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Thursday, 05 October 2006 09:17

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 5, 2006

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Subject: Excuses Excuses Excuses.

The major number one excuse this administration uses over and over again is "nobody ever anticipated Iraq insurgencies, hurricane Katrina, planes hitting a building."

What's next? how about not enough prison cells for criminals. There is plenty of evidence to prove counter to their claims. Time and time again this administration refuses to face the facts. Bush is in a state of denial and the next catastrophe is right around the corner. They will tell you they are working hard and they have difficult job.

Let's be realistic they are only concerned with campaign contributions and what business they could lobby for when they leave office.

Scott Sanford
Louisville, Ky

Subject: Who Woulda Thunk It?

That all it would take to topple the king was for one of his noblemen to be caught at trying to seduce a young boy.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Detainee Bill
Two crucial decisions were made last Thursday, one decision by the Senate and one decision by me. The Senate voted to allow torture, provide immunity to torturers, and reduce people's civil liberties. And sadly, I decided I could no longer support the Democratic Party - their inaction defined them in the starkest terms.

I feel more and more isolated every day from the people representing America in our capital. I am anguished deep in my soul. I don't know how our representative can pray to their God with good conscience.

The God I know personally is certainly angry and probably very saddened by the misuse of his name. And I imagine he has a sad smile knowing that we will reap what we sow.

My wife, who was not born in this country, is afraid for me when I legally protest the actions of my government. Why should she be afraid for me? This is America, right? I can voice my opinion without repercussions, right? So why does she fear speaking out in our country? Can a congressman or senator provide to me an answer to these questions? Not an honest answer, I think.

The representatives have turned our capital into a money pit, in which they bathe themselves every day. The few voices who speak to my heart are shouted out by the shrill voices of those who want a towel to dry off before they get dressed.

A grieved former Democrat,

Paul Glenn
Houston, TX

Subject: The Sneer and Smear Campaign

The sneer-and-smear Republican campaign is already underway.

Unlike the poorer Democrats, the Republicans have allocated $20,000.00 or more to all its candidates to research the personal lives of their Democratic opponents. Then the Republicans can bring the slightest political-scandal-like circumstance before the public, slurring and slandering, and decrying the personal integrity, morality and good intentions of their Democratic opponents. We have seen this in the so-called "swift-boating" -- a smear campaign in which a wealthy Texan targeted John Kerry with Navy swiftboat veterans who were paid to sully the valiant record of John Kerry, and whose trumped up charges were tantamount to implying cowardice and even treason on the part of Kerry. Yet, while Kerry was under enemy fire, Bush was doing drugs, getting drunk and practicing his golf swing; or while his V.P. was also cleverly avoiding the draft. Veterans were previously off limits to such degradation, but Bush changed all that in his 2000 presidential primary. He went after former P.O.W. Senator John McCain. Under the direction of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater, Bush eliminated McCain from the presidential race almost in disgrace from the slanderous fabricated charges.

The Republican sneer-and-smear campaign is both personal and abstract. We have but to observe the Limbaughs, Roves and Cheneys describing, sneer-like, the antics of "liberals." In their minds and persuasion, "liberals" can do no good. He or she is empty headed, without morals nor sound social standards, and can only serve to drive the country into the ground. The "conservatives" are the only good people on earth, even though, on the other hand, in the current American turmoil it is their greediness, lopsided failed policies, fear tactics and calculated incompetence that have plunged the country into one of its greatest ordeals in the history of the Republic.

John Burgess
Syracuse NY

Subject: Doing a Radio Show

I work for BlogTalkRadio, and we are reaching out to people who would like to do their own radio show live and then its available for download and podcasting after.

What's a Blog Talk Radio Show?

Your BlogShow lets you host your own talk show online. Receive live callers, interview guests, and broadcast to an unlimited number of listeners. All you need is any type of phone, an internet connection, and something to say. All your listeners need is streaming audio or any type of phone should they choose to call in.

If anyone is interested you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you
Amy Domestico
Waterbury Ct

Subject: Is The November Election What We've Been Looking For?

A chance to change the world? Could be, since we win and that's what'll happen. Which might be why the powers that be are so desperate now, knowing as they do that one loss and that's it for them, they're out, finished, kaput and good riddence to boot.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: More Corporate Censorship At ABC

You used this as a headline about ABC's censorship in favor of the Bush administration but this was Time Warner doing the censoring and they're not connected with ABC.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: "October" surprise

It's painfully obvious now, that the only way out of this Foley scandal is for this administration to stage an "Osama shootout and capture." If, as a BuzzFlash has asserted, IF (and it's a good possibility) OBL is in a CIA holding cell somewhere, then it's now a 99% possibility that he'll "be rooted out of a cave" in Afghanistan. This will be the only thing to take the headlines away from focusing on the Repugs.

Look for this to happen by the end of the month.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Shocked and dismayed letter to Sherrod Brown

Rep. Brown,

Prior to your senate candidacy I had no idea who you were, despite my having lived most of my life as a politically active resident of your state. Since you're running as a Democrat, I have assumed that my vote would automatically go to you in the upcoming senate race, in order to break the Republican stranglehold over our state and country. I have been led to believe that you have strong progressive credentials, and on that basis and a little internet research I have made contacts to volunteer my time to your campaign in the final push toward the elections.

But then you voted FOR the egregious Military Commissions legislation of the Republicans that removes fundamental checks on our government in regard to the protection of the civil and human rights of American citizens and others. Holy crap!

As a result; you get none of my time, and I am thinking hard about my vote. The Republicans - such as your incumbent opponent DeWine - are a virulent menace to our republic; but so are belly-up shave-tails presenting themselves as an "opposition" party.

For Christ's sake give us a little credit. If there were a candidate or party that actually presented a coherent perspective on the crises facing our nation and world, then the groundswell of support that such would receive would negate any need for values-capitulation and "no daylight" groveling in order to attract the confused votes of fence-sitting demographics.

Get a spine; get a progressive paradigm; get a copy of the constitution - or lose my shoe-in vote.

Ken Duerksen,
Oxford, Ohio

Subject: Foley Red Herring

Hey Buzz...what's up, rove throws out the Foley red herring and the whole country is rolling in the fish guts, including BuzzFlash and the daily show. last week America passed legislation that legalized Bush as a dictator. America is more concerned with lurid sex scandals than the survival of the republic. The page boy deal may or may not topple the Republicans, but no future president, be he Republican or democrat is going to relinquish the powers of a unitary Executive. No one man or one branch of government should have that power. It's time to remove the presidency, not just the current president. The US must become a parliamentary democracy. Parliamentary debate is slow and sluggish, but long investigative debate could have saved the lives of three thousand servicemen in Iraq and stemmed the threat of tyranny in the US.

Tom Coombs
Kaslo, BC Canada

Subject: 2,733 dead GIs

Will it hit 3,000 by Christmas? Will it hit 3,000 by Halloween?

"You need a unified movement. A movement that loses its radicalism loses its vision and its future. A movement that is only radical loses its mass base." --- Kathleen Barry from Not For Ourselves Alone.

Speak up or they assume you agree!!!
Karen Webb
Moore, Ok.

Subject: On Ending the Page Pogram

So we need to end the page program to protect the pages from Congressman?

Why stop there? The congressmen are in Washington and there's lots of underage people living there. Let's ship them all out to other states.

But wait! Foley is from Florida. How many minors in Florida? Move them to Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana so they'll be safe! DisneyWorld will love that- DISNEYWORLD- NOW ADULTS ONLY!

Damn Republicans always do things half way.

Sometimes I think elected officials should be neutered before they take office.

Mike Curtis

Subject: Getting the Link Right

Buzz -
Thanks for posting my message yesterday.
Unfortunately, the link to the "Mother Jones" story on the wrongful arrest of the young man from Tajikistan did not come through.

So I'm copying the whole story with the TruthOut link and hope that you find a way to get it onto BuzzFlash in some way. It's absolutely relevant and a little obscure. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else yet.

Colleen Clark