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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 04:54

Warning: Dick Cheney Can Constitutionally Be Vice President Again

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Okay, okay, it is highly unlikely to occur - particularly given that Cheney and his former finger puppet, George W. Bush, are not going to the GOP convention this year, likely because the Romney people told them that they are not welcome.

But then again, it is worth noting that legally there is nothing in the Constitution, or in the Twenty-Second Amendment (which limits presidential terms to two) that would keep a vice president from serving multiple terms. In fact, two vice presidents have even served in different administrations: John C. Calhoun and George Clinton.

Remember the bizarre idiosyncracies of the George W. Bush administration presidency began when Cheney was appointed to vet potential vice presidential candidates, only to end up being the Republican vice presidential candidate himself. How that happened is still the subject of endless speculation. But some might regard as an internal palace coup, given that Cheney and his BFF, Donald Rumsfeld, ended up pretty much running the show in the Bush Administration (although Rumsfeld was thrown off the plank and didn't survive the full two terms as defense secretary.)

So when Cheney the other day criticized John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as a "mistake" because she didn't have the experience or skills to assume the role of the presidency, a lot of pundits took note that the man who pulled George W. Bush's strings was back indirectly touting his bona fides.

Cheney has had an extremely serious heart condition that someone with less money, elite government healthcare, and status might have probably died from. But like a bat from hell, he always seems to swoop down out of nowhere (this time after a heart transplant awhile ago) to kick up some dictatorial dust.

No, Mitt Romney's advisors most probably want nothing to do with Cheney.

But then again, Cheney is as wily as they come: a little bit Ken Lay and a little bit Stalin, he knows how to get what he wants.

The odds are 100,000 to 1 that it won't happen that Cheney will be nominated as Romney's vice president on the GOP ticket: but legally it is possible.