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Thursday, 30 January 2014 11:33

Global (and Judicial) Warming and Cooling: Why We Get Both

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FloodJava2A Flood on JavaIt seems to me that the reason we get global warming in some places and global cooling in others should be as plain as the nose on your face -- at least to those of us who live in Berkeley.

Whenever it gets hot in Walnut Creek, over the hill from Berkeley, we always get a strong wind here as our own cooler air rushes over to balance out Walnut Creek's hotspots.

So global warming and cooling should clearly work in the same way -- except on a planetary scale. As Florida really heats up, for instance, cold air from the Arctic should rush in to balance temperatures out. And hurricanes and tornadoes appear to be getting bigger and nastier here to compensate for temperature changes somewhere else. All over the planet, increased warm areas are being balanced out by increased cold areas -- and vice-versa. That's my new climate-change theory and I'm sticking to it.

And Justice works the same way as well. We gotta have liberty and justice for all -- and not just for Poobahs and cartels. Because if we don't, it's all going to even out in the end eventually -- one way or another.

Everyone everywhere keeps track of these things.

And when justice only goes to the wealthy and not to the poor, things definitely get hotter in one spot and cooler in another.

When big banks act unjustly and screw small homeowners, they are creating a financial "Polar Vortex." When corporations get billions in welfare while people who actually need government services -- and pay taxes for them too -- are told they are moochers, then areas of highs and lows are created and wretched imbalances are struck.

When Justin Bieber doesn't get deported for being drunk and disorderly yet other hard-working non-citizens who are helping to make America stronger get thrown in jail just for being on this side of a border, fair weather could become cloudy with a chance of injustice (although Bieber has just set a legal precedent that immigration attorneys all over America can now use to defend their clients. Way to go, Beebs!)

According to Noel Castellanos, "Justice is doing more than saving the drowning people, it's changing the ones who are pushing them into the lake." And in all too many countries all over the Global South, where social justice and economic democracy are in short supply, both economic disasters and violent (and non-violent) revolutions are common. "Why should I respect the rule of law when it doesn't respect me?" seems to be the gist of thinking in the Global South.

And as social, economic and legal injustices become more and more common in America now too, and more and more of America's "justice for all" has become only "justice for corporations," economic democracy is now becoming a museum piece here too, a thing of the past along with crank telephones and kerosene lamps -- leaving us open for violent (and non-violent) revolutions to start flowing into the low areas here too.

Handing out fake justice to some but denying it to others is a really good formula for making peace impossible all over the world and in America too -- and, to paraphrase that old TV commercial, "Peace is our most important product".

And apparently both the weather systems and the justice system in America right now are refusing to tolerate extreme highs and lows.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

(Photo: Raden Saleh)