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Saturday, 29 July 2006 01:30

Make Your Comments on BuzzFlash.org!

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We want to remind you again that your support has continued to allow us to expand and improve the BuzzFlash Internet News Network.

Most recently, we developed -- in response to your requests -- another affiliated website:
http://www.Buzzflash.org (which you are on now).

At BuzzFlash.org, you can view commentary, articles, editorials, etc., that are original BuzzFlash content. You can also find these items posted at BuzzFlash.com, but BuzzFlash.org only has BuzzFlash's own postings.

What's more, you can now be a commentator yourself on any BuzzFlash.com original content. Just go to
http://BuzzFlash.org , register and log in. Then you can add your thoughts to any item that is posted there, at anytime! Registration is, of course, free if you want to comment -- and we do not share or sell our lists in any way!

We thank you for helping BuzzFlash continue to grow and create a broader and more exciting community of readers.

Your contributions make it possible, because we don't accept third party advertising or charge any subscription fees.

We are responsible to no one but you.