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Monday, 04 June 2012 07:22

Can We Accept Becoming a Nation of Low-Minded Racists and Self-Serving Billionaires?

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No matter how loudly opponents of President Obama insist they are focused on "jobs, jobs, jobs" it is clear they will use any method, any surrogate and any false narrative to justify their attack on him. They unashamedly pander to low-minded racists and billionaire fund-raisers as if these were people deserving of attention and admiration.

Candidate Romney's bona fides rest entirely on his ability to make enormous amounts of money regardless of how his ventures affect the fortunes of average Americans. Win or lose in the big scheme of things Romney and his investors always come out on top. When President Clinton and other "realists" point out that in our society you win some, you lose some in the capitalist games as they play out, the fact remains that in the Bain Capital game, businesses may fail, but the investor class never does. One might imagine that socking away millions personally while companies shrivel and workers lose jobs and benefits would at the very least be reason to reflect on the manner in which "profits" accrued to the "risk takers."

Apparently anything goes in the mad whirl of campaigning including good old fashioned lying and cheap visuals, an example of the latter being the much photographed image of Romney delivering remarks in front of the failed Solyndra factory. Perhaps if the Obama team cared to engage in equally puerile attempts at ridicule some suitable photographs could be found. Actually though Donald Trump and his theories are ridiculous enough to stand alone and support George Will's contention that Trump is a "bloviating ignoramus" and proof that "if your net worth is high enough your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics"

It seems Mitt Romney has wrapped up the racist, dumber-then-dirt contingent to carry his message as well. Former baseballer, John Rocker, has been resuscitated to air his opinion on presidential politics. Even Joe the plumber isn't stupid enough to spew Rocker's poisonous rhetoric. Rocker tells us he will vote for Romney in the fall since his preferred candidate, Gingrich, failed to make the cut. Having railed against New York as a haven for foreigners and oddballs Rocker moved back to Georgia where audiences are no doubt more to his liking even if that super smart native Gingrich couldn't excite enough support in his home state to win the nomination.

It is a sad commentary on the educational level in this country that voters continue to be taken in by the lamest arguments regarding their leaders and to support candidates who are more interested in promoting their venal ambitions and narrow social agendas than in promoting the general welfare of an entire nation. It has been suggested that the electorate is suffering from an advanced case of the "Stockholm Syndrome" that condition whereby prisoners, in an effort to share a sense of being on the winning side, learn to love and embrace their captors.

In the words of the immortal Vince Lombardi, "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" a concept best suited to hard-nosed football coaches and players not the political world where the question becomes winning at what cost? Is a lie about an opponent acceptable if it makes winning more likely? Is money the new truth in our political process? Is mud-wrestling the best methodology to employ in determining fitness for office? Do we have to suffer through agonizing struggles to re-achieve what has long since been accepted as rights embodied in our national raison d'etre?

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