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Friday, 28 July 2006 08:29

People Should Understand the Definition of Terrorism

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This is a recap by Parry that I was glad to be reminded of, especially why the Marines were targeted in Lebanon years ago. I have been guilty of swallowing the word "terrorism," which does seem to be used against just one group of people, even though Israel, the US, and the Arabs are all guilty of killing thousands of innocent people. All are guilty. And, it seems that there is no difference, no real intelligence in any of the leadership today. Bush fits right in. The problem is that these leaders such as Bush and the others who are the ones instructing the violence, they never have to be afraid for their own skin. That is what is wrong with this picture. I resent every single penny spent on the protection of Bush. Every cent.

This from Parry's "Whose Moral Clarity?'":

Take, for instance, the widespread agreement that Hezbollah earned the opprobrium as “terrorist” because one of its suicide bombers destroyed the U.S. Marine barracks in 1983 killing 241 American servicemen in Beirut.

While this incident is routinely cited as the indisputable evidence that Hezbollah is an evil “terrorist” organization, the reality is much murkier. Indeed, under any objective definition of “terrorism,” the Beirut bombing would not qualify as a “terrorist” act.

“Terrorism” is classically defined as violence against civilians to achieve a political goal. In the case of the Marines, however, their status had changed from an original peacekeeping mission in the midst of Lebanon’s civil war into the role of combatant as the Reagan administration allowed “mission creep” to affect the assignment. (snip)

I didn't know or remember this horrible US incident in 1985, too busy fighting the troubles of the Reagan/Bush years here at home trying to survive, which is also what many people are having to do today, working more than one job to survive. Back then, for a short time, I had three jobs. Sounds preposterous doesn't it. Companies were going belly up, and hiring part-time workers, of course without benefits. And, Dallas, at that time was full of people from all over the US, whose towns had collapsed because of the "bowling ball effect," across the country, as it was referred to back then.

In 1985, Casey targeted Hezbollah leader Sheikh Fadlallah in an operation that included hiring operatives who detonated a car bomb outside the Beirut apartment building where Fadlallah lived.

As described by Bob Woodward in Veil, “the car exploded, killing 80 people and wounding 200, leaving devastation, fires and collapsed buildings. Anyone who had happened to be in the immediate neighborhood was killed, hurt or terrorized, but Fadlallah escaped without injury. His followers strung a huge ‘Made in the USA’ banner in front of a building that had been blown out.”


If that above incident and all of Bush's war and occupation are not considered terrorism ... Americans are only fooling themselves. We are the biggest terrorist on the block today.
Thanks BuzzFlash,
Shirley Smith