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Friday, 07 December 2012 07:33

Crazy Voices Are Still Heard in the Land

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One might have thought that after the election things would begin to settle down and something resembling calm would emerge, that the more radical elements in the political spectrum would back off and maybe even disappear. But that hasn’t happened; the crazies are still working their mythologies, as if they actually made sense. Local elections have kept some folks in office long past their useful political life if ever they had one.


Gerrymandering has worked its magic and kept Republicans, ensconced in safe districts, in firm control of the House. There are so many interests vying for our attention and our votes it takes an act of enormous determination and focus to filter through the distractions and approach anything resembling common sense. But sensible solutions for what ails the economy or many of the nation’s other problems are not on conservative agendas. Everything is seen through an ideological prism that has little to do with basic human needs or the general welfare of the nation.


In fact the very same voices articulate the very same dogma in the public square. And their advocates in Congress do their bidding by closing off avenues of escape from poverty like unemployment insurance and food stamps. For those who think recipients of such official largesse lead a carefree existence on the government dime it should be noted that the designated annual allowance for a family of four is just a little over $23,000 - - a king’s ransom in the eyes of some no doubt. Of course we are faced with massive debt and we spend more than we take in, but that doesn’t change the basic facts of life as they affect most of our lives. In the end it’s the disparity between rich and poor that creates  rancor and divisiveness among the electorate, a state occasioned by conditions not simply political manipulation, although politicians use their skills to keep the playing field as bumpy and hard to navigate as possible.


Sarah Palin is still around as perky and irrelevant as ever. It is one of our country’s great mysteries that so many politicians of such limited capabilities and intelligence are able to bask in the glow of acclaim that finds its way to them.. And it is a testament to the susceptibility of regular folks to fast-talking pols who deliver clever but meaningless quips that mesmerize willing dupes - - Ann Coulter’s book “How to Speak to a Liberal if You Must” is a print version of Coulter-venom.. However, Palin remains the master of the empty gesture and phony bluster - - a tea-party darling typical of the genre. Recently she said unequivocally “Obama is a Socialist.” Obviously she hasn’t the slightest idea of what a Socialist is but why should that make any difference? People like Palin don’t care what words actually mean. They’re fungible aren’t they?


 Shockingly people on the moronic right are constantly interviewed by all the media outlets that count and that, sadly, provides them with a measure of credibility. Pundits who are lucky enough to have a daily show get to pontificate at will e.g. like Joe Scarborough who said recently that he loves “freedom” and that Paul Ryan is a hero of his. Well, doesn’t everyone love freedom? As for heroes, way to pick ‘em Joe.