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Friday, 03 December 2010 06:17

The Obama White House Morphs Into the Nixon Administration Over WikiLeaks

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Last night, I watched the documentary "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" about Daniel Ellsberg's conversion from war veteran to protester of the Vietnam War, and how he used his Pentagon position to blow the whistle of lies fed to the public about the Vietnam War known as the "Pentagon Papers" which were published in every major newspaper in the country.  Ellsberg narrates the film which allows the viewer to relive the dramatic events with the story teller.

The Pentagon Papers revealed the truth about the U.S. military's practices of torture, and mass bombings of villages that killed thousands of children and families on their farms.  In short, the documents revealed pages of war crimes that were committed.  In the film, Ellsberg tells how he cried for days and how he was categorically determined to do something about it.  Hence, the Pentagon Papers...

If you never heard Richard Nixon's condemnation of the release of the Pentagon Papers, don't worry, you can hear the same criticisms, verbatim, out of the mouths of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Eric Holder.  It's as if the Obama administration morphed into the Nixon administration right before our very eyes as they squirm and sweat over the release of thousands of papers via WikiLeaks.org that are similar leaks about the Vietnam War crimes, only this time, they're being committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Torture, mass bombings of villages, innocent farmers that are getting blown away, and, of course, the Elephant in the Room that nobody in the U.S. media speaks about: Oil fields and the protection of pipelines.

At a press meeting, Hillary bared her teeth at Julian Assange, owner/publisher of WikiLeaks.org. If I were Assange, (thank god I'm not) I'd take up with that offer of safe refuge in Ecuador because the Obama administration is no different from the Bush administration.  Let's just say he's a target...

But what is even more disappointing than the Nixonesque handling of the WikiLeaks is the way our mainstream press has repeatedly and miserably failed all the standards of good journalism.  Chris Matthews wants Julian Assange's head on a platter before reading anything from the leaks, accusing him, without evidence or proof, of being a "rapist".   The New York Times treated the leaks as if they were boring and not worth the time of day, taking a pass on publishing more important revelations about the horrors of this ten year long occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan than the Vietnam War. As for the three networks, well...we know where they stand, keep the focus on taxes for the rich.

Meanwhile, Bradley Manning, a US Army intelligence analyst, is accused of being the source of revealing the evidence of committed war crimes, and is facing up to 55 years in prison because he, like Ellsberg, has a conscience, and is doing everything he can to end this unconscionable U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by bringing it out for public knowledge.

Speaking as a citizen of the United States, I'm ashamed of this White House, and as for the Press in this country, they can go to hell too.   If it weren't for the web, we'd be the most isolated, lied-to, nation in the world.