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Thursday, 19 July 2012 04:27

Thom Hartmann and Greg Palast Ask You to Support Truthout and BuzzFlash

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In an election year, it's rare to find a news organization that not only follows the election closely, but also maintains a deep focus on the real issues facing Americans on a daily basis - the issues that motivate them to care about who ends up in the White House or the halls of Congress in the first place.

Truthout stands out as a beacon of independent thought and a tool to fuel transformative action. Throughout the campaign season and its aftermath, Truthout's dedicated staff will continue to dig into topics like economic justice, health care, environmental degradation and education - and also those issues that often slip between mainstream media's cracks even in non-election periods, such as civil liberties, criminal justice and the labor movement.

Truthout has provided a crucial platform for bringing my own work to new audiences, through the serialization of two of my books, "Rebooting the American Dream" and "Unequal Protection." In the past year, Truthout has also begun carrying "On the News" segments from my television show, offering a carefully selected roundup of the need-to-know stories of each day.

At a time when so much money is being channeled into electoral fistfights dominated by corporate greed, I urge you to support this fiercely independent news service that I am proud to support myself. Can you join me in this effort? -- Thom Hartmann

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I rely on Buzzflash and Truthout to carry my investigative reports from BBC over the electronic Berlin Wall into America.  Buzz and Truth are not "alternative" news sites - they are The news sites - because there is no alternative.

Some of the biggest stories on the planet - big everywhere but the USA - would drown in the Atlantic if not rescued by these precious electronic newspapers.  The "mainstream" is hopelessly polluted.  Buzzflash and Truthout are our information life-boats. -- Greg Palast
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