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Thursday, 06 September 2012 09:31

The RNC Deletes America, the DNC Deletes God: Guess What Got the Most Attention?

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So let me get this straight: the Republican National Committee (RNC) releases a Republican Party platform that has been called “the most CONSERVATIVE platform in history”, which basically:

Extends the 2001 AND 2003 Bush Tax Cuts (which everyone has acknowledged has and will explode the national deficit), provides for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget (which would gut pretty much all service programs…so long food stamps and pell grants), provides for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (which would make this illegal in all 50 states), nationalizes voter ID laws (which means…Ohio and Florida meet California and New York), bans ALL abortions (which would make this a criminal act), makes Medicare a glorified voucher program and Medicaid a block grant program that would be dependent upon the states (which means many seniors will simply have to do without), opposes immigration and bans federal funding for any educational institution that provides grants for immigrants (which means…so much for the DREAM Act), repeals the Affordable Care Act (which means…many people will die from conditions which could easily be treated if they only had affordable health insurance), promotes abstinence education in schools (REALLY???) and promotes using our military as a unilateral “deterrence” (which means…Iraq meet Iran).

So, the Republicans roll out this monstrosity of a Freddy Kruger movie as their guidelines for where they will take this country in 2013…the Democrats take the word God out of their platform…and guess which one gets the most attention!

You barely heard a peep out of the media and political pundits when the “small government” Party rolled out their “all God, all guns, no sex” platform (abstinence education…really???) but let the Democrats leave the word God out of something and it’s hello at the cross!

I love my country but jeepers creepers people, no wonder we’re so screwed up! We care more about if the word God is seen in a document that basically means nothing than we do if seniors can get quality care or the poor can buy food or the sick can see a doctor or if some lunatic can buy 20,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet and then decides to pay a visit to his local movie theater or Muslim temple.

This is what is wrong with so-called “American exceptionalism”, you actually start believing your own press clippings and you think that you have a right to do whatever you want as long as you wrap it up in an invisible cloak of God and country.

Wake up people! I was raised a Baptist in Texas and I’m as God-fearing as the next person, but I do not try to put my values above people’s actual lives…and that’s what’s happening here. For our media to jump all over the Democrats for this while literally letting the Republicans sail off into the sunset with a tablet of commandments that would make Ronald Reagan not only roll over in his grave but get up and do the electric slide, is unconscionable.

We’re better than this as a county…at least I think we are!

P.S. And for those lackluster Democratic Convention delegates that are acting like they knew nothing about this platform and are now trying to revolt, FYI…it was voted on yesterday at your Democratic National Convention. So a) either you were there in the convention center and were too drunk to say NAY when the vote was taken or b) you weren’t even there when the vote was taken, which means you were probably somewhere else drunk. Either way, part of your responsibility as a delegate was to be there and vote and you didn’t take it seriously…so don’t get all serious now that happy hour is over!