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Friday, 11 February 2011 23:40

House Republicans are Working Hard to Put the American Worker on the Endangered Species List

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You can add the American worker to the endangered species list, if the House GOP has its way.

Republicans in Congress are both supporting the off shoring of jobs as well as cutting off financial assistance and retraining for Americans who lose employment as a result.

Most recently, House Republicans halted consideration of a bill that would extend retraining and special unemployment support to laborers who lost their jobs because companies exported them overseas.

According to The Miami Herald, "The program, an updated version of the Trade Adjustment Assistance act, provides re-education assistance and financial benefits to workers who were displaced because of international trade. Last year, more than 280,000 laid-off workers qualified for help across the country."

But the GOP is not interested in American workers, it is interested in profits for corporations:

The House was expected to pass an extension Tuesday afternoon, but GOP leaders pulled the measure from the floor, reportedly because of a dispute over whether the government was getting too involved in the economy.

Among those that oppose the bill is the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group in Washington that calls the TAA program duplicative, overly generous and unfair because it singles out workers who were hurt by foreign trade.

"Our country can neither afford this program, nor should the government be in the business of providing such a benefit," the Club for Growth says on its blog.

The acting director of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth retorted that the assistance "says to our people that lose their jobs, 'You're not refuse. We're not kicking you to the curb. We want you to jump into school, get some new skills and get back in the game.'"

But for the pro-global corporation, GOP members of the House, laborers in America belong in a museum, not in the workplace.

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