how they are vulnerable on multiple fronts. In the interim, organize your local communities to get out the progressive vote in November. Network with friends and co-workers, despite the conservative boss who keeps listening in on your private conversations. We have the numbers. They have all the money. We are much, much bigger than they are. And you can rest assured that they are terrified that their unholy behavior has awakened the sleeping giant.