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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 02:28

Bush and His Republican Lackeys are Responsible for the Current Deficit: Case Closed

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Colonel Colin J. N. Chauret, USAF Retired for BuzzFlash at Truthout

National Debt increased $15 billion a year (1913 to 1981.) Top tax bracket never below 70% (1936 to 1981); 94% during WW 2. Reagan reduced it to 28%, started Cold War, debt increased 466%. Clinton put it to 39.6%. His last FY in office deficit was $18 billion. Bush 2 decreased it to 35%, started two wars, debt went up $4.9 trillion and his last FY deficit was $1.1 trillion.

Obama inherited $10.6 trillion debt, plus Bush's $700 billion bank bailout, adding to Obama's first year deficit,

Republican's Obstructionism: :

1. Senator Mc Connell, "make Obama one term president", (even if it destroys nation's well being).
Results: Unprecedented numbers of filibusters stopping nation's economic growth. US News reports
total 20 filibusters (1950-1969) with 69 by Obstructionist Republicans in Obama's first year (2009),
still continuing. .

2. Over 95% of Congressional Republicans signed Grover Norquist's pledge "Not raise taxes on the rich."

3. ALEC, with Koch brothers, represents corporation's control over Congressional Republicans .

Trust Funds:

Republicans want to get rid of Medicare and Social Security, claiming can't afford them. "US National Debt Daily History to the Penny" (Internet) indicates Congress owes $4.8 trillion to these trust funds, $2.6 trillion to Social Security with majority of the rest to Medicare. ($99 billion surpluses more borrowed so far this FY.) That's pretty solvent.

Women's Rights:

Republican's? Mindless? Putting women into the 1800's? In losing women's vote, will they try to take away their voting rights, along with voter ID suppression laws?