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Saturday, 11 December 2010 23:14

The Momentous "J'Accuse" Moment of Bernie Sanders: A Holiday Gift of Truth

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The spirit of Emile Zola's "J'Accuse" was reborn on December 10 inside of a determined Bernie Sanders, who held viewers across the nation spellbound with an eight-and-a-half-hour temporary "filibuster" of the Senate.

This was an indictment unlike any we have heard, an exercise in threading together the patches of truth about our economic system and how Washington, DC enabled the biggest institutionalized financial scam and defrauding of a population in history.

BuzzFlash has known Bernie for years, and he has been a loyal reader. He's always been on target about the issues that matter, including relatively obscure ones for politicians, such as media consolidation and net neutrality.

And, although most Americans don't know it because he caucuses with the Democrats, he officially and proudly considers himself a socialist, and is classified as an independent in terms of party affiliation.

For years as a congressman and then as a senator from Vermont, he would blast away at the mistruths and the false, DC-insider, GOP/Democratic portrayal of our economic system, which has consolidated an extraordinarily large percentage of the nation's wealth in the hands of a few over the past three decades. Meanwhile, he has noted that salaries for the working and middle classes have stagnated, even as worker productivity has increased.

And increased tax cuts for the super-rich under Bush only led to more unemployment, not the Holy Grail of job creation promised by the GOP and many of the Dems.

What Bernie did on the floor of the Senate earns him the "BuzzFlash Wings of Justice" Award for the year. There have been many courageous actions in 2010 by many people, but what Bernie accomplished was to let the genie of truth out of the bottle, and as much as the White House and the Republicans will try to ignore it, the truth has a way of going viral.

After many years of news releases and short floor speeches deploring the economic heist that is taking taking place - with DC's blessing - in America, Bernie Sanders had had enough.

He was like a rainbow of devastating insight and reality shining across the Senate chamber.

The infamous White House/GOP tax cut deal will likely pass both the Senate and House next week and then become law. But Bernie Sanders has opened a Pandora's box of illumination that will vex the feckless, ever-retreating White House and the grossly hypocritical Republicans for some time to come.

Bernie, we got your back, because you have ours.


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