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Tuesday, 11 September 2007 04:51

Carol Korreck: A Soldier's Mother Wants YOU to take Action

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by Carol Korreck

From the beginning, this presidency has been a media blitz. It has been all about marketing and getting those great photo ops. It seems blatantly obvious to me that if there is a need to sell a war to the American public, there must be a problem with the actual reasons for the intended war. Starting with the tragedy of the twin towers, this administration seized the opportunity to show our tough, fearless leader (who was finally coaxed away from "My Pet Goat") on top of a pile of debris with his megaphone promising revenge to the enemy who dared to inflict such catastrophe on United States soil.

They seem to be confused over who the enemy is and where he is lurking. Is he in Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Blow the country to bits and worry about the aftermath later.

The next phase of the media blitz begins March 19, 2003. "Shock and Awe." Embedded media were more than willing to roll their cameras and relay the censored drama back to the states so we could participate in the latest-greatest reality TV war games!

Then came the staged toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein. What a hero George was for saving the Iraqis from the clutches of that evil criminal -- no more threat of Abu Ghraib for them.

The infamous "Mission Accomplished" production was a pathetic fiasco. Who hung that banner anyway?

There was the surprise Thanksgiving visit with the plastic turkey in 2003.

The screening process has gotten more difficult for the photo ops with the soldiers since then -- it is harder to find troops that believe their president supports them when their deployments have been extended to fifteen months and they can't even get a break that long back in the states before redeployment.

And their mission? It depends on what day it is ...

First it's the mushroom cloud. Then it's democracy in the Middle East. Then, it's "We must save face. We must have victory."

They have outdone themselves with Ari Fleisher's $15 million dollar ad campaign to "continue the surge." The clip I saw implied that nonexistent connection between Iraq and 9/11.

Truth? Truth is irrelevant. What matters is stirring up that paralyzing fear and patriotic loyalty.

I find that a disgusting example of the depths to which this administration will sink to "catapult the propaganda," to use Bush's own words.

The president who supports his troops so well and has sent 3774 to their deaths wants to convince us that his illegal immoral preemptive attack was necessary to our security. I'm not buying it.

I've never been a gullible consumer. I have no desire to read about his "Dead Certain" tears. Those tears are shed in self pity because he wants to be a legend in more than his own mind, and he is so frustrated about how misunderstood he is. He isn't crying over dead soldiers and dead Iraqis. Anyone that can market a war and allow such corporate level rape and pillage of the country that was blown apart has no heart.

If you want to skip the latest media hype and get right to the sobering statistics, read "Launching Brand Petraeus" by Tom Engelhardt:


Our country has been privatized and sold to the favored bidders. We have become the Divided States of Corporate Greed. Stay tuned for the next commercial break ...

Unless you want to do something to take back OUR Country.

Join the March to End the War on September 15 in Washington DC. Iraq Veterans are taking part in this march.


They speak from real life experience that that their "Commander in Chief" doesn't have.

Military Families are taking part.


They are experiencing the realities and brutalities of this war firsthand. They are living a daily nightmare that the majority in office have chosen to avoid.

The wealthy, powerful lawmakers in DC want to show their support to the troops by continuing to fund the war. Funding the war is killing our troops. Supporting the troops means cutting the purse strings. They know they can de-fund the war.

Partisan media wars are striking fear in the political futures of the officials. That's the reason they won't uphold the Constitution. Forget law and morals ... it's all about staying in office and playing it safe.

It's easy for Congress to play it safe. They're not fighting for their lives in the hot dusty streets of Baghdad. They aren't trying to piece together some kind of functional life while struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Brain Injury, or learning how to function without a limb, or vision, or comforting the pregnant military wife who is now a 20-year-old widow.

"We the People" have spoken. We have let our elected officials know we want an end to the occupation and we want our troops home. We must make them listen.

If you can't attend any of the organized events during the "Week of Action," at least pick up the phone and call your representatives. Tell them you've had enough.

Love your country? Love your freedom?

No one else is going to save it. You and I have to.


Carol Korreck