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Wednesday, 31 May 2006 06:00

Enabling Incompetence: Waiting for Godot in Iraq

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A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Perhaps BuzzFlash has standards that are too high. After all, we keep saying judgments about the Iraq War should not be considered as a political "left vs. hawk" tennis match of opinions. As John Murtha, a hawk, best articulates, this should be a debate over competence and reality. For the third time in recent editorials, we are pointing out today that the U.S. is closing in on embracing Vietnam as a member of the capitalist country club, by sponsoring it for the World Trade Organization. As we have pointed out, it makes you wonder how any fools -- like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush -- still claim we "lost" the Vietnam War because of a lack of resolve. With Vietnam becoming a thriving center of offshoring American production jobs -- and half of Wal-Mart's goods and billions of dollars of wages going to China -- what exactly did we lose? It makes BuzzFlash think about what a waste the Iraq War is and how loutishly and amateurishly it has been waged by the Bush Administration. To support the Bush policies in Iraq is to support failure. Who wants to support dimwitted, egomaniacal losers? Apparently, the majority of elected officials on Capitol Hill. Only a combat-tested Marine veteran like Murtha -- and a few others -- are reality-based in Congress. First of all, beyond the fact that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have been telling us that we've "turned the corner" and the "insurgency" is in its "last throes" for years now, the reality is that we don't even know who the insurgents are. Bush likes to use the demagogic brush of painting the people fighting against us in Iraq as the monolithic "other." It's the age-old tactic of all who lead nations into unfounded wars. Moreover, in Iraq the opposition is remarkably diverse. Bush wants the American people to believe that our soldiers are being killed by terrorists, one and all, people who oppose democracy and freedom. But in reality, our soldiers are sitting ducks for a broad-based opposition that includes ex-Saddam loyalists, poor Shiites, fundamentalist Shiites, Shiites loyal to Iran, Sunnis, people whose families have been killed by the U.S. military, Iraqi nationalists, some (but a small minority) of Al-Qaeda fighters, and more "other" factions of "insurgents" than you can shake a stick at. The maladroit and inept Busheviks have unleashed a cauldron of hate and horror. It's just a fact. When someone commits this much of a fiasco in the business world, they are summarily fired. In the U.S. Congress and in the eyes of the conventional media, if you are a Republican, you get a chance to wake up every day and make the situation even worse. Even those who realize the depths of Bush's folly claim that we can't just pull up stakes in Iraq because it would implode. Well, Bush has had people cleaning up his messes his whole life. And BuzzFlash believes that our soldiers deserve better than to be killed for no other reason than people feel that they must "stay the course" for obscure reasons relating to how American power is "perceived" in the world. This was why the Nixon Administration continued the Vietnam War -- at the costs of thousands upon thousands of lives (and the eventual loss of more than 2 million lives in Cambodia) -- even as Henry Kissinger was telling the Chinese government, but not the American people, that we were going to eventually abandon the Saigon government. The Vietnam War showed us how fundamentally wasteful and bloody waging wars for the abstract notion of "honor" are. We don't even know anymore who the enemy is in Iraq. All we know is that, with few exceptions (perhaps, just our puppet "government" there), we have become the enemy to most Iraqis. Bush's whole life has been taking on jobs that were too big for him. Once Karl Rove decided to play Henry Higgins to Bush's Eliza Doolittle, Rove was able to polish Bush up enough to "act out" the role of president, but even Karl couldn't change Bush's fundamental inability to succeed at any job he has undertaken in his life. This nation, as we have noted before, used to be about opportunity, meritocracy and a level economic playing field that rewarded competence. Now, it appears, we have a D.C. based one-party government whose sole purpose appears to be protecting the errant prince from being exposed for the smirking wastrel that he is -- and to enriching his supporters at the expense of the average American. This country doesn't need to battle over ideology at this time. We first need competent, principled Americans to run our government and be responsive to the citizens of the United States and to our Constitution. Those who continue to give Bush credibility and make mealy-mouthed excuses for continuing to let our soldiers die in Iraq betray our nation's story of success by supporting failure. A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Recruit 5 people to sign up for BuzzFlash alerts and help spread the truth: http://www.buzzflash.com/alerts/subscribe.php
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