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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 09:30

GOP Channels Shakespeare: "No Beast so Fierce but Knows Some Touch of Pity. But I Know None."

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One of those who testified at the George Zimmerman trial, the manager of the mixed martial arts club where George Zimmerman trained, said that Zimmerman was soft and out of shape when he began his training regimen. He had a high level of body fat or body mass index (BMI) in proportion to his weight and height. He weighed over 204 pounds at the time.

But, when you look at Zimmerman's photographs after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin he was in far better shape and should have been more than capable of physically handling a 17-year-old teenage kid in a confrontation, especially since he was training to be a cop.

Zimmerman's friends all confirmed that he was a "wannabe cop." But, Zimmerman wanted to take his neighborhood watch job to another level so that he could prove how adeptly he could provoke an incident and handle it. His ultimate test though was a judgmental one in which he decided to use a 9 mm handgun designed not to wound or slow down a fleeing "suspect," but to stop and end that suspect's life.

He drove around his neighborhood on the lookout for trouble and when he spotted the "suspicious" Trayvon Martin he called a police dispatcher. He was advised to stay in his vehicle until a squad car arrived. He ignored that advice because he was itching to use lethal force. He got exactly what he was looking for -- trouble. He found it, he evaluated his prey whom he referred to as a "fucking punk" who was armed with a box of Skittles, and then he shot and killed the young teenager after a scuffle of an undetermined length of time. Trayvon Martin was minding his own business walking home, talking on his cell phone after stopping to buy snacks at a nearby store. No threat to anyone.

After a wait of 17 months Zimmerman was tried and acquitted by a 6-member jury of his peers in the gun-friendly, stand-your-ground state of Florida. He is now being hailed as a hero and some, instead of showing sympathy for a young life lost so early, have actually suggested Zimmerman should get a medal. Republicans of course have been in a state of euphoria ever since the acquittal of Zimmerman who senselessly took the life of the young Trayvon Martin.

Having failed in their endeavor to make Barack Obama a one-term president Republicans are now coming out of the woodwork equipped and armed to the teeth, snorting flames from their nostrils, extending their claws and insisting that civil rights advocates cannot prevail against their mole-visioned, deity-stamped world view which is grounded in false dogma and cherry-picked interpretations of Scripture.

In state after conservative state, flush with top-heavy Republican-controlled legislatures, Republican-Tea Partyers are further eroding women's right to choose by restricting their access to contraceptives and safe and affordable abortions, even in cases when the woman becomes pregnant through the violent act of rape or incest.

Requiring a woman to undergo invasive transvaginal sonogram probes against her will and in violation of her Fourth Amendment right to privacy, these cruel and brutal laws can now mandate that a woman who is a victim of date rape must undergo abhorrent secondary state rape procedures performed by state-approved doctors.

Given two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, Citizens United and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act handed down by five right-wing, activist and partisan judges, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia (RATS) + one inaptly named swing vote, Anthony Kennedy, the extremist factions of the Republican-Tea Party are on a mouth-frothing winning streak.

Since those high court decisions mountains of money took over both political parties, one with an infusion of cash from multi billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump and the Koch brothers, and the other party, the Democrats, bringing in unprecedented individual donations from ordinary working Americans. The other signature ruling, the axing of the Voting Rights Act, is beginning to show big dividends for Republicans in racist states like Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Virginia where the Supreme Court fiat ruled that discrimination is a thing of the past.

When Ann Coulter shrieked out, "Halleluiah" in a burst of euphoria after George Zimmerman was acquitted, she epitomized all of the pent-up hatreds against minorities in America by the alabaster-laden Republican-Tea Party. No question, it was a joyous moment for the party of xenophobes and racists who fell far short in achieving their #1 priority to make the black man who occupies THEIR White House a one-term president on November 6, 2012.

How long can those who believe in the freedoms and liberties guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution sit by while a totalitarian political faction of Republican-Tea Partyers believe they are masters of the universe? Each day they pass and enact voter suppression laws, anti-immigrant and anti-minority laws, anti-women's rights laws, anti-environmental laws, anti-collective bargaining rights laws, lower wages (right to work), eliminate benefits and social safety nets that protect the sickest, poorest and most vulnerable American citizens, we are that much closer to losing democracy to a rotted theocratic-oligarchy.

The 2014 midterm election is about 16 months away. The U.S. Senate is well within a possible takeover by Republicans whose 14 seats up for election are in safe Republican-controlled states. Of the 21 Democratic Party seats up for election there are at least 7 which could go to Republicans thereby giving them majority control of the Senate.

Trayvon Martin lies dead in his grave, his family is in mourning while civil rights are being whipped on the auction block and scales of "justice" each day Republicans and their greedhead tax-avoidance money masters not only rewrite our legal foundations, i.e., Citizens United, but they are now in a position to own and dictate the entire justice system.

None of those who penned the Federalist Papers, James Madison, John Jay or Alexander Hamilton, ever envisioned a Judiciary that would succumb to the partiality, the raw political power grab and tyranny that it has become today. Ann Coulter's "Halleluiah" eruption punctuates and underscores the vile, shameful state of a government that was once a beacon of freedom and justice, virtues now totally corrupted by a totally corrupt and immoral Republican-Tea Party wrapped in self-worship.

William Shakespeare wrote in Richard III, "No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity. But I know none, and therefore am no beast."

Shakespeare could not have imagined the breadth of depravity and perfidy of the 21st Century Republican-Tea Party.