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Monday, 27 August 2012 09:07

Does Romney Believe He Is the First Presidenti​al Candidate Who Ever Gave to a Church?

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Note to my beloved media:

Before everyone decides to let Mitt Romney off the hook regarding releasing his tax returns because he states that "our church doesn't publish how much people have given...this is done entirely privately", one question should be asked of him:

Are you insinuating that you are the first person to ever run for president that has given tithes to a church?

This should be asked because if not, then this dog don't hunt!  Unless there's something 'extra special' about Mormon Church donations, ALL church donations are private and no church discloses how much money their individual parishioners give.

Mitt Romney's assertion that he cannot disclose his tax returns as EVERY OTHER presidential candidate has done because of he wants to keep his "church donations" private is one for the record books and one that the media SHOULD NOT let him get away with!  Pretty much everyone in recent history who has run for president has disclosed multiple year tax returns...and many of them have attended a church and given money to that church.  This is nothing new!  That's like saying I don't want to let you see my shoes because they have soles on them!

Another good question for Romney regarding this issue is: since all Presidents are required to release tax information during their presidency, does Mr. Romney plan to not disclose his taxes if he wins the presidency either or will he just stop giving money to the Mormon Church?  He can't have it both ways...although he certainly tries hard doesn't he?

Good grief this is just getting dumb!