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Thursday, 16 August 2012 11:31

"Paul Ryan Shrugged": Romney Running Mate Pens Sequel to Ayn Rand Book

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Reader Eric K. Johnson sent a proposal to BuzzFlash at Truthout for the Paul Ryan sequel to Ayn Rand's famous book, "Atlas Shrugged."  The book encapsulates Rand's theory of "objectivist" indifference to the "parasites" of the earth, those who get in the way of the "rational selfishness" of the masters of the universe.  This is a philosophy avidly embraced by Ryan over the years.

BuzzFlash at Truthout took the liberty of reducing the short book outline to a few Paul Ryan tenets. (Although we took the liberty of putting his philosophy from pen to paper, Ryan had no role in it.):

Grandma couldn't afford medical care to treat her colon cancer and passed away – and Paul Ryan Shrugged

Poor children had nothing to eat for lunch at school. Blaming the teachers, Paul Ryan shrugged.

Workers in the US ended up competing with Mexican maquiladoras, receiving $7.50 cents a day without benefits – Paul Ryan Shrugged.

Women were forced to carry babies to term, even if raped – Paul Ryan shrugged.

Gays were beat up by gangs of skinheads – Paul Ryan shrugged.

Taxes on what was left of the middle class were doubled to provide increased tax breaks for the top ten percent who owned the majority of American assets – Paul Ryan shrugged.

Seniors lost their money as Wall Street "takers" ravaged the voucher investments of the elderly in Sheldon Adelson-style gambling schemes – Paul Ryan shrugged.

America's roads and infrastructure fell apart leaving all but the rich living in a dystopian society that was a step back toward the stone age – Paul Ryan shrugged.

US cities became armed camps of gated business and communities protected by police and private security guards from the rabble of impoverished citizens without aid or hope of employment – Paul Ryan shrugged.

Paul Ryan accepted Social Security survivor payments to cover his college costs and then became dependent on tax payer dollars for a salary of more that $170,000 a year, a lavish pension covered primarily by hard working Americans, and top of the line healthcare. His extended family's company got fat on government contracts – Paul Ryan shrugged.

Many children in the US were reduced to begging from the 1%, selling Chiclets like in third world countries, but Paul Ryan wouldn't part with a dime because he would be reinforcing the child's sense of victim hood – Paul Ryan shrugged.

And then Paul Ryan brown-nosed his way into becoming a vice presidential candidate with an empty suit who was all smiles because he was too dimwitted to be concerned about anything but amassing a pirate's bounty – and the two of them didn't shrug: they looked forward to creating an international members only club of avaricious greed.

They beamed from ear to ear in envisioning a final solution to the "parasites" who ruined their sense of entitlement and unquenchable thirst for an endless accumulation of wealth.

And God looked at the earth and was aghast at what had become of his/her creation: the bountiful spiritual goodness and kindness of the human soul.  And in disgust, as with Sodom and Gomorrah, the world was smitten into a black cinder because of the evil that had come to veil the earth with the dominance of the worshippers of mammon.

Paul Ryan shrugged, Romney smugly smiled – and then as the Biblical prophesy has it, they turned to ash.