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Thursday, 22 September 2011 03:10

Social Security Checks Are Earned Benefits, Not "Entitlements"

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Consider my future Social Security checks "earned benefits" because I worked toward my retirement. That's true of all Americans who actually labor for a living.

Just yesterday, Paul Ryan - maybe looking for a vice presidential spot - curried some favor with Rick Perry by agreeing with him that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme."

Before dismissing the rhetoric as over the top, it's important to remember that a lie repeated five times becomes perceived as the truth by many people, particularly if they watch Fox for their "news."

So, it was encouraging, while traveling through the jungle of Facebook, to come across someone who proudly proclaimed that Social Security was based on "earned benefits, not entitlements."

After all, "entitlements" best describe what the wealthy and their political advocates believe is due them; the "entitlement" to inherit as much money as possible and to make off with as big a slice of America's economic pie as possible. To argue that you deserve to be gluttonously wealthy because your mommy or daddy made a fortune selling short in the stock market, now that's an "entitlement."

But for 99 percent of the citizens in the United States, we work for our retirement income. We earn the benefits of Social Security; we don't inherit them.

The "Ponzi scheme" took place on Wall Street, not Main Street.


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