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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 10:15

Ode to Mr. Ryan

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I applaud you, Mr. Romney, for choosing Mr. Ryan.

If the right-wing still can’t love you, it’s not for lack of trying.

He’s a resolute conservative, a man of true conviction,

Who has an economic plan that’s based on science fiction.

You, from your privileged perch, gathered riches to yourself;

Using other people’s money, you gained other people’s wealth.

He, as a cold Objectivist, see’s a social Darwin earth,

Where people are judged simply: their wealth defines their worth.

The poor should get no healthcare; the hungry shouldn’t be fed.

A perfect cure for poverty: the poor should all drop dead.

The rich, who’ll get much richer, wouldn’t need to stash amounts,

Of unreported income in discreet offshore accounts,

So the government can’t tax it, for the government is bad.

If it would someday go away, some people would be glad.

But you two want to run it, and impose on it a brand,

Yours from Gordon Gekko, his from Ayn Rand