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Thursday, 27 July 2006 02:39

Blood for Oil: Record Big Oil Profits Say It All -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

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We just had this random thought that we are sure others have pondered.

But isn't it odd that no one has seriously played off of the irony of the double meaning in "Neo-Cons," as in that they really are con artists?

I mean Bush is as worthless as a doorstop in a tornado, and yet he is a great prop for conning many Americans into believing that he is actually interested in their welfare -- when he couldn't care less.

Of course, Bush is just a brain cell-deprived puppet of the real Neo-Con con artists: Cheney, Rove, and Rumsfeld. These three could sell tin siding to a tin siding salesman.

America's economy hums on the art of "the sell." These guys are masters. But usually you get a product that you may not really need, but it works, at least.

These guys have sold America a totaled car without a motor or steering wheel and called it a Jaguar. You get the feeling that they have contempt for all the suckers that they've sold snake oil to -- meaning us.

Why do they disdain us?

Because we are dumb enough to be conned.

It's an age-old story.

It's not just the sheep in the fields that are getting fleeced.

We are.