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Monday, 17 September 2007 06:09

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 17, 2007

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Subject: Request to revoke Bush's diploma

To Mr. Richard C. Levin, President, Yale University

I am writing to commend you and Yale University on its return of Peruvian artifacts taken by Yale scholar Hiram Bingham. When my wife and I visited Machu Picchu last year we were informed Machu Picchu's artifacts were being held by Yale despite Peru's long-standing request they be returned.

Yale to Return Machu Picchu Artifacts (AP)

Few such instances are resolved as justly as Yale has done in this instance. Yale's actions did much to restore the integrity of Yale's reputation. Like a fine restaurant, one bad review can damage an otherwise unblemished record

Perhaps Yale may now consider revoking President George W. Bush's diploma. That he received a diploma from Yale can only cast doubt on the diplomas Yale has granted to other political luminaries such as Senator Joseph Lieberman, President Gerald Ford, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The reputation of American politicians has never been lower and the fact that many graduated from Yale cannot reflect well on your institution. As Yale's current president, you are in a singular position to return perhaps not only Yale but America to its once high standing.

Lux et veritas, i.e., light and truth, is Yale's motto. Others are beginning to wonder if it is instead: Cigar smoke quod speculum, i.e., cigar smoke and mirrors.

Integrity was the key to your commendable action regarding the returning of artifacts to Machu Picchu. It is no less so in this instance.

In optimism and hope,

Darryl Robert Schoon

Subject: Oh My God, Not Another Falwell!

I was not fond of the "Reverend" Jerry Falwell. I thought he was a malevolent windbag with delusions of grandeur. Nasty little hate mongers and their nasty little hate-mongering followers aren't Christians. Now my day is ruined by learning that there is "Son-of-Falwell" to further screw up the world. Whatever was God thinking not to make that evil little man sterile?

Falwell and his followers need to find something in the bible other than Revelations. They might want to start with the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes in particular. Low and behold, not one word of hate, not one nasty slur, and not one single word about gays. That was the word, right from the horse's mouth. Falwell and now his Chip-off-the-old-block spawn are what come from the other end of the horse. Except from the horse it's at least valuable as fertilizer.

I don't go to church anymore and I'm not even sure what I believe. I do know that love is better than hate and treating people with decency and respect is better than name-calling and disrespect. But I don't call myself a Christian. And I don't think I am better than someone else because of the way I do or do not worship some deity unlike Falwell & Son and their cretinous devotees.

I do find it hard to understand why the Not-so-Reverend Falwell and Son-of-Falwell didn't and don't respect the 7th Beatitude most of all.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

Falwell's Son Urges Conservative Pastors To Get Out the Vote (Washington Post)


Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, WI

Subject: Another stunning tragedy amid tens of millions of others caused by Bush Inc.

This is just so sad.

People who stand up to Bush Inc. have a way of winding-up DOA in accidents, don't they?

Another great person forever gone, a mother, wife, daughter, and family who will grieve for the rest of their lives ... and all for the brutality, greed, lies and monstrosity of Bush and his band of uglies.

War Critic Dies In Iraq, Mom Wants Answers (CBS)

San Francisco

Subject: Amerika (Part Two)

A couple of days ago or so I gave a little story as to how fascism is the ideology of choice. I forgot to mention how George Busch resembles the former crazy leader of Germany back in the Thirties and Forties. Towards the end of the 3rd Reich the leader was ordering around non existent Divisions to defend Berlin. Generals were threatened with death if they retreated. Favored military men were chosen to lead and were awarded medals and honors. All around the country were shattered ruins. Young boys and old men were called up to defend Berlin in the final battle. The leader cared not for the German people -- they were traitors and had let him down.

There were still the trappings of empire, Military Courts were active and concentration camps were full. The Gestapo (Secret State Police) were still spying on the populace and summarily hanging or shooting suspected traitors without recourse to the corrupt kangaroo courts -- und so weite!

Now fast forward to the 21st Century -- We have concentration camps, Secret spying by the government. Propaganda -- the MSM is the source. A President who lies unabashedly. Like Germany we have a weak Government afraid of the Leader.

Iraq is a colonial war and like Hitler Busch intends to stay for a thousand years! Iran is next in line for destruction along with Syria.

How can we not impeach our own fascist leader for leading us into an illegal war, lying? Failure to protect the Constitution and other high crimes and misdemeanors? Surely even the Republicans can see that some action must be taken before the country is led to self destruction by a leader who is a psychopath. And doesn't give a damn for the less fortunate in Amerika.

Finally we should remember Busch's Grandfather was indicted in 1942 for trading with the enemy - Nazi Germany.

A. Leslie Palmer
Mill Valley, Calif.

Subject: Hillary Shills?

You seem to be leaning toward Hillary, BuzzFlash. Like MoveOn, you're losing your clout w/ progressives. Hillary is a pro-war neocon, w/ strong ties to Murdoch. Her husband and the DLC have destroyed the Democratic Party -- on purpose -- and if she is elected, it will be by the same people who elected the Bushes. Is this what our dying empire really needs, Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton? All of them owned by the big big corps. Report on the real Hillary once and a while.

Joe Labarbera
Pittsfield, MA

[BuzzFlash Note: We invite you and other readers to report on the "real" Hillary, or any candidate, directly, by registering and posting news stories to BuzzFlash.net.]

Subject: Alberto Gonzales

"Over the past two and a half years, I have seen tyranny, dishonesty, corruption and depravity of types I never thought possible," Gonzales said. "I've seen things I didn't know man was capable of."


Obviously he was looking at himself in the bathroom mirror ...


Subject: The Difference

Many years ago, I received a Minister's License from a Baptist Church. During my time there, I worked hard at ministering to those who needed me. Since then, I maintain my license as I enjoy performing marriages.

Many years ago, I worked as a Prison Guard/ Deputy Sheriff in New Orleans, Louisiana. During my time there, I processed prisoners, took them to night court, and tried my best to be fair, even to those who broke the law. I frequently identify myself as a former Deputy Sheriff.

Note that these two jobs were in separate paragraphs. I did not say that I cared for prisoners, or locked up sinners. These are two separate professions.

I don't attend church anymore. I do miss it at times, but I feel I cannot support people who are appointed to minister to those who need it, but instead feel they have to be Deputy Sheriffs, spending time and money to push laws to legislate morality.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to know the difference.

Maybe that's why I claim to be a former Deputy Sheriff, and rarely mention that I am also a Minister.

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, Ark.

Subject: Dennis Kucinich

Seems like the democratic party is trying to censor him.

Kucinich complains that Iowa is 'a rigged game' (Baltimore Sun)

A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Could be, but in Iowa, it may be about their wanting to protect their status as an early primary state.]

Subject: DC Protest 9/16/07

Supporting the soldiers MEANS I must support any use of the troops, WITHOUT QUESTION?

Nearly, if not every poll done in the USA by nearly every outlet says that a majority of the American public does not support the President's view of the war in Iraq. Yet, there are people like some with yesterday's DC pro-war, death and destruction brigade who say they were there to counter the minority. I know "pro-war, death and destruction brigade" sounds harsh, but not one bit harsher than calling anyone who isn't willing for their children to be sent into combat for reasons they think iffy or outright wrong are surrendering communists. On the contrary communism requires complete obedience to the powers in charge. The war in Iraq was put to the American people with a huge amount of fabrication.

There are some who think the Bush people were exceptionally naïve and were led down the primrose path, but they weren't. They knew what they were doing, underestimate everything, except Iraqi involvement in 9/11, their military capabilities and completely ignored the history of the region with regard to the 3 religious factions. Sometimes a war is really good for the economy, but this one has not been unless you are building equipment or weapons or getting huge unchallenged contracts.

The idea that every battle is justified or honorable is ridiculous. The service of the soldiers following orders is nearly always honorable, with few exceptions, like marching to someone's home and killing unarmed adults and even toddlers. Sometimes they are ordered to do non honorable things.

This war was purely for profit. We need oil and we will take it. Right now, the pro-war, death and destruction brigades are claiming that if the death and destruction is not continued indefinitely, regardless of the cost, then the deaths of those already dead will be in vain. They couldn't be more right about the in vain part, but not the bravery part, because this entire war has been an exercise with little or no merit. The part that it must be carried on to validate the bravery of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of life and limb is way off base.

The historical battle that is a prime example of this was Pickett's charge at Gettysburg. Robert E. Lee was a very honorable man with a slightly twisted sense of patriotism. He hated slavery, he thought splitting the union was stupid, but he had to fight for his home, Virginia. He was fighting for honor. At Gettysburg he sent approximately 12,500 men across 3/4 of a mile of completely open terrain into what he knew was a well-defended ridge. The casualties were 50% for the South and 1,500 for the Union. Lee knew better and he never forgave. Longstreet knew better, but he followed orders. Pickett didn't have the slightest idea what was going on, but he went into it for glory. Not one soldier died without honor that day and it wasn't the only time this happened in that war or has happened in other wars since. Burnside had done exactly the same thing at Fredericksburg. There were an estimated 172,504 (100,007 US, 72,497 CS) soldiers engaged at Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg. The casualties were estimated at 17,929 (13,353 US, 4,576 CS).

There are times when military and political leaders make huge mistakes in judgment and to somehow call those who followed those decisions unpatriotic or less than honorable is beyond the pale to me. Using soldiers to validate some since of honor with regards to politicians or military leaders is completely unforgivable. Burnside and Lee ordered a lot of US Citizens into impossible situations.

The idea that every use of military is honorable or justified is stupid. George W. Bush and a number of military leaders think that someday the American people will think this was their greatest time, but I think they will look at it like Pickett's charge and Marye's Heights. The only difference, none of them will feel even the slightest twinge of responsibility for the death and destruction.

Karen Webb
Moore, Oklahoma

Subject: Recent NYT Poll

... according to a recent NYT poll one out three Americans believes that Saddam and bin Laden are connected and responsible for 9/11. A recent Gallup poll stated that one out of three Americans believes that the Bible is the literal word of God. Are these folks one and the same, or is the great unwashed multitude really that that deluded? Not only are they still drinking Kool-Aid, they are free basing the powder!!

Ruth Gottlieb
Laguna Woods, CA

Subject: Anything Noble???

Re: Mr. Morford's column: he's absolutely right, of course, but has anyone with any sense ever thought that "nobility" was part of the equation to begin with? Despite the incessant propaganda issuing from the White House.

I can't help losing it whenever I come across the spectacularly hypocritical phrase, "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Let's see ... so far, we've freed the Iraqis from their homes, their livelihoods, the safety of their streets, and untold numbers of their families and friends. The only item left to liberate is their oil, which was the reason for this holocaust in the first place.

And I believe that Bush won't budge until he gets it. He's not delusional; he's simply a study in filthy venality.

Must Read Mark Morford Column on What the Battle OVER the War in Iraq Really Means to America: Brilliant Mark Morford Column: "Because the truth is, we are well past the point of salvaging anything noble or honest from Bush's massive, historic debacle. We have only this brutal reality: Iraq is, and forever will be, one of the most extraordinary wastes in all of American history."

Ellie Remore
Monroe, NY

Subject: Basis For Support Of Iraq War

It gets very tiresome to read/hear arguments on whether to justify the US war on Iraq. The arguments invariably rest on whether or not the war is meeting with success = whether or not we're "winning."

Would we pass judgment on an act of mugging as to whether or not the mugger succeeds in gaining possession of the old lady's purse? Or whether the band of bank robbers is succeeding in looting the safe?

The primary consideration must be one that rests on the morality, the decency of the act. Succeeding in an immoral act is not something to cheer about. Why is the Iraq war immoral? Just for the benefit of those who have slept through the entire episode:

1. The assault on Iraq was based on a succession of lies; WMDs that did not exist (the weapons inspectors were correct.) Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 (established fact). Iraq was not seeking Uranium yellow-cake. The aluminum tubes were entirely unsuitable for centrifuges to enrich uranium.

2. The horrendous, illegal and immoral assault on the people of Iraq was/is illegal according to the Nuremberg Proclamation, the Geneva Accords and other world laws.

Impeachment is necessary to clear the air.

David Wald
Santa Clara, CA

Subject: Irrational Republicans

At one time I had a high opinion of John McCain, much like my admiration for Colin Powell. Now I have no respect for either.

McCain thinks sending our young people into Iraq to die or be permanently maimed represents patriotism. He says Democrats are traitors causing harm to our troops by opposing the Iraq war and wanting to bring our soldiers home!

McCain says Democrats are getting dangerously close to unconstitutionality if they oppose Bush's wishes. Is he too blind to see that Bush has flagrantly ignored the intentions of our Constitution?

It is also despicable -- and should be unlawful -- for DC to prevent protesters in buses from entering our capitol city by fees and threat of fines.

Then we have the rumors of pending bombings of Iran without congressional approval.

Why and how have our legislators become powerless to control the insane actions of a madman?

Creed Ballew

Subject: French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner Says The World Should Prepare For War Over Iran's Nuclear Program

Sarco's suck-up?

Will Wyche
Palm Springs, CA

Subject: In Memory Of Sabra And Shatila

Before, its narrow alleyways dense with human activity. Afterwards, alleyway after alleyway, packed with corpses lying side by side, end to end, each awaiting the who knows what; inevitable, yes, but who wants to go that way?

What did they die for? A few hours before he died at a school dormitory turned into a burn center, one young Palestinian gave a hint of what it was all about. Having sustained almost total body second and third degree burns as a result of U.S. manufactured phosphur bombs that Israeli planes dropped upon West Beirut, he was, already so feverish that, at the time the following conversation took place, he obviously was not long for this world.

"How are you?"

Suddenly and to everyone's surprise the young Palestinian starts to get up, somehow managing to take a couple of steps.

"Where you going?"

"Got to get up. Got to get up and help my people."

The nurses managed to coax him back to bed. It was difficult to believe what had happened. Here was someone with at most a day or two to live. He wasn't asking anything for himself and he had nothing of material value to give other than the going rate for cadavers, which, after a mass-murder are invariably quite plentiful and therefore a depressed commodity.

Thus it was something of the spirit, not the flesh, that this young Palestinian had to offer, since his was a message of total selflessness, of love divine for his people and by extension for all people, that there be no war no more, nowhere, never, not even one.

And there won't be, so long as we see to it that Congress cuts off all funding for the Iraq war, whereupon, empowered by our victory over the powers that be, what sort of world? It'll be up to us.

Forgotten History: Sabra and Chatilla 25 years later (Op-Ed News)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Hunt Oil In Iraq

Blaming the government in Iraq is buying into the Bush/neocon frame and perpetuating their lies. Maliki is Bush's hand puppet. He's viewed as a collaborator. Of course he can't get anything done, especially when he's trying to help the US steal Iraqi oil. That's not the fault of the Iraqi people nor does it show an inability of them to from a viable government. He's willing to sell out the future of his country by ratifying 30-year contracts with western oil companies that gives control over 80-85% of the profits. Should we be surprised that no one is supporting him or this Draconian legislation?

Hunt is a close friend of Bush's with unparalleled access. You can be sure this deal happened with Bush's approval. If he can't help his friends steal Iraqi oil through the front door, he helps them steal it through the back door. US and British multinationals are already profiting from smuggling oil out of the Northern provinces. This is just another example of his larceny. Needless to say, stealing Iraqi resources is like throwing kerosene on the fires of the insurgency.

The winners from Bush and Congress's war crime? US and British oligarchs. The losers? The American and the Iraqi people.

Carol Davidek-Waller
Kirkland WA

Subject: Put up or Shut up


I read the Frank Rich article "Will the Democrats Betray Us?" posted on BuzzFlash ths morning and wondered if our Democratic Presidential candidates will ever find the courage to follow Frank's lead? I want to believe the answer is "yes" but the reality of what's happened in Congress since the Dem Majority took over in January 2007 tells me "no."

How can we, the Democratic voters, force Democratic politicians to do the right thing in Iraq? How can we collectively join our voices in a loud enough roar to threaten them when the only recourse we have is not voting for them? Do we really believe that they believe we will abandon the lesser of the two evils to vote for a 3rd party candidate? I think the answer is "no" and because the answer is "no" we will not be out of Iraq this year, or next year or 5 years from now.

So what is the answer? How can we force the Democrats to do what we sent them to Congress to do? I think the answer lies in identifying those Democrats in Congress who are afraid of stepping up to the plate and work against their reelection. We must work diligently to replace these people with congressional candidates who are demonstrably willing to end this war through whatever means are required. If we cannot find Democratic candidates in certain areas of the country who are willing to heed the will of the people then as Democrats we must rally around 3rd party candidates who support Iraq withdrawal as well as the social and domestic issues that are the hallmarks of our party.

As Democrats, Liberals and Progressives we hold the power to change the political dynamics in this country when we decide to STOP relinquishing our power to those who betray our trust.

So the answer to Frank's question is "yes" the Democrats have betrayed us by refusing to use their control of the purse strings to stop this war; now we need to mobilize around a plan that forces them to put up soon, or shut up forever.

Carolyn in Tennessee

Subject: Where Is The Dignity? Where Is The Class?

We used to laugh at puffed up little dictators strutting the world stage and then we elected one as president. A mendacious mediocrity with delusions of grandeur sits in "our" Oval Office and leads the United States down the path to destruction. A supine, equal but separate branch of the government watches helplessly and worries mostly about the next election.

Some citizens support the buffoon that sits in the Oval Office perhaps because they see something of themselves in the twit. These are the kinds of people that have been resentful all their tiny lives of those with greater talents. "Can't elect some elite sumbi**h, cause a smart president ain't good for the country," says the foolish electorate from the right.

Looking across the landscape in the media and in Washington D.C. one has to ask where is the kind of class and leadership that makes you proud to be an American?

There are some brave souls in the Senate and the House of Representatives, but whenever these folks open their mouths they are assailed from all sides. Always and forever from the Right Wing Nutscape and all too often from the Loony Lefties that find anyone that does not support their ideas 100% as some kind of traitorous sellout.

I hope that Al Gore does not enter the presidential race. He should continue with the great work he is doing. He, and his family deserve better than the toxic atmosphere of a presidential campaign. Plus Al Gore is too smart to be president. He can actually talk and use words with more than two syllables. He can pronounce them correctly, too. I've also heard that he chews with his mouth closed.

Quite honestly, this country doesn't deserve much better than what it's got. No dignity, no class, no honesty, no integrity and precious little courage. Kind of like what's on television, and watched eagerly by most of the population, every single damn night. A population that is more concerned with what Britney is exposing than what their criminal government is covering up.

No wonder we elect such clowns to represent us; they are, in all too many cases, just like us.

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, WI

Subject: Lindsey Graham: Talk Is Cheap

His 9/16 column "Lindsey Graham's Realism" is hardly the first time David Broder has gone a little weak in the knees considering Lindsey Graham‘s "independence." A year ago in "Independence Days" he saw in Graham's calculated public "revolt" against Bush's detainee treatment policies, a revolt which led to the sham "compromise" which gave Bush everything he wanted, the dawning of "a new movement in this country -- what you could rightly call the independence party. Its unifying theme can be found in the Declaration of Independence's language when Jefferson invoked ‘a decent respect to the opinions of mankind.'" Yeah.

Graham's standard operating procedure is to look tough and ‘independent' in public hearings and quietly vote the party line (90.6% of the time during his years in the Senate, according to the American Conservative Union).

His eyes may fill with unshed tears when he speaks his love of liberty and the law on camera, or flash righteous zeal in public questioning of government officials, but his infamous Graham Amendment to the 2006 Defense Appropriations Bill, stripping Enemy Combatants of habeas corpus rights, shows his true colors.

Graham consistently places his party above his country and politics above the constitution. Actions speak louder than words.

A BuzzFlash Reader

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