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Friday, 28 July 2006 05:33

Bush Finds the Time to Meet with American Idol Contestants, But Not His New Texas Neighbor Cindy Sheehan

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Somehow, George Bush is taking time out of his busy day of thinking up new ways to ruin the world to meet with the ten finalists of American Idol. Unfortunately, he still can't muster the courtesy to meet with his new neighbor Cindy Sheehan, who just bought property near his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

It's certainly a wise investment since Bush spends so much time at his so-called "Western White House" to avoid the distractions of that pesky job he ran for.

Set aside the fact that Sheehan's son was killed in Bush's disastrous war in Iraq, or that Sheehan has become one of the world's leading peace activists. What ever happened to good ol' fashion Southern Hospitality? A real cowboy would throw a housewarming party. Granted, Bush was born and "educated" up north, but you'd think that at least Laura might bring over a fruitcake or something.

There are obviously many ceremonial duties of the president. He hosts dignitaries, heroic Americans like injured soldiers, and even sports greats like Olympians and national championship teams. But this is American Idol. And he's meeting with nine contestants who didn't even win!

Maybe he's just trying to compensate for the fact that the final contest drew millions more votes than he did in 2004. After all, he spent his whole first term compensating for losing to Al Gore.

Bush's "regular guy" shtick works great on simpleminded folks during the campaigns, but it's not so great when there are so many significant world events going on. As Wayne Fields, director of American culture studies at Washington University, said, "the problem is that in times of real crisis, people begin to think maybe you need somebody who is extraordinary."

If Bush can find the time to have a party with people who have done little more to advance the American cause than to sing TV jingles for Ford cars (which, to be fair, are mostly produced domestically), how can he not take a few minutes out of his day to listen to an opposing view for once? If anyone has earned the opportunity, it's Cindy Sheehan.