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Thursday, 10 October 2013 08:09

Florida Woman Threatens Bankster's Life With a Gun and Gets Dad's Million Dollars Returned

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annie10 10BuzzFlash at Truthout, as any longtime reader knows, is a strong supporter of fewer guns, fewer gun owners and less violence in America. 

The number of deaths due to guns in the US dwarfs -- by thousands -- the number of Americans killed by terrorists. Over a decade the differential amounts to tens of thousands dead domestically by guns as compared to US citizens killed by terrorists.

Nonetheless, an incident in Florida this summer caught our attention.  A corrupt bank in Panama City Beach was refusing to pay back a millon dollar loan from one Bobby Kirvin that was meant to help keep the bank afloat.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts to recover the money, Kirvin's daughter, Daphne, took the matter into her own hands so to speak, according to the Lakeland Ledger:

But when the loan came due a year later, bank executives refused to pay. They were not returning Kirvin's phone calls and wouldn't even give him complete loan documents.

So Kirvin's daughter got her gun.

Daphne Davis invited a top bank executive to her office at the Piggly Wiggly grocery in Apalachicola, pulled out a Smith & Wesson .40-caliber pistol and threatened to shoot him dead.

"I told him my face would be the last one he would see if he didn't get Daddy that paperwork," Davis said.

The documents came 20 minutes later. The bank's directors ultimately repaid most of Kirvin's money.

Ah, what a tale for the NRA! Armed Florida woman threatens the life of a bankster with her gun in a Piggly Wiggly grocery store and gets her daddy's million bucks returned.

Now, BuzzFlash at Truthout doesn't condone armed Floridians brandishing guns and vowing to kill people over money.  In fact, Florida would be better off if all the Sunshine State guns were melted down and shipped to Wayne LaPierre, chief fear monger of the NRA.

Nonetheless, you have to wonder what would happen if Barack Obama pulled this stunt with John Boehner in the House cafeteria.

Not that we are suggesting the use of guns or threatened violence.  But the NRA and the Tea Party pretty much overlap, so they'd be understanding of the situation.

(Photo: Becky F)