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Tuesday, 01 August 2006 07:56

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 1, 2006

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Subject: Defending Jesus

It seems like every time I turn on the T.V. or open a newspaper these days there's another crooked CEO or politician proclaiming his profound faith and dedication to his lord and savior, Jesus Christ. The latest were convicted Enron tycoons, Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay. Right after the guilty verdict came down, Lay said, "We believe that God in fact is in control and indeed he does work all things for good for those who love the lord." Pardon me, but where exactly in the bible did Jesus say we should rob, cheat, lie and steal millions from other people for our own personal wealth and power? If memory serves me ... he said just the opposite. So, how can this guy claim to be a Christian? If you believe that Jesus would forgive this guy for his "sins," wouldn't the guy at least have to "repent" first? That was my understanding. Yet these guys are still maintaining their innocence even after they've been found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Jesus supposedly whooped ass on the "money changers," and so he sure as Hell would not have put up with these crooks. They are certainly no believers in any Jesus Christ that I ever learned about as a child growing up in church.

Then we have the devout Christian, Tom DeLay, a ruthless S.O.B. who would trample over his own mother for a little more wealth and power. That's certainly Christ like! Now that he's been found guilty of swindling and robbing money from the people, he says he's going to go on a lecture tour of the Christian circuit! It seems convicted felons are in high demand in the Christian circuit these days. The list of so-called believers in Jesus includes most of the egregious con men involved in the Jack Abramoff scandals. These guys actually preached about the sins of gambling while bilking millions from the Indian gambling casinos. Talk about great deceivers! Among them are Bob Ney, Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Grover Norquist, and the list continues to grow by the day. Grover Norquist's "Americans for Tax Relief" became a conduit for more than a million dollars from the Mississippi Choctaw to Ralph Reed's "Christian" operation, while Norquist, a close White House ally, took a cut. I guess Norquist, who wanted to "get the government to a size where he could drown it in a bathtub," had no problem in first filling his bathtub with millions he had defrauded from the American people. Where did Jesus tell him to do that?

Meanwhile, Dobson, head of "Focus on the Family," appears to be increasingly embroiled in the Abramoff scandal as well. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but in the meantime I'd prefer that he focus on his own damned family and leave mine alone. Jesus wouldn't have liked him either!

Every time I hear about another "born-again" Christian these days I wonder who just got raped, robbed and pillaged! The truth is, I have forgotten more about the teachings of Jesus than any of these guys will ever know. Maybe that's why I stopped going to church a few years ago and became a humanist. I had pretty much learned the lessons that Jesus had to teach. They are not complicated. Love your fellow man, don't steal, don't sleep with your friend's wife, don't kill people. Not complicated stuff! In fact, they are all things that any atheist or agnostic would consider basic moral concepts. We don't need a bible or years of study to know these things. A simple "conscience" will suffice. But these "Christians" seem to have none. Instead they go to church week after week in order to be reminded not to commit the crimes that they commit every day without even giving it a second thought. Then they hide behind their lord, Jesus. Some of them want to post the ten commandments on MY lawn, while they continue to break every commandment there is and claim to have "Jesus in their heart." Believe me, if he's in there, he's dying to get out!

Many of these "Christians" are die hard supporters of the current administration in Washington D.C.. They are fervent followers of George Bush, who is supposedly a devout follower of Jesus Christ. I'd like to know where Jesus told us to go around the world killing off people who we disagreed with. Isn't the number one rule of Christianity "Thou Shalt Not Kill"? It didn't say "Thou shalt not kill unless it's a Muslim." George evidently missed that one. And where did Jesus say to steal from the poor to give to the richest 2% of the population? I understood Jesus to be a champion of the poor, not the CEO of Exxon. And where did Jesus say torturing other human beings was just fine? Jesus was the torturee. Bush was the torturer. Pontius Pilate would have loved Bush. Anyone who believes that George Bush is a follower of Jesus has never read the teachings of Jesus.

No, my friends. These are no believers in Jesus Christ. These are lying, thieving, murderers who have no morals or ethics whatsoever. Why, then, do so many people believe this crap? Well, they call satan "the great deceiver," and all I can say is, "It takes one to know one." There is no greater deceiver than the White House spin-meister himself, Karl Rove. His playbook is right out of "Mein Kampf." There are no better deceivers on the planet than this guy, and I guess a lot of people are just plain gullible. After all, if these born-agains believe a woman was created from the rib of a man, or that Jesus was the product of a "virgin birth," and yet they can't believe that man evolved from the ape ... hey, they'd believe anything! Tooth fairy anybody?

But, what I really want to know is, "Why does it take a humanist to defend Jesus these days?" I've got better things to do ... like living a moral and just life which I, myself, take the responsibility for. These crooks and thieves can go ahead and hide behind some religious deity, whose teachings they have no clue about, if that's what they want to do. No skin off my teeth. Sooner or later they will have to pay the cost of their own deception. And, hey, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I make mistakes. But the difference is I'll take responsibility for my own life and my own actions. I'm not going to go out and commit unconscionable crimes against humanity and then hide behind some religious deity as if I were so damned holy. That is truly unconscionable, and an insult to the very religions in which they profess to believe.

Rob Moitoza
Seattle, WA

Subject: UN Ambassador Killed in Iraq?

Anyone see any connection to the UN ambassador ( a highly respected peace maker)killed in Iraq when an America soldier allowed a bomb laden concrete truck to pull up to his office and now Israel accidentally bombing a UN observation post . Just coincidence I suppose ! Will the UN now cut and run as they did in Iraq ?

Lawton Watson

Subject: Bush's Lapdog - Kansas Senator Pat Roberts

Is Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts getting paid by the hour for his work as the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, or is he helping to hide the President’s dirty laundry? Democrats shut down the Senate last year in protest of gross delays in Roberts finishing a report on administration's deliberations over prewar intelligence. At question is whether President Bush’s Administration lied to Congress and the American people about the need to invade Iraq. Roberts said the report was near completion. This happened nine months ago. I read on July 31 that he is STILL not finished and does not see it being completed before the November elections. A spokeswoman for Roberts is quoted as saying, “the slow pace is partially the result of Roberts' desire to give members a chance for input.” Now I wasn’t raised on a farm but, I know a load of bull-whooey when I see it.

Senator Roberts, you took an oath to the Constitution, not to a Commander-in-Chief. Do your duty, do it now or resign.

Daniel Patrick Schamle
Lawrence, Kansas

Subject: Mailbag 7/31/06 and Conservatives Without Conscience

Last night, very late, I caught John Dean on c-span...the one that does the non-fiction books for 48 hours. He talked about an hour about what he found out after he came back. He talked a lot about Bill Frist...and stupid me, I found out what all the "cat" talk was about him. I knew he was in a lot of stuff that bordered on illegal in the Columbia HCA med. centers...from the time my daughter lived in Nashville. But, the Cat thing I just never got, until he was telling the story last night. Apparently...he admitted to almost terrorizing his family from the time he was in Kindergarten. Then when he finally made it to Harvard...and just had to be a heart surgeon...he dissected what they had left in the lab...then started adopting as many cats as he could. Funny, like Mr. Dean said, that is so illegal...I wonder why in the world he wrote something like that...then planned to run for President! He may not be all there, I have always wondered!

To Diane A....what a thrill that must be to actually have a right-winger admit they were wrong. My husband, I have said before would vote for Adolph Hitler were he running on the republican ticket...but, up until the 90's, it was a joke. Then the horror started...his nastiness about Bill Clinton...and until he started running with the elder Bush...he never had a good thing to say about him. Now along comes the son of a Bush...the horror we have had to put up with this six years...with another 2 to go. He has never...so far as I know...watched a SOTU...I have watched everything this man has done...I knew what he was up to...after 911, and I never wanted to miss one thing he did. Right away...of course, he started with Iraq...not Afghanistan...and from there on, it was just one illegal thing after another. I voiced my opinion too...and in 2003, in the country at a picnic, with his family...who also never watch the man, but, you know, he is a republican...as someone said last week on here. He is a good family man, and christian (yikes). Also, he was left alone with his sister...who thinks the sun rises and sets in just the word, REPUBLICAN. Apparently got into a hissy fit because of something the other brother had said (who may believe like his wife)...but, my husband, said, to me, "Well, I sure know how Wanda feels!"...Now, I know how she feels too...which does not matter a whit to me...and I told him so. And I proceeded to try to get him to tell me why the subject ever even came up, and he said, he did not remember. That is his favorite answer, when he does not want to discuss it, but, unfortunately, even with the war...the killing, the Medicaid and Medicare and everything this president has screwed up in his time...my husband still will not discuss or put him down. The only positive thing he has said, after making me crazy during Clinton, was that he changed his mind about him when he travelled with the Elder Bush! Incidentally, the aforementioned Wanda, is his older sister...and she is always disagreeing with someone about something and nothing would make her more happy than to get her brother to disagree with me in front of her...so the story goes. Tell me something...Diane....how did you finally decide to just ban him from the bedroom?? Because I might as well!

Thanks to BuzzFlash who just puts up with all of us...you are the best!!!

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Israel-Lebanon

I'm very disappointed in your choice of articles regarding the Israeli /Hezbollah/Lebanese conflict. While I realize that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, Israel is no angel! Our unconditional support of Israel is one of the reasons why we got into Iraq, and it's going to continue to lead us into situations that are not in America's best interests. We support that country with billions of dollars in financial aid every year, not to mention all the weapons including the f16 airplanes that are now killing many innocent children and civilians in Lebanon. I wish this country and this WEBSITE would be more even handed regarding the middle east situation.

Janice Anderson
Warwick, RI

Subject: Israel's Disproportionate Response

The Cruel, Collective Punishment of Lebanon: Days of Darkness: (Counterpunch)

Having taken post-secondary history courses regarding the Middle-East from the early twentieth century until now, and not the US version of it, I can only say that the US government is asking for more 9/11's to happen with its support of Israel. There is no doubt that America is waging war with all the Arabic peoples. There is no middle ground, no real history taken into account about how the Western nations have continually sided with any nation who have been opposed to Arabic nations.

While I certainly do not condone killing of Israeli citizens by Hezbollah or Hamas, there is a point where the lop-sidedness of the aggression is as transparent as clean air. When civilians are killed with "precision" air strikes a la US military or Israeli military, it is intentional, not some "oops, sorry, missed the enemy." This is a genocidal war as is the Iraqi quagmire. No one will come out of this smelling like some sweet flower.

If we do not all stand opposed to those who have no compassion in their hearts for those children and women who are being slaughtered (Lebanon and Iraq) or held hostage in their homes for fear of rape and reprisals from militias (Iraq, thanks equal opportunity US), then who will? I believe that we should take this time of global conflict to assert that we will not stand for this any more and vote the blood-thirsty (never fought in wars themselves) politicians out of office both in your country and in mine (Canada).

Sometimes, one just has to read history as it truly happened, rather than what our governments would have us read, to know that we are repeating over and over again the same ideologies that the original, now defunct, empires believed in. We must stop the corporate and military takeover and imperialist struggles in order to regain our place as citizens who own the governments who are supposed to work for us, not for their own glory or wealth and well-being.

If nothing else, I strongly suggest that you read Middle Eastern history from a point of view written by an historian who is neither a biased Jewish Israeli, nor by a biased American. There are many good historians out there who have written the truth about the Middle East and the history of the creation of the state of Israel. In these histories, the seeds of peace could grow and be nurtured as both the Middle Eastern nations of Israel and Palestine should be recognized and legitimized. It would save a lot of innocent lives.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Re: Bush annual physical

Shouldn't Bush's annual physical include a thorough psychiatric evaluation????????????


Subject: Social Security Under Attack Again

In spite of how disgusting the experience may be you need to listen very carefully when Republicans say something. If they say they are determined to do something; believe them. You can defeat them a hundred times and they will find another way to try and achieve their desire.

The Republican Party has always hated Social Security. Never mind how well it works. Never mind that it has never missed a payday. Never mind that amidst the countless government disasters that don’t work Social Security is a shining beacon. It works well. It is the best thing the Democratic Party has ever done. Right there you know that the GOPers ain’t gonna be happy with this.

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) has promised to privatize Social Security. “ If I’m around in a leadership role come January, we’re going to get serious about this,” claims Boehner. Seems like a real good idea to make sure he’s not around come January.

Boehner replaced Tom DeLay as you will remember and was supposed to be an improvement. If you’re been paying attention, Boehner has done nothing to reduce the corruption in congress. Lobbying is still very much alive and well.

Just about the only thing that millions of retirees agree about is Social Security. And seniors as a group vote. But then again for many of us, we have little to do and all damn day to do it.

73% of the people in my age group votes. The only thing we have in common is that we don’t want any politician touching Social Security. Especially this incompetent congress. Thus far, we have yet to see them do anything that is to the benefit of the ordinary American voter.

So if you don’t vote, and you don’t vote out anyone who attempts to disembowel Social Security then be prepared to have mom and pop move in with you. Without Social Security many seniors simply can not afford to live on their own. And it’s expensive to warehouse all of us in some Nursing Home Gulag.

Voter Turnout among Citizens According to the Census Current Population Survey: Year 2004

18-24 47%
24-34 56%
35-44 64%
45-54 69%
55-64 73%
65-74 73%
75+ 69%
All Ages 64%

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: More Details On The Total Number Of Troops That Have Served in Iraq


In reference to my previous letter about over 1,000,000 troops having been deployed to Iraq (7/31/2006 - Number of Troops Fighting in Iraq), I found the following reference.


This was written in August of 2005 and says that over 1,000,000 million troops had already been deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan. I think it would be quite safe to assume that by now, more than 1,000,000 have been deployed to Iraq alone. Now I'm not sure if folks who get sent over for 2 or more tours are getting double/triple counted in this number.

Even more alarming from this same research are the following: "More than 210,000 of the National Guard’s 330,000 soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Nearly a third of active-duty troops, 341,000 men and women, have served two or more overseas tours."

And remember this was the state of affairs basically one year ago.

A little further research and I found this:


Here it states that over 550,000 troops have served in Iraq for approximately 1,000,000 tours of duty (page 5). This was prepared for a January 2006 conference, but I'm not sure what dates the data is good for. So it is very possible the 1,000,000 number may be number of tours as opposed to individual number of troops. It would appear that number may be more closer to over 600,000.

John McGinn
Pittsboro, NC

Subject: Arnie Links Global Warming Skeptics To Flat Earthers

Listen to it here on NPR:


That's right, Arnie the Gropinator actually refers to Global Warming skeptics as Flat Earthers in his get together with Blair. What's going on here? More political posturing to move away from Bush by both of these clowns as far as possible?

Oddly the AP news article you are linking too left this little juicy tidbit out.

Tony Blair and Arnold Schwarzenegger will strike a deal on global warming. Is Bush was too busy drinking Kool-Aid to attend? 8/1

John McGinn
Pittsboro, NC

Subject: Positive Solutions


I often read BuzzFlash and appreciate your coverage of critical issues. However, I see little in the way of positive solutions. One major movement today is in the area of Permaculture and how we can reduce our energy usage and consumption of resources. It is a practical solution to the over-consumption driving our culture.

I recently finished a two-week course on permaculture at EcoVersity in Santa Fe, NM. There we used solar cookers to bake brownies, cookies, banana bread and squash. We ate healthy greens from the local garden. We recycled most of the cardboard, kitchen scraps and coffee grounds as compost for the gardens and the chickens that provided fresh eggs every day. The electrical needs were supplied mostly from PV solar, and water from the roofs was diverted to feed trees throughout the premises which provided both fruit and shade on a hot Santa Fe day. The bee village provided abundant fresh honey. Passive solar was used to make hot water for showers.

I would like to see more of this on progressive news sites so that people can feel that protesting and political change are not the only solutions available. Don’t we each need to look into the mirror? Would it be possible for you to include more links and articles to Permaculture ideas? Together, we can make change by actually doing something that provides a positive solution that cuts through politics on many levels and shows the world how we can make a difference in our own hometowns and backyards. By creating localized economies, home gardens, fruit trees throughout the cities for any and all to pick, reusing grey water and black water, and even getting to the point of using composting toilets, we can reduce our energy consumption by up to 75% which will help people save on electrical bills, water, and food costs from the beginning and create forms of income down the road as people find other unique solutions and ways to contribute with their skills.

The ethic of permaculture, “care for the earth, care for people, and reuse and recycle,” can match anyone’s political ideas, from liberal to conservative it seems, and is also importantly a non-violent form of resistance to our modern world of consumption and resource waste, don’t you think? For resources, you can find many books and authors in this field, including Bill Mollison, the grandfather of this modern movement. I think people will be very excited to find a way to do something at home while making a major difference in their own lives, families and hopefully cities and beyond!

Thank you for listening and for your work.

The impetus for the work I do is to create gardens, not deserts. -- Bill Mollison


Dave Bowers

Subject: Don't Let Dow Spray Your Food With Fluoride!

Some extremely disturbing news that has just come my way, and I'm passing this information on to you. It is simply unbelievable.

DOW chemical is petitioning EPA to spray fluoride on food. I don't know how you feel about fluoride. Many people approve of it but don't really know anything about it, having been lulled into a sense of security about this poison which, among many other things, mottles the teeth, accelerates aging, and contributes to osteoporosis.

The FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK has a website that is packed with information and facts on this poison and the problems with it:


Go here to send a letter to the EPA and you should do it asap:


You only have 3 more days (comments close on August 4th) to get a letter to EPA and to try to help stop this disaster in the making. Also, PLEASE pass this information on to anyone and everyone you know. This MUST be stopped!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Buzzflash Editorial: How we miss Yitzhak Rabin


Why can't you say his name: Yigal Amir. Remember his predecessor, Baruch Goldstein? For Israelis these names should be emblazoned in the spirit of Booth, Oswald, and, yes, Scalia.

Yigal Amir and his Eyle, and Antonin Scalia (our own pseudo-legal Torquemada) and his Felonious Five are the two satans that have morphed the greatest hopes for the Jewish people (Israel) and for mankind (America) into the spitin' images of the very monsters against which their cultures have historically sought eternal emancipation. One through religious identity and the other through life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, universal freedom and democracy.

Yet how horrible it is to see Israel degenerate to the use of any--let alone so many--tactics of its historical nemesis, the Nazis...cultural and legal discrimination of people based on their ethnicity, preemptive warfare, property theft, and ghetto walls of permanent separation.

And how horrible it is to see the US degenerate into a fascist/communist tyranny of corporate proxies [including the US military and MSM propaganda], Patriot Acts, warrantless wiretaps, Signing Statements, profiling, preemptive warfare, Gulags, and, perhaps most importantly of all, voter fraud.

If Rabin had remained prime minister and Al Gore had become president, none of this would have ever happened and it would be a bright world instead of a dark one!

Will Wyche
Palm Springs

Subject: Rove bites the hand that feeds him

Buzz, you guys are very astute, but when I saw that headline I laughed out loud. Ya couldn't be more wrong. If Rove could bite the hand that feeds him, he'd be dog to the press' master. Sadly, the relationship is much more like the master/submissive relationship in a leather bondage sado-masochistic pairing. And guess who happily wears the blindfold and ball gag? Our press has obvious self-esteem issues which Rove is only too happy to exploit. And I mean exploit in the fullest, ugliest sense of the word. Of course he'll insult them to their faces. After dutifully steno'ing the diatribe they'll look up and say "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

Rove Bites that Hand That Enables Him, Attacks His Lapdog Press. Too Bad They Won't Finally Bite Back. 7/30

Jess Wundrun

Subject: Our Vanishing Military Coverage by the Media

Hi BuzzFlash,

Regarding the current (or lack thereof) Iraq and Afghanistan news coverage, I can only say ...

Can TV news make Iraq any more invisible? (Joel Connelly/Seattle P-I)

Iraq? Afghanistan? Can you help me find it with Google Earth? Besides, what on earth is going on over there? Don't you know that Israel and Lebanon comprise the Entire World? You would think a war or something was going on in Iraq.

Oh, wait. I think we used to have news coverage about Iraq. Isn’t that the place where the US has lost close to 2,578 servicemen with over 18,777 injured and there have been over 40,070 Iraqi citizens that have been killed? Well, what network in their right mind would want to cover a war if American soldiers are getting killed or maimed? That's not too pretty to cover and see, especially by the people back home that still believe all the propaganda coming out of Washington, DC. And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn't Iraq in some type of Civil War right now, with over 100 people getting killed every day? Isn't Iraq where American news reporters are unable to get out of something they call "The Green Zone," that is supposedly "very safe"?

Well no wonder why every network is in Israel and Lebanon! It’s much safer to cover those "Drunk" Zigzag Missiles going over a reporter's head from Lebanon. And at the same time, it’s "real cool" showing reporters cringe just a few feet in front of a tank when it shoots those “perfectly aimed” tank shells.

But wait; we have a problem here. What should our networks do with the time they use to allocate for covering Iraq and Afghanistan? That could be a big problem.

I've got it!!! Let's cover Mel Gibson and his Drunk Driving Arrest and how he went to AA. We could easily kill 30 minutes of every hour, 24/7, with that very important news! Run that “news”! Mean time, let me check if Tom Cruise has gone crazy on any more couches lately, so we could put that "important news" in our prime time news slot!

How sad is this sarcastic view of the news media?. Unfortunately, this is doing exactly what they are doing!

But have no fear folks. As soon as the first hurricane hits, we won't even know that the Middle East exists, not to mention other news within the United States!

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Air America and Direct TV

To Marjorie,

Isn't Stephanie Miller a hoot! I just love her. I get her 9-12, Al Franken 12-3 and Ed Schultz 3-6 and Randi Rhodes at 6 p.m. in the Washington, D.C. area. Problem is the signal is so weak. I usually listen as I drive around the beltway. And to Steve with the blackouts on Direct TV. Yes, it happens. One day as I watched LINK On direct tv channel 375, a relative in the south also watched. We talked before and after the program ended. She had missed about 7 minutes (while trying to find signal) showed on her screen. Yes, it was during the part unfavorable to Bush. I do believe much of the South is out to pasture! I don't mean to sound mean, it's just they can't seem to quit listening to Hannity, Rush and FOX! Thank God some of my relatives haven't drunk the kool-aid. To St. Louis Shirley, I have some SQUATTER LOVERS still hanging on to bush (#1 reason being he is a Christian) GIVE ME A BREAK!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Mexico Vote Protests

If Democrats win 06 elections we are assured that Republican goons, such as the thugs who stormed the Miami vote-count, will be staging sit-ins all over this country hoping to delay the taking of office by the victors.

Sam Bullard
Oly, WA

Subject: Election 2008

Do you think that with the way the bush administration breaks constitutional law with regularity, that if the republicans retain control of congress this November, that bush will *actually* leave office after the 2008 elections? Why the huge power grab by the executive branch only to give it up in 2008? From what I have seen from these neocon miscreants bush, cheney and rumsfeld, that I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possiblity that they would encourage another terrorist attack here in the U.S. then claim martial law to stay in power. Something to think about.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Bush and his Jollies

I have had the same idea for a long time and it started with the way he reveled in sending all those death row candidates to the chair in Texas. And remember he mocked one poor woman's request, "Please don't kill me." He gets turned on by death and torture. He wants to make sure the ability to torture continues, I bet we could find someone who delivered pictures of soldiers torturing Iraqis to the prez. And I do believe he believes the Rapture will occur on his watch. Also if Katherine Harris is persona non grata, couldn't she bribed or persuaded to spill the beans about the election theft naming names...perhaps. Surely several million dollars would be a cheap buy if she could be persuaded to spill the beans and ensnare the gang that stole the election.

Arthur Waugh
Berkeley, CA

Subject: A Gender Definition of Terror

What is terror? Although the word "terror" is today constantly spoken, there remains no clear definiition or perhaps the meaning changes based upon the user.

To me, a Mom, a Gram, terror is my mind's eye view of my grandchildrens' eyes as the eyes seen in children in recent t.v. broadcasts from war in the Mideast. In my mind's eye, I see their face caked as those childrens' faces with blood, grime, ash and soot. I see their eyes widened by the thunderous noise of missiles, of crumbling buildings and the ever present sound of gunfire. I see eyes that cry without tears. I see their mouths open to scream but the scream is internalized and cannot escape.

These visions personally reinforce that it is time for all women to say "no" to war. The 8/7/06 edition of "U.S. News and World Report" pictures a nine-month-old infant wrapped in burial cloths and his/her beautiful face showing closed eyes. This beautiful infant will never walk, never talk or never smile at his parents. Do you remember your baby, your 10-year old, your teen-ager, your adult child at this age? The mother of this child will not be able to remember her child beyond the day of his/her death. That remains her eternal memory.

Remember your pregnancy--the weight gain, the mood swings, the cravings and the first time you felt your bably move within you. For nine months you carry a small, totally dependent being within you. The day finally arrives when he/she pushes to be in this world. Contractions begin. Your baby finally arrives -- healthy and ready for this world. You've held your baby. You're connected by the mother/child bond. A short 24 hours later your baby is unnaturally dead. Never to be nursed. Never to be held in your arms again. Never to be presented to his/her family. Never to smile, coo, cry in the night, laugh and never to give you a hug or a wet kiss. NEVER!!

A woman in a country ravaged by war faced this yesterday. She is you and she is me.

Her baby could be your baby. That little soul could have been your first born, your grandchild or a long awaited child. Did you miss your baby's first smile; did you miss your baby nuzzling against your neck falling asleep? Is another woman's loss acceptable because of a war in another country? After all, it's worlds away. Is it? Or is it in your heart and soul when you understand the overwhelming agony of these women. These two mothers along with thousands of other mothers will never experience the wonder of their children. To think that this agony is theirs alone demeans each of us as women. It is a cancerous growth on our spirts and souls.

What can we say to these women? Their pain shatters them and us like panes of breaking glass and words have no meaning. Intuitively, we know as women it could be happening to us as well. But, it isn't, so we assume a false security.

As a woman, as a Mother, as a Gram my soul and spirit screams an unheard sound as I consider their agony. How much further will these wounds cut? I don't know. I do know that all women in the world must stop the slaughter of our children. We must begin now to heal each other's soul wounds and save our children.

War is not a solution. It is destruction. It is terror -- a terror that women know too well. We can define terror in any language, just ask.

Cathy McManamey
Hinsdale, IL

Subject: Inaction May Be Violence

In H.G. Wells' classic novel, The Time Machine, the future is portrayed through a series of wars that ultimately results in a world populated by two distinct species. The people who live on the surface are fair-skinned, happy and healthy. They enjoy their lives in carefree days of lounging around and playing. All remnants of their ancestors are kept in a museum which houses books, artifacts and the talking rings. The time traveler hears the talking rings tell the story of the world's destruction via nuclear war.

The surface dwellers, known as the Eloi, cannot fathom the message of the talking rings. All their needs are supplied to them. But when the ear-splitting sound of an air-raid siren fills their little world, the Eloi blindly march toward the bomb shelters. After the sirens stop, the Eloi snap out of their stupor and return to their insipid lives. It is All Clear.

But below the surface live the masters of the Eloi's world. The masters operate the machinery that supports the Eloi. They live underground and cannot withstand daylight. They are the Morlocks, and they are cannibals who eat their livestock, the Eloi. In the screenplay, the Morlocks resemble neanderthals. In the book, their appearance is spider-like. The Morlocks supply the needs of the Eloi who are oblivious to their fate as food for the masters. They are misled to their deaths by the fear of a nonexistent threat.

I can think of no better analogy to describe the current situation in North America, especially the United States. While Americans have to work very hard to support themselves and their families, they seem to be oblivious to the underground machinery of the neocons and wealthy elite which is working to devour them once they are no longer required. Whenever the American Eloi get close to the truth of their cattle-like existence, out comes a new 'terror threat', and the people gladly give up more of their civil liberties, more of their income to support the wars, more of their children to die in the wars and more of their souls.

In The Time Machine, the time traveler leads the Eloi in a violent overthrow of their monstrous masters. Their newly-found freedom means they will have to work hard to support themselves, but it will be their own lives, not the kept existence of a pet animal. Americans are being baby-fed a steady diet of government war propaganda designed to keep them in a constant state of fear and distrust. The ruling party is pitting Americans against each other by raising divisive issues designed to take attention away from the atrocities being committed every day. The government, in incestuous cooperation with the industries of death, is spending more and more of your money on machines of war and killing. They are enriching themselves at the cost of our freedoms and quality of life.

We don't want to see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights end up as some dusty artifacts in an abandoned museum. We will not obediently march to our deaths when the false spectre of wars from unseen enemies is once again blared over the klaxons of prostituted media. If we don't stand up and forcefully resist, we will suffer the same fate as the Eloi.


Subject: Finally Showin' Some Backbone!

Almost exactly 2 years ago this author wrote a little diddy called "Win-Win" in which I itemized all the reasons why another 4 years with Bush at the helm would solidify a country wide opinion that the radical right is destroying our great country. It appears that I was wrong. Never could I have predicted the extent of the depraved leadership our country has seen in just the past 2 years. That fact, tangled with the polls that have repeatedly demonstrated time and time again that the American people stand firmly on the left-hand side of the aisle on almost every single issue should mean a landslide for Democrats in the mid-term elections. However, the American people are NOT stupid and while they've recognized that Republican leadership is a colossal screw-up, they've also recognized that the Democratic party doesn't offer them any alternative.

Today, that may have changed. In one of the most brilliant political and moral punches the Democratic party have ever thrown, Senators and Representatives including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer, Carl Levin, Ike Skelton, Joe Biden, Tom Lantos, Jay Rockefeller, Jane Harman, Daniel Inouye and John Murtha have called upon President Bush to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq. This just may be the sign that the American people have been waiting a long time for and what the right-wingers have prayed would never happen. The Democrats, if they can back up their rhetoric with action including widespread party support, may not only win in landslides in the 2006 and 2008 elections but this political mushroom cloud may just reverse the recent tidal wave of Republican victories for a very long time to come.

See for yourself,

Key Democrats Unite for Troop Pullout (AP/Washington Post)


Hill Democrats Unite to Urge Bush to Begin Iraq Pullout (Washington Post)

The Indy Voice
Wake Forest, NC

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