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Tuesday, 17 July 2012 04:07

Since When is Focusing On Romney's Business Record "Swift Boating"?

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Over the weekend, the Obama campaign put out a pretty clever campaign video of Mitt Romney singing "America the Beautiful" while displaying various news headlines of Romney/Bain outsourcing claims. I guess because the spot received such notice, the Romney campaign has once again followed the Obama campaign's lead and put out its own video of President Obama singing "Let's Stay Together".

Okay, about this "I'm rubber, you're glue" concept of the Romney campaign, one time would be a coincidence, twice may be a fluke but when every time the Obama campaign does something, the Romney campaign does something to mirror it...now, it's just bordering on lazy. Is it me, or does it seem that everything the Romney campaign says, does or utters is based on what the Obama campaign says, does or utters? Everywhere President Obama goes, Mitt Romney's campaign follows (circling and honking the bus horn by the way...ugh!). When everything you say, do or think is only based on what someone else says, does or thinks, I really think you're losing the battle. By the way, isn't Mitt Romney the one who just recently stated, "When you're responding, you're losing." Very astute synopsis; maybe his campaign staffers missed that memo.

And what has me even more perplexed is that several media commentators have now taken to claiming that President Obama's campaign is somehow "swift boating" Mitt Romney. REALLY?!?!? Since when is questioning your opponents business record deemed swift boating? Mitt Romney himself is the one who put this on the table. Romney claims that his business experience is what makes him the better person to run the country. So why are some people in the media questioning why the Obama campaign is asking questions about Romney's only source of business experience...Bain Capital? (BTW, does Romney really want the Obama campaign to focus more on his time as Governor of Massachusetts, where he left the state in debt and was 47th out of 50 states in job creation...or would that be swift boating too?) Read my lips...these are legitimate questions! When Barack Obama played up his community organizing credentials as leadership experience, the McCain campaign had a field day. Remember Sarah Palin's memorable quote from the 2008 campaign, "I guess a small town Mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except you have actual responsibilities."

The point is that even when people were literally laughing at him for even suggesting that being a community organizer would somehow qualify him to be President of the United States, Barack Obama did not back down from his community organizing background, nor did he shy away from discussing it. He met the laughter head on and commenced to talking non-stop about how proud he was of his organizing background, the many people he had helped and how the experience helped to shape him into the man he is today. If Mitt Romney would quit trying to play tag with Barack Obama, he would do the same thing with his Bain record...that is, if he can find anyone outside of Wall Street that Bain Capital has helped.

What's even funnier is that those who are now questioning the Obama campaign's legitimacy in probing Romney's business record would be screaming bloody murder and calling the Obama campaign all forms of inept if they didn't question Romney's business record at Bain and somehow lost the presidency.

All of this has me asking one other question. Why is it that when Republicans focused half of 2008 on what church President Obama attended, so much so that Obama had to actually give a national speech on race, it was called "playing hardball" and "going on offense" but when Democrats focus on Mitt Romney's "business experience" at Bain Capital, it's "negative campaigning" and he's somehow being "swift boated." I don't recall Barack Obama claiming that his time in Jeremiah Wright's church qualified him to be President, but Mitt Romney himself has said that his time at Bain Capital is what qualifies him to be President. So guess what, your opponent gets to question that...so get over it!

So now here we are, with Obama putting out a campaign video of Romney singing...and following true to form, Romney responding by putting out a campaign video of Obama singing. One question about that: how can Mitt Romney claim that he has better ideas than President Obama on how to get the country back on track when he doesn't even have better ideas than Obama on how to get his own campaign back on track? At this rate, the only way Romney would be able to run the country is if he took the Obama campaign to the White House with him.