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Monday, 31 July 2006 05:46

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 31, 2006 -- Part 1

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The opinions expressed in the Mailbag are not necessarily those of BuzzFlash. More reader opinion is at "Contributors." You can write to Mailbag at http://www.BuzzFlash.com/contact/mail.html. Guidelines for submissions are at BuzzFlash FAQ #18.

Subject: Call Up of Bush

As our fearless leader did not fulfill his National Guard service, do you think Rumsfeld could call him back for service in Iraq as we are short on troops? Wouldn't that be great?

Wilma C Calmes
Irvine, KY

Subject: Living With Red-enders

Many Americans who are disgusted with the Bush administration's policies and who fear a total breakdown of the constitutional system of governance find themselves living in red states or pockets of conservative population. They find themselves in hostile territory, behind enemy lines. They want to shout out the windows, paint a peace sign on their sedans, stick some flowers in the barrel of a tank- do something to shake their oblivious neighbors from their flag-induced comas. But they are afraid. They fear the irrationality that comes with fevered nationalism. They fear the hatred that encircles and intertwines itself into the minds of conservatives. They abhor the racism that masks itself as 'good policy'. Some Americans have taken to flying the U.S. flag upside down, a sign indicating distress. For doing so, they have been rewarded by their neighbors with criminal trespasses, vandalism and destruction of private property. Americans who have had the courage to show up at staged Bush rallies with anti-war t-shirts or paraphernalia have been subject to harassment and arrest at the hands of GOP operatives, local law enforcement and Secret Service goons. Teachers and professors who offered their students the truth instead of Orwellian speak have been fired. There is a concerted effort on the part of conservatives to shut down dissent, to conceal the truth and to terrorize the citizenry into malleable servitude. The war is on. The war is for your hearts and minds. The opposition has unlimited funding and complete control over Congress, the courts and the media. What they haven't counted on is the indomitable spirit of the working class. Granted, many of those who comprise America's backbone are still in the dark having limited access to real information. It is our job to enlighten them. Consider the tactic of the country lawyer. By raising a topic and scratching your head, you'll encourage folks to think harder for themselves, to read between the lines and see the truth via omission from the evening news. The striking thing about reviewing the blogs is the serious hatred and venom which spews forth from the small-minded right. Those on the left(actually the center)tend to be much more civil in exchanges. Extend that civility and friendship to those people who remain confused by the barrage of conservative spin. After all, the dung is waist-deep, and we will have to get our hands dirty.


Subject: Reinstate the Draft

If the constitution was amended to automatically reinstate the draft whenever congress declares war it would surely eliminate these unnecessary wars. Yes, some of the rich and powerful would find loopholes not to serve, but many of them wouldn't. At least our government leaders wouldn't be so eager to start them if they thought that their sons, daughters and relatives would have to fight and possibly die for them.

James Epperson
Las Vegas

Subject: Raising Troop Levels to 135,000

It is more likely that the US is raising troop levels because they wish to escalate the violence. Is Iran next?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The War Party

HI Buzz....

It is a sweltering day here today...and being that I am hot and bothered...I have two hot topics that I would like to express some thoughts about.

First...Why is the Bush administration still being called the party of "Compassionate Conservatism"? This sickens me when ever I hear this....Webster defines compassionate thus...."showing feelings of sympathy for the suffering of others....often with a desire to help...to pity...be sympathetic....and merciful." Well they have certainly struck out on that one....right ? And Webster defines Conservatives...as "those favoring traditional views and values"... Hmm Strike Two. Where is the compassion in sending more and more of our young men and women to uselessly die in this war? Where are the conservative traditions and values about this "War".... Is it the traditions and values ...of OUR America to start a "Preemptive War"?

And this brings up my next hot topic...You all should remember from your high school history...that ONLY Congress can declare war !!! And as far as I know...to this day they have NOT!! So who is it that is calling this travesty "WAR"? Yep you guessed it ...The "IDIOT" in charge.

So like Gore Vidal says...First...they...The Congress of the USA...must declare war... and then it must be declared against a country...You can not have a war against a WORD...AND THE WORD FOLKS...IS TERROR...So ladies and gents... let's just ALL call this administration what it is..."The War Administration." No more...with the Compassionate Conservatives...PULEEZE.


Subject: Is Bush Behind Israel's Invasion of Lebanon?

People are wondering if Bush is behind Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Why would people wonder that? Perhaps it's their plan. Israel is going to bomb Lebanon into loving Israel. Kind of sounds like Bush's plan for Iraq where victory is defined as defeating the people who we are there to liberate. When you see a country with a really bad idea looking for any excuse to start a war and everything about it is wrong and dishonest, that's the Bush style of making decisions. I think Bush was trying to use Israel to start a proxy war with Iran and Syria and has failed to do it. All it's doing is making America and Israel weaker.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA

Subject: I finally met some really irate people who voted for Bush twice

We only had a few at the first ACLU Town Hall in Moore. Part of it was because we had a glitch in the mail-out.

There were two couples there that I had never met. One couple were really really lefties. He had protested the Vietnam War at Graduate School in NY.

The other couple was a retired Air Force man and his wife. The man said he is just furious and he voted for Bush twice.

We watched one of the ACLU Freedom Chronicles about the North West and people who were shot at for protesting on the docks in Washington State. I had never seen an account of this before. They shot these cardboard cylinder things into the crowd.

The Air Force guy wanted to know when Free Speech Zones started because he hadn't heard of them until just a couple of months ago.

I got to tell him about being asked not to have a protest without a permit at the Oklahoma Capital when about 10 of us were there the day of Bush's first inauguration.

I told them about being in free speech zones in Austin in April of 2001, before 9/11.

They were shocked. The man says he is so upset, every day he thinks he will go crazy, and if he knew a way to get Bush out of office legally he would try. ...

Speak up or they assume you agree!!! ABB

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Who's a Boob?

The "momism" movement strikes me as just another group trying to force its private opinions of a very private act onto the world as a law. Public breastfeeding is an invasion of the privacy of anyone else in the room--it feels no different to me than people who think they have a "right" to inconvenience other people by shouting into a cell phone in the seat next to you or while driving 60 miles an hour in a residential zone.

Science still being a highly patriarchal field, I wouldn't be surprised if the scientists so urgently promoting breastfeeding over formula will next be saying (again) that the only really healthy mom is one who stays at home until the child is 18--oh, and for the health of her feet, she should go barefoot. Remember, this is science in Bush's Taliban America.

If you're going to make "momism" a public force, use it for the public good. Use it to save some child being burned alive by white phosphorus in Lebanon or Iraq.

If You are Offended by a Photograph of a Mother Breast Feeding Her Baby, Then You are a Boob 7/29

A BuzzFlash Reader




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