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Tuesday, 05 December 2006 04:16

Ex-Prez Bush Sheds Tears of Pride Praising son Jeb in Speech. If he Talks for Dubya, Tears will be for Much Different Reason

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Former President George H.W. Bush broke down in tears yesterday as he praised his son Jeb, the outgoing governor of Florida. Talking about his leadership, honor, and ability to handle defeat, the ex-prez needed several moments to compose himself during multiple points in the speech.

The spectacle might be rather touching if we did not know what was actually going through #41's mind. My good son will be out of office soon, he must have been thinking, the one that didn't fail me. BuzzFlash is hardly a member of the Jeb Bush fan club, but he is sure a heck of a lot better than his older brother. Jeb has yet to wreck the world and is undoubtedly responsible for the deaths of far fewer people. His approval rating is more than twice as high.

Former President Bush must have had such great hopes for his first born the day he was sworn in. Dubya's "victory," such as it was, marked revenge against the Clinton/Gore team and a chance to reestablish the conservative agenda. With Cheney and Rumsfeld around, he must have been convinced that even Dubya couldn't screw up the unprecedented peace and prosperity he inherited.

How sadly mistaken the old man was. He was smart enough not to invade and occupy Baghdad during the first Gulf War in 1991 because he knew exactly what would happen, but the son who followed his name into power would not heed this lesson, with predictable results. Don't forget about Katrina, the economy, the corrupt state of Washington, and all the rest of the problems spurred by this president.

The Bush name is now forever tarnished, and America lies in shambles. Just last month Bush was berated for his son's disgrace during a meeting in the United Arab Emirates with his oil buddies. "We do not respect your son. We do not respect what he's doing all over the world," one woman told him. There should be little wonder why Bush has taken such a liking to Bill Clinton, who, born just a month after Dubya, has become the president son Bush never had.

It is doubtful that Bush will give a similar speech of praise upon the departure of Dubya from Washington. If he does, the tears will surely be for a much different reason.