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Wednesday, 26 July 2006 08:02

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 26, 2006

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Subject: Mailbag is great


Your Mailbag is one of the best things that helps me keep my sanity.  The new "pre-emptive" war that Israel has started is so painful that I stopped folowing any news for several days.  It only proves once again that there are so many fools who think violence can solve all problems.  It's refreshing to comeback to the Mailbag and see I am not alone in my views.

Jewish BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Clintons on Trial!

Both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are staking their political reputations on the backing of Lieberman in the primary. Should Lieberman lose(hopefully), the reputations of both Clintons will suffer. Furthermore, it will be a blow to the so-called 'centrists' (corporate bottom feeders), and will show once and for all the strength of the progressives in the Democratic Party.

Recently, Hillary addressed the DLC, and tried to throw a few bones to the 'real Democrats' by saying she was for health care for children. No mention of a universal health care plan. No mention about stopping outsourcing of jobs. No mention of correcting the prescription drug benefits under Medicare. No mention of the elimination of the estate tax. No mention of raising taxes on the top 1%, or plugging corporate loopholes. Meanwhile, would-be Republican (I never saw a drug company that I didn't like) Bayh said forget about domestic issues and concentrate on security. Kind of sounds like Karl Rove doesn't it?

My hope is that we are not being fooled by these so-called 'centrists' while they pick our pockets.

Bob N.

Subject: Shirley

Hi Buzz...

First.....Shirley.... I have been reading about all of your power outages in St Louis.....and my prayers are that this hasn't put you in dire straits....but to you and all readers...please take note of Buzz's post on Howard Dean's plan to hit all 50 states...You see "Dr. Dean's" light is on....He is working for us....One man named "Emanuel" doesn't like Dr. Dean very much.....because he is spending most of the money on grass roots people like you and I Shirley, instead of those inside the beltway.... So take heart....and please stay cool as best you can


Subject: Why Joe Lieberman Must Go (and Iraq Has Nothing To Do With It)

If Joe Lieberman announced tomorrow that he opposed the war in Iraq and Ned Lamont announced tomorrow that he supported the war in Iraq, I would still support Ned Lamont.  Despite the lies of the Lieberman camp, retiring Joe Lieberman has little to do with the issue of Iraq.

Joe Lieberman must go for four major reasons.  The first reason deals strictly with Joe Lieberman's character.  Simply put, he has none. When your opponent puts forth dozens of proposals on a variety of issues and you call him a "one issue candidate," you are a liar with no integrity.  When you finish 5th in a primary and go on television saying that you have Joementum because you finished in a three way finish for third, you are a liar with no integrity.  When you go on the Sean Hannity show and tell Hannity that Republicans never filibustered Democratic nominees while you witnessed these filibusters firsthand, you are a liar with no integrity. There aren't enough hours in the day to complete this list.

Second, Joe must go because he cares only about himself, not the people he represents.  He takes positions not because of some inner moral compass but because he lacks a moral compass.  Joe says and does whatever he feels garners attention for him or helps him profit. His positions will change overnight if it can get him selected as Vice President or give him more face time on Fox News or Meet The Press.  When you vote to hurt patients because your wife is on a hospital board and she profits from your vote, you represent yourself not the people.  When you call your party Connecticut for Lieberman and not the other way around, your Freudian slip tells people that you represent yourself and not the other way around.

Third, Joe must go because he has become Senator for Sale. The man lacks conviction and integrity and sells his vote to the highest bidder. The interests of Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Oil, etc. ... have purchased Joe Lieberman for a price.  When a Senator goes to Washington and acts more like Ken Lay than Mr. Smith, it's time for that Senator to be voted out of office. 

Finally, Joe Lieberman is a Vichyite or an enabler of right-wing extremists. There is little moderate about him although he misuses the label to try and provide cover for ultra right-wing policies that the vast majority of Americans would not support on their merits.

Iraq?  It's not the issue Senator.

Big Dave From Queens

Subject: Bush/Snow on Murder

George W. Bush says embryonic stem cell research is murder and he is morally opposed to murder.

This from the mouth of one who dismissed countless requests for stays of execution during his terms as governor in Texas and who oversaw more executions than any governor in American history.

This from the man who wouldn't listen to the weapon inspectors who had searched diligently for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; who wouldn't listen to the CIA's intelligence; who wouldn't listen to this country's military experts; who was determined from the day he took office to invade Iraq!

Thousands of innocents - who were not worth counting, according to Rummy - have died horrible deaths or have been hideously mutilated in Bush's destruction and occupation of Iraq.  But, hey, these are just collateral damage, Mr. Snow says, and they are simply dismissed as such.  On the other hand, Bush says he does not want any of our tax dollars to be expended on stem cell research.  That would involve the "murder" of some specks in a petri dish as opposed to flushing them down the commode.

The children of Iraq, Palestine and now, Lebanon - living, breathing, terrified - are being slaughtered.  "Birth pains!" Condoleezza says when questioned about the violence.  It happens when nations are undergoing rebirth.

Remember Bush in one of the debates with Gore, where he was declaring how he was against "nation building" and interference with other countries?

The republicans occupying our government are successful in one thing: being hypocrites.  Their supporters are guilty of being ignorant and blind to the truth.

Creed Ballew
Siloam Springs, AR

Subject: "Urgent and Enduring"???!!!


Since when has anything this Administration done been "urgent or enduring"? They left Afghanistan {urgency to get Osama and punish those responsible for 3000 American deaths dissipated to make a big Shock and Awe" miscalculation in Iraq. The Taliban are back, and Afghanistan is close to anarchy by all reports, which takes care of "enduring!" The Palestinians slapped Bush's face by electing Hamas in their "chosen" Democracy, and little attention was paid to the Road Map to Peace. Chaos and killing reign rampant in the area, neither "urgent or enduring." Ditto the U.S. avoiding Iran talks and ditto North Korea!

Now we have the PRE-Planned collusion and the exploitation of an incident with Israel caused by the capture of two soldiers, {yeah right} when for decades the captures, these ambushes, and fighting have been going on! So why now, why the "aggressive over-reach killing innocent Lebanese not involved, who are turning to Hezbollah more and more????

Does Bush want another war with Syria and Iran, just another war he can't handle? It's a good Administration and Republican "major distraction" for their screw-up in Iraq {and other screw-ups} with elections coming up very soon, and as usual, the media falls in compliance with a 24/7 coverage favoring Israel. Do they really believe Hezbollah will turn tail and run and never come back?? Do they still believe Americans aren't watching and listening and will finally call them on their fairy-tales? Or will they?

Susan Carr
No. Hollywood, California

Subject: The Case of Chaos

When progressives talk about the stupidity of this administration, I remember what Governor Richards once said during the campaign before the 2000 election.  She told democrats not to underestimate this guy, he is smarter than he seems.  If you believe that Bush and those who control him are stupid then you are foolish.  I suggest we start acknowledging the concept of Organized Chaos as the driving force behind this administration.  This is not a new concept but one that should get more attention because it is closer to the truth than any others in the market place of ideas.  Bush is out to create chaos whenever he can; this is why I write this piece. 

There are many very smart people in the Bush administration, they know how to wage war (yet we are losing in Iraq and Afghanistan, why?) They know how to win/steal elections and control the majority of Americans at any given time.  Why are we in quicksand in Iraq and Afghanistan?  I believe that it is all going as planned, create chaos and the NeoCons make billions.  The other things they have/will achieve are:

Most Democrats are terrified to open their mouths except to say “Yes Sir.”

The Bill of Rights is a hindrance in fighting terrorism, according to the neocons and their minions. 

We now accept the premise that a country can invade another nation only based on “Maybe.”

Torture is something that is necessary to keep us safe, according to Bush and Cheney.  They just do not call it torture.  The rest of the world sees us as the nation of lunatics, who will kill you---and at your funeral will say, "Here is another victim for freedom."

Chaos lets all the lunatics out to roam and kill without any concern they may face war crimes. 

Chaos allows this administration to grant wavers to DOD to enlist skin heads, violent criminals, people who given the chance will kill and rape “In-Theater.”

Chaos allows the Secret Service to arrest anyone for anything.  Most of the time the charges will be dropped -- but the message has been sent. Chaos allows the republican politicians to “Pontificate” about life while destroying country after country.

Chaos allows Turkey to consider invading the northeast section of Iraq based on our arguments. 

Chaos allows the oil companies to make billions while laughing about the military doing their bidding.

Chaos allows our elections to be controlled by private corporations who will not tell us how our votes are counted, just the results.

Chaos allows for the corruption of the entire government under republican control.

Chaos allows the labeling of any disagreement with our government an act of treason. 

Chaos allows the complete commercialization of our press, we now get better news from our comics than from CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC.

I started with a warning from Gov. Ann Richards, I will leave you a warning to the Republicans who still have some sense of honor: Your party has been hijacked by a group who make the Mafia look like altar boys, they are murderers, thieves and “Un-American.”  We will lose this great republic if you do not stand up and take your party back.  Democrats must find their core values and fight for them. Fear is what’s killing this nation, not terrorists!  We, the people, must vote in huge numbers to send a message that we will fight for our freedoms.

Joseph Walsh
Portland, OR

Subject: Impeachment?  No Problema!

It only took a few days in Eastern Europe for the people to rise up and throw out their dictators, so what's preventing us here in America from throwing out our own omnipetent one?  Inertia, that's what.  Fortunately, given our precarious situation (what with this perpetucal war on terror and global warming) our inertia will be easily overcome.  How?  By collective action, being that when everyone pulls together, nobody gets stuck doing all the work. 

What sort of collective action.  Well, to start with, we make use of the Internet to mobilize however many folks it'll take for us to shut down the district office of a Congressperson (from either party), selected for this purpose by us because he/she opposes impeachment. Everything is done peacefully, of course, with anyone calling for violence assumed until proven otherwise to be a taxpayer financed agent provatateur and therefore totally ignored.

Once the initial district office shutdown attempt is in full swing, another congressperson's office receives similar treatment from its constituants, then another, and another, and then, what d'ya know, they're all be under "siege."  Meanwhile the sane approach is being used against those Senators who refuse to support impeachment. 

These events will be both historical and celebratory. And, guess what?  Momentum will shift decisively our way.  Towards we the people, that is.

How long will it take for these actions to succeed?  Well, if by success one means that the public turns decisively in favor of impeachment, if we start right now, that'll happen in time to swing the November elections our way.  Nice going folks.

A BuzzFlash Reader 

Subject: Informationclearinghouse.info/

I just found this site for the first time today. It is an excellent, informative site and should be added to all buzzers' favorites. Here's one of many stories I found today. Before the Iraq invasion and the hijacking of Colin Powell's brain he said that the way to fight terrorism was to end poverty. This article states the same fact along with two other great points.

NOBEL peace laureate Betty Williams displayed a flash of her feisty Irish spirit yesterday, lashing out at US President George W.Bush during a speech to hundreds of schoolchildren.

Campaigning on the rights of young people at the Earth Dialogues forum, being held in Brisbane, Ms Williams spoke passionately about the deaths of innocent children during wartime, particularly in the Middle East, and lambasted Mr Bush. "I have a very hard time with this word 'non-violence', because I don't believe that I am non-violent," said Ms Williams, 64.

"Right now, I would love to kill George Bush." Her young audience at the Brisbane City Hall clapped and cheered.

"I don't know how I ever got a Nobel Peace Prize, because when I see children die the anger in me is just beyond belief. It's our duty as human beings, whatever age we are, to become the protectors of human life." [more]

Peace Prize Winner 'Could Kill' Bush (The Australian)

Cedar City/UT

Subject: The Middle East


"In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

I think that about sums up the reason for the carnage in the Middle East.

Akhil Bhardwaj
Manhattan, KS

Subject: Where We're Headed

Our movement is strong. Our opponents have nothing left. We will win. The battle is all but over. Do we have the strength for forgiveness? Mercy is the ultimate strength. They just didn't know. They were tricked, like the audience of a cunning magician. We weren't tricked. The power that is coming to us must be used for mercy and understanding. Prosecute the lawbreakers, but understand the misguided. There are only two things in life: fear and love. Fear has had its chance.

It's hard to love those who are afraid, but it is essential. The evidence is all around us. Life goes on. The sun always rises. Even the most fearful amongst us has hope.

The political and environmental crises that face us require work and sacrifice, but these problems can and will be solved. It only requires love. Cynicism is fun and it makes us feel momentarily smart, but it's not an answer.

The closest we humans have approached truth is through science. Science is the only human pursuit that is self-correcting. Science requires freedom. Science seeks the truth. Science requires faith in humanity. Science is not cynical. It withers under the influence of politics. Science is love of knowledge, like philosophy.

The Universe has no political bent. There is an external reality. We don't yet comprehend it, but we must try. One thing I am absolutely sure of is that the Universe built us to seek reality and find the truth. Those who don't have have enough love for their planet and life itself are doomed to fail.

Okay. That's the end of my preaching. I love BuzzFlash and all the progressive blogosphere. I'm fascinated by the political situation in the world today and especially the disaster which is the US govt. I'm still hopeful. I'm not afraid at all. We're just upstarts. We're so small. I'm a student of astronomy and physics and philosophy and history and always will be.

I would be so happy to be featured as a guest contributor to your blog. The short essay above is an extreme condensation of my views. I live in south Alabama, and after years of contributing to progressive causes, I decided to put my mouth where my money is and run for local office.

Rob Stoddard for County Commission in Baldwin County, Alabama. BTW, Roll Tide. Keep up the great work, and if I weren't so poor, I'd send you guys a million bucks.


Rob Stoddard
Daphne, Alabama

Subject: Pinheads in Power

Why is it that in so many cases as you look across the world landscape some pinheaded Napoleonic wannabe is the head of a country? Brutal, vicious and not terribly bright. Is it because rational thoughtful people just don’t find it worthwhile to subject themselves and their families to trying to lead a mostly stupid populace where it ought to go? Do the really smart folks know that the stupid and belligerent will win no matter what they do?

George Carlin asked us twenty years ago to "Think about how dumb the average guy is, then realize that half of them are dumber than that."

We now learn that 50% of the American public still thinks that Iraq had WMD. How can you fight such rampant stupidity? How do you pound the facts into the heads of people who refuse to hear the truth?

We have an embarrassing idiot for a President because half this country was too dumb to realize that having a Pinhead as President might not be such a good idea. He’s a “regular” guy and he had the same “values.” Honesty doesn’t seem to be one of those values.

Like the old saying goes, “There is none so blind as he that will not see.” Don’t ever think that all those folks who blasphemously worship George W. Bush will ever see the error of their ways. They can’t. They won’t.

The only way to defeat the morons is for the good folks, the smart folks, the real, honest to goodness Americans to turn out in such numbers that even Diebold can’t cheat us out of an honestly elected leadership. People that don’t get out and vote need to just sit down, shut up and accept their contribution to the problem.

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Joe Did Not Have Sex With That Man!


"No Democrat is responsible for the mistakes that have been made since the fall of Saddam Hussein.  We’re not responsible for the fact that a lot of those kids still don’t have body armor…and there’s billions of dollars that have been given out in no-bid contracts and millions that are missing.  We’re not responsible for that." -- Bill Clinton, speaking in Connecticut on behalf of the Senatorial Candidate, Joe Lieberman.


On October 11, 2002, 12:50 AM, some twenty-eight Senate Democrats voted to empower a vain and imbecilic president—a man they now call the worst president in American history—giving him the unitary power to declare perpetual war and thereby abandon the tenets of no less venerable institutions than the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Constitution.  Joe Lieberman was one of those Senators.

Spin Miesters Extraordinaire -- You have to hand it to these guys.  Spinning a war is not easy, especially one that was purely elective and is as hugely destructive and failed as the one in Iraq.  But, hey, for a guy who once had to explain to his honey why oral sex at the office (with a near minor) was not the same thing as having had real sex, selling wars must come easy.

Larry Norman
Escondido, CA

Subject: Swiftboating of Democratic Heroes

Every bumper seems to have "support our troops" stickers.  This is particularly true of the Re-Coward-licans.  You can always tell them.  These Commandos who never served a day have the most macho tough guy trash talk slogans.

But the  pseudo-patriotic blather does not match their actions.  John Kerry and John Murtha, highly decorated War Heroes who not only accomplished the mission, but saved the lives of their men and suffered the agony of searing wounds.

These men are true patriots and the salt of the earth.  In 38 years covering three wars, I have had the honor of serving under such men and it is heartwarming to this day. Heroes will get the job done, without bragging, without trash talk, and with the most care for the good and welfare of their men.  They are the type of men you will saddle up for even if the mission is so dangerous that your chances of returning are slim to none.

So why has the American public been so willing to accept the swiftboating of such splendid men?  What is there about them that they cannot see who is doing the swiftboating?

A bunch of draft dodgers, AWOL, refuse to fight in Viet Nam, deserters and never served a day in the armed forces!  And for whose benefit is the swiftboating being performed?  The biggest coward in the history of the White House.  A man whose military record is so dishonorable that he refuses to divulge his DD 214 which is a complete and accurate record given to everybody who has served whether regular or reserve, wartime or peacetime, and a matter of public record. 

Why is he being allowed to get away with this behind ordering of the swiftboating when his military record is dishonorable and cowardly?  Why is not a public outcry in progress to demand that he produce his DD 214?  This is one of the mysteries which the opposition seems to be ducking.

Charles Karafotias
Titusville, FL

Subject: ABA's Challenge of Bush (forward)

Tonight I watched NBC Nightly News, ABC's World News Tonight, Keith Obermann's Countdown and taped Lou Dobbs. Somehow there was no mention of an accusation by the President of the American Bar Association, who addressed, in a speech, the challenge that the President of the United States, as a result of his actions, violated the Constitution and broke basic federal law. Only Lou Dobbs thought it worthy of further inquiry. 

Is no news here worthy of reporting? However, I DID hear about a bicycle race won by a guy with a bad hip, Christy Brinkley's hubby apologizing through the newspapers for his affair with a 17 year old girl and a segment complaining about the weather. (Imagine that!)

BTW:  I'm also sending this to BuzzFlash.  Maybe they'll put it in their Mailbag and get other Democrats energized enough to put even more pressure on their local (and therefore, national) mainstream media outlets!  Hope does spring eternal, doesn't it?

Joyce Zborower
Tempe, AZ

Subject: Washington Post: Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth

I'd add to the following Washington Post article that unexamined credentials for the usually anonymous technicians recruited at the last minute from out-of-state are one the largest potential Achilles' heels of the entire system. Has anyone done background checks on these people? Can you be assured that there are no conflicts of interest and that all technicians, (who frequently have access to vote-changing code), are dedicated to a fair and bipartisan outcome for the elections? Can you be assured that no one has been bribed? Remember the Brennan Report said election results could potentially be hacked by one person with technical expertise and that no record of the hack might ever be found. I'd suggest that all machine technicians should be from instate and that a Republican and Democrat technician should mutually work on each machine that needs servicing.

Tech Trouble in the Voting Booth

By Zachary A. Goldfarb Special to The Washington Post Wednesday, July 26, 2006;  Page A15

Last year, a report called "Asking the Right Questions About Electronic Voting" took a look at the issues surrounding the move by most of the country's election jurisdictions to electronic voting machines. The report's theoretical approach contrasted with the often bitter dispute about the security of the technology between activists and voting-machine vendors.

The report's authors -- a committee of National Research Council experts, including prominent computer scientists and two former governors -- then turned their attention to this year's elections. What they found, according to a council analysis released yesterday, is not reassuring:

"Some jurisdictions -- and possibly many -- may not be well prepared for the arrival of the November 2006 elections with respect to the deployment and use of electronic voting equipment and related technology, and anxiety about this state of affairs among election officials is evident in a number of jurisdictions."

More than a third of all of the nation's 8,000 voting jurisdictions will use new voting technology for the first time this year, according to Election Data Services.

"This is a moment of truth for electronic voting," said panel co-chairman Richard L. Thornburgh, a former Republican governor of Pennsylvania and U.S. attorney general. [more]

Let all our votes be counted,

Steve Corrick