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Wednesday, 02 August 2006 09:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 2, 2006

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Subject: Border Agents Let Fake IDs Go Through

Dear Folks:

The Associated Press article headlined "Border agents let fake IDs go through" cites a GAO study revealing that undercover investigators have repeatedly penetrated our borders with fake documentation--when they were required to produce any documentation at all. This despite billions and billions of taxpayer dollars spent over the last five years on invading impoverished Third World countries, covering up the failures of the "Star Wars" anti-missile system, stuffing Halliburton's coffers, and other vital national security efforts.

I'm sure I join many Americans in feeling a little let down by this. After all, since nary a single North Vietnamese aircraft penetrated Texas airspace during our president's youthful tenure with that state's Air National Guard, I really believed Mr. Bush had a handle on that sort of thing. But this revelation gives me the queasy feeling that our present administration really hasn't done anything at all about national security except make lots of fierce noises, along with lots and lots of enemies.

I don't want to be rush to judgment. Perhaps it's a clever variation of the Flypaper Theory being tested in Iraq -- the idea being to draw the terrorists in with an appearance of lax border security, and then nab them on US soil by plucking their sinister phone calls out of the NSA data base. This interpretation would assume, of course, that terrorists smart enough to fake convincing documents could somehow BECOME stupid enough, once on American soil, to openly announce their plans over the phone rather than using prearranged codes like, "Aunt Bertha is arriving in Los Angeles tonight."

Perhaps it's all part of a bigger, smarter picture than I'm equipped to perceive -- but I'll be darned if it doesn't SEEM like plain old cynical indifference, with a strong scent of corruption wafting around it. It SEEMS like a lot of the money we've shoveled into Homeland Security might have disappeared into the pockets of Bush Rangers and Pioneers rather than going to provide more border agents and better screening protocols.

Surely, though, this report -- soon to be presented to the Senate Finance Committee -- will trigger a powerful response. Something WILL get done about the situation, and here's what:

1. Associated Press, having joined The New York Times in revealing sensitive national security secrets, will be fiercely castigated by Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, and numerous hangers-on for making it harder to fight terrorism;

2. Ann Coulter will amend her previous regret that Timothy McVeigh did not bomb The New York Times building, adding a regret that he did not also bomb the Government Accounting Office;

3. Other conservative pundits will raise a hue and cry demanding that the Government Accounting Office be arrested, tried for treason, and put to an ignominious death if, of course, found guilty;

4. The Senate Finance Committee will table a Democratic resolution to look into the matter, with several Republican members announcing that hey, we're at war here, and wondering why the opposition party would want to endanger our heroic troops by poking their noses in where they don't belong;

5. Arlen Specter will raise a great outcry about investigating this scandalous matter, and then reach a compromise with the administration that makes it okay not to guard our borders, as long as the executive branch promises to check with somebody about the possibility of doing so, some time;

6. The President will grant a chummy interview to Larry King, or someone, in which he explains with some exasperation that, like Russia and China, the United States is a big country, see, and it's HARD to defend a big country. Mr. Cheney will call in to Rush Limbaugh's radio program to offer a similar explanation in sub-vocal growls. Mr. Rumsfeld might surface from wherever he's been hidden for the last year to announce that you go to war with the borders you have rather than the borders you might want to have. And finally,

7. Some of the mainstream media will report on the matter, once, in terms that suggest there might be a concern in the minds of some critics of the administration that there could be questions about the possibility of an implication of a chance that border security might be tighter in a perfect world.

Tony Snow will remind the White House press gang, though, that while some people might want to politicize critical matters of national security for partisan advantage, good little reporters who want access will do nothing to enable that kind of treasonous filth.

Then the matter will disappear, rushed aside for the latest gory footage from Lebanon, the latest disappearing white woman, or the latest attempt by two people with penises to threaten us all by marrying each other.

Sure--maybe it's not the reaction we'd like to see. But at least it's comfortable and familiar.

Robert Crawford

Subject: Failed Neo-Con Policy?

Dear BuzzFlash Readers,

Read the writing on the wall and get a memory longer than the average Americans. The Neo-cons wrote a book several years ago and said that they wanted things to go very bad in Iraq. Very bad. Their PR would be at the lowest. Then they wanted an incident to happen in either Iran or Syria, which would draw Israel into the fray, which would create a conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs and Palestinians, and then the USA would...leave and let the Israelis and the Arabs fight it out. And then the US military would attack the old foes in Europe, such as France and Germany, etc. Sound far-fetched? Don't brand someone an idiot that says what he's going to do and he's right.

A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Lots of allegations, but no citations. Are you referring to the PNAC world order plans? 1) Statement of Principles; 2) Rebuilding America's Defenses; 3) Present Dangers: Crisis and Opportunity in American Foreign and Defense Policy.]

Subject: MSM "Kid Glove" Handling of Mel Gibson

Interesting I think that I have only seen one reference in the MSM to MG calling a female officer "Sugar Tits." I'll bet his female fan base would love hearing about that. But probably more puzzling to me is why nobody has picked up on MG's blood level. It seems to me the general perception is that he was knee walkin' drunk when he made his true feelings known, but at the time of his arrest his blood alcohol level was only .12. Legally drunk, sure, but c'mon ... 12? For a normal guy, that's only about three beers! And MG's defense is temporary insanity from being so drunk? This from a guy who admits to being a "professional" drinker? This guy must be the cheapest drunk in the world. I mean, I've been around a lot of drunks ... 3 beers might impair your judgment a little, but it's sure not going to make you do anything that wasn't damn close to surfacing anyway. Do any of you think you could get a free pass by claiming after only three beers you lost all control and became some sort of Mr. Hyde? A boorish, bigoted, a**hole Mr Hyde?? My guess is the only people who act that way after only three beers would be someone who actually is a boorish bigoted a**hole.

"Magnum Bob" Merrill

Subject: The Pentagon Lied About 9/11?

No way!

It's only what "conspiracy theorists" have been shouting for 5 years!

Now, ABC, WaPo, and Vanity Fair finally clue in and report what has been easily accessible information on websites like Paul Thompson's "Cooperative Research" for literally YEARS.


It's been TWO years since the fraud of the 9/11 Commission was exposed by the brave Cynthia McKinney in a Congressional Briefing called;



Now, I'm willing to wait for the slow kids like the editors of BuzzFlash to "wake up," which Randi Rhodes strongly encourages;


However, I'm not sure how much time we have left before the next fascist-enabling event is going to take place.

And it won't be because of "incompetence."


Allan Giles
Rowlett, TX

Subject: Morally Bankrupt Politicians

Like many others, I have been absolutely horrified by the images coming out of Lebanon of the government of Israel's illegal occupation of Lebanon.

With regard to the debacle of Qana the other day -- there is, of course, much controversy over what actually happened. Hezbollah claims Israel deliberately targeted civilians and Israel claims that Hezbollah deliberately conceals itself in and around civilians. There are also claims by Israel that Hezbollah kidnapped the two soldiers in Israel, while Hezbollah claims the two soldiers were captured in southern Lebanon.

Frankly, I don't give a damn about who did what when or where. The bottom line is the history of this region is long and torturous and violent. At this point it is hard to know what the truth really is.

One truth I am sure of, though, is that innocent people are dying in both countries. It now looks as though this could easily spread into baiting Syria to respond militarily.

It is heartbreaking -- just heartbreaking -- to see images on the news of barely able to walk older people trying to flee the carnage by walking to safety. It is heartbreaking -- just heartbreaking -- to see images on the news of young boys having to fashion coffins from wood to bury the dead.

I am simply appalled that the neocons and the Bush war criminals are condoning this bloodshed and not lifting a single damned finger to do anything to stop it, and justifying it by saying "Israel has a right to defend itself." No one disagrees that every country has a right to defend itself when it is attacked.

But, is that what really happened? Further news reports now indicate that the Bushistas are using Israel as a pawn to strike out Iran. What kind of half-baked logic is that?

All of these "deciders" need to get out of their freakin' ivory towers built on religious and political ideology and start making decisions based on what is happening now and not in the future when they believe the Rapture will deliver them.

God may just look at them and ask, "Why did you allow my other children to be killed?"

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: 9/11 Deception, Etc.

When I read this article in the paper this morning, I was just livid. I knew this at the time...there were printed articles about NORAD not being sent out...or not doing it. There were actually articles about them being told to stand down.

We, if we are all even 8th grade graduates...should be able to go back and look at the evidence, and see that something was very wrong. Why did all the Congress and Senate just look the other way? How many people out here were affected, why is it not important to the people who put them in those seats? Is it money or power?

It is horrible, I can tell you that! It makes me so mad, all family members who voted for Bush, are becoming like looking at the enemy...and even now, I am not even sure who that is...but, I do know it is this administration!

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: The Bush Lies with Hannity, Limbaugh, Scarborough Etc.

Your points are so true and so revealing, but in the United States many people are brain washed by first Bush's lies about Iraq and more followed up with the propaganda program by Hannity Limbaugh O'Reilly Chris Matthews Scarborough -- all of these propaganda types. And there's more,y' but they all keep the lies alive by treating them like there true and the American people are too lazy and too set in their ways to find out the truth for themselves, so they let themselves be manipulated by the propaganda types just mentioned.

If you could only keep stressing that -- America, wake up, and see that they are be sold down the tubes, taking us back into the 1930 era before the New Deal for the middle class.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Gas Cost

I have read that over half of oil imported goes to the Air Force! Would like to know if so? IF So why is it not talked about?

K L Davis
Marysville, CA

Subject: Yo Bush! Listen Up!

There are still lots of questions that need to be answered by the Bush Administration about things that have happened on their watch that I haven’t heard of or read of being asked. So, in the pursuit of truth, here they are:

1. Bush, why didn’t you take the Clinton administration's warnings about al-Qaeda being a serious threat seriously?

2. Bush, why did you say you don’t believe the US military should be used for nation building (alluding to the Balkans), then turn right around and do that?

3. Bush, why did you say we were going to get Osama dead or alive and then abandon that in less than six months?

4. Bush, why didn’t you listen to the CIA briefers who went to Crawford to brief you in August 2001 about the threat of a terrorist attack? Instead you went fishing.

5. Bush, why, when the Taliban offered to turn OBL over upon seeing the evidence against him, did you refuse to show them that evidence?

6. Following up on question 5, is it because there WAS no evidence?

7. Bush, when US troops in Afghanistan had OBL in their sights in Tora Bora, did you turn the “capture” over to other troops?

8. Bush, were you ever serious about obtaining justice for 9-11?

9. Bush, why did you lie when you said you have “been to war and raised twins, and you would rather go to war"? We all know you have never been to war.

10. Bush, why did you say we had to go to war in Iraq because Hussein wouldn’t let the inspectors in? They were there and had been there since November of 2001 inspecting sites that had formerly been off limits.

11. Bush, what really happened on 9-11? Why wasn’t it investigated by the FBI? What were you trying to hide?

12. Bush, why did you stonewall the 9-11 Commission? Don’t you think if we had analyzed what happened and why it happened it would have enhanced our ability to better safeguard our country?

13. Bush, why do you continue to compromise our national security by not taking actions to enhance port security? Why do you not enhance effective airport security? Why do you not enhance security at our nuclear plants?

14. Bush, why do you refuse to testify in front of Congress in public? Why do you refuse to be placed under oath? Is it because you are a liar and you’re going to perjure yourself?

15. Bush, why did you try to smear Joe Wilson for telling the truth about Niger and yellowcake? Why did you authorize the leaking of Valerie Plame’s name to journalists?

16. Bush, why should we trust you? You have consistently proven to be a liar and a deceiver of the highest order.

17. Bush, why do you say you’re a Christian? Have you ever heard of  The Beatitudes -- you know that one, don’t you? It’s Jesus’ most famous synopsis of how a Christian should conduct himself.

Well, George, that’s it for right now -- but I reserve the right, after listening to you bumble and stumble your way through these, to ask you more questions. By the way, would you mind if I hook you up to a polygraph first?

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: More Beaten Paths Leading Nowhere!????

The truth is visible; with evidence to the contrary everywhere, despite the Bush Administration’s spouting of victory and progression and the mainstream media mass production of distractions! Failure after failure has shown Bush and Company’s arrogance of power, UNDESERVED, because they have NEVER had an accurate vision that saw long term trends at home or abroad! This is especially true in Iraq, In Afghanistan, involving the Road Map to Peace, in not dealing with North Korea or Iran face to face. Leaving the job undone they left Afghanistan and Osama is still waving hello. Though it has gone unnoticed by the media and the public, the never really defeated Taliban temporarily went underground and have been back with a vengeance leaving more death and Afghanistan close to anarchy! Bush’s fancy words pushed democracy in Palestine, then the Palestinians slapped him in the face voting Hamas to power, so little attention by those who count was given to the Road Map to Peace….now in pieces!

For decades enemies in Israel, Palestine etc., etc, have captured each other soldiers but now using yet another false premise to go after Syria and Iran, the U.S. in collaboration with Israel promotes invading yet another country bringing death, and destruction to Lebanese civilians for the most part, despite claims to the contrary! Most now support Hezbollah! It is the same old pattern, Bush’s unwise and unsafe course of actions lead to agitating more terrorism, not diffusing problems. We have lost the hearts and minds of most Arabs and respect from allies and opponents around the world. Down the toilet goes 8 billion dollars each month, with no end in sight, and even 9 billion dollars unaccounted for, most used for security instead of rebuilding a country and a people we have occupied with "shock and awe" bombing and "shock and awe" mistreatment of their people! This misuse of money could help our nation with critical issues of healthcare, education, stem-cell research and global warming to name just a few. It is past time that we use our voices, our consciences and our votes to put a “brake” on the wrong-headed actions of GWB, his cronies, the Republicans and the Bush Doctrine of Domination of the Middle East!!!

Susan Carr
No. Hollywood, California

Subject: Twin Towers

I would like a scientific explanation of why the South Tower fell after only 56 minutes and the North Tower fell after 103 minutes. Why did the South Tower fall first when Flight 175 struck the tower on a corner. Was it because Flight 175 was traveling 100 miles faster than Flight 11 (Wikipedia - source) or because there was more heat formed in the South Tower? These questions need to be answered considering most of the jet fuel burned outside of the South Tower upon impact.

Scared Citizen

Subject: Re: Rep. Cynthia McKinney

This is what I sent to Atlanta's major newspaper regarding Rep. Cynthia McKinney. Although I don't live in her district, I support her and I regret that she is being disparaged the way that she is. She spoke truth to power and has been paying the price every since. ( For those who are still upset about her run-in with a Capitol police, video was taken of the incident and apparently it revealed that this was "much ado about nothing" or we would have seen the video on TV every hour on the hour.)

The Editor: It's apparent that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is doing all that it can to defeat Rep. Cynthia McKinney. The headlines and negative articles are all aimed at helping her opponent, while the paper has not revealed Hank Johnson's inadequacies or negatives (including his bankruptcy and failure to pay taxes). Why is this? Probably because she has spoken truthfully about the Bush administration (the US did invade Iraq under false pretenses, Halliburton is making billions because of this war, and the Bush administration was warned of the possibility of 9-11 and did nothing) and the media seems afraid to address this. The local hate mongers are ecstatic and probably use the media's negativity as support for its hatred of McKinney. Indeed, on Roswell St. in Marietta, there is a sign on a store's marquee that reads: "Cynthia McKinney...Buckwheat with boobs!" The sign is disgraceful and so is your coverage of the congresswoman!

Dee Turner

Subject: Iraq and Viet Nam

The following questions should be asked of the Neocon Chickenhawks.

1. Since Kerry's courageous "flip flop" to end the meat grinder of Nam, how many GI's have the VC/NVA killed or wounded?

2. How many neighboring countries has Viet Nam attacked and communized?

3. How many times has Viet Nam linked up with their age old enemy, China, and gone on to conquest rampage?

4. How many U. S. dollars did it take to rebuild Viet Nam?

5. How many billions of dollars have Halliburton and their scummy brethren stolen in Viet Nam?

6. How many hours per day/week/month do the Vietnamese do without water, electricity and security services?

ANS: 1. zero 2. zero 3. zero 4. zero 5. zero 6. zero Any questions?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Another Free Ride for Democrats

Beware of what you wish for. Do we want a congress controlled by Democrats who condemn the leader of Iraq for speaking out against Israel's bombing of Lebanese civilians?

I know Bush is Satan, but a free ride for the Dems won't change much in the world or the U.S.  Barbara Boxer's stumping for Lieberman.

I hope BuzzFlash can critique the Democrats now. Once they're in power their swing to the right will have no reason to change directions.

Paul Lacques

Subject: Bill Maher, Israel, and BuzzFlash.

What? Are you really buying into this Mel Gibson crap? What does he have to do with the legitimate resistance to bombing, invasion and occupation? And whose bombs are those falling?

I wrote and called Chuck Hagel. Then, he stood up on the Senate floor and said almost exactly what was in my letter. I'm more with him than I am with liberals who either run from or are brainwashed by AIPAC.

And doesn't it seem like we are being set up for something big? Mel Gibson, Putin and Chavez, Chavez in Iran, Turkey and Iraq having meetings, shootings at the Jewish center. Sounds strange to me.

Only Nixon could go to China, and only Hagel can crush AIPAC. You know how? Because real left wingers (not silly liberals) are going to vote for him. Add that to the 5% he takes with his ES+S machine= landslide.

And the world would be a better place without America playing Jews against Arabs all the time. There are a lot of Muslims in Europe. George Galloway is on fire about Israel's slaughter right now.

It all comes down to the fact that Iraq is so fed up, they will send their oil east, not west. Then, the Israeli war machine will be called off, and Bush will enact his new campaign - operation "blame the Jews for my failure."

Bill Maher: The World is Mel Gibson 8/3

John Yorks