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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 07:13

Whether It's Sugar Cookies or Religious Freedom, The Ridiculous Right Shouts Its View From Whatever Vantage Point It Is Able

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You can count on pompous right-wing champions rising to the occasion when it comes to filling in conversational openings with political fodder instead of logic.

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh among others are always on standby to provide talking points in support of their political brethren. Critics of Sarah Palin are said to have defamed her because of her gender. Bad behavior when he was a teenager is said to be immaterial in the resume of presidential hopeful Romney no matter how mean-spirited or similar in kind it is to his current policies. The apoplectic O'Reilly approach is kind of funny but infuriatingly predictable. No matter what the subject these folks are able to spin it their way.

Even Bristol Palin has, for some inexplicable reason, found a media corner from which to expound about the president with respect to his remarks about same-sex marriage. The fact that her mother ran for vice president with a minimum of intellectual heft apparently allows daughter Bristol to enter the political fray with even less gravitas. "Mama Grizzly," always quick to defend her ‘cubs' should tell her daughter that if she chooses to criticize her betters she should be prepared to take a few well-aimed hits herself.

It is astonishing that so much attention is paid to opinions of so little merit and relevance. If it is suggested that better nutrition is a worthy goal for youngsters, right-wing critics say we are losing our freedom to choose and in fact giving way to a "nanny state." Palin's mindless response to the issue was to make a point of taking sugar cookies to an event just to trivialize the first lady's attempt to educate parents and children about making wise food choices. Obviously, if one has nothing intelligent to add, the next best option is to make a political statement even when there's no political component. Once again an absence of logic drives the debate.

And whether it's sugar cookies or religious freedom, the ridiculous right shouts its view from whatever vantage point it is able to commandeer. No-one insists that a devout person must have an abortion or use contraceptives but religious institutions don't have the right to instruct people outside their faith about what they choose to do. Yet we have a current government drifting towards religious absolutism. What a strange irony that the Supreme Court says it is the constitutional right of every citizen to carry a loaded weapon while so many state legislatures are undermining the Supreme Court guarantee of a woman's right to choose.

When it comes to freedom and rights there's an equally fragile application of logic.
What are rational people to make of governments within our union that specify only a man and a woman may marry legally just as it was once specified that only members of the same race could marry? And why are such matters left to the electorate in any case?

When I was growing up people often asked if you would want a black family to live next door or a family member to marry someone of another race? It always seemed to me that whether one wanted either outcome was irrelevant because it wasn't my choice to make. Today some of those issues have been resolved but, still, many cling to idiotic legalistic rationalizations for their biases like the "Defense of Marriage Act." By what absurd rationale does marriage need defending? It is only when religion informs social policy that unnecessary conflicts are created.

Conservative ideologues continue to dispute everything anyone to their left expresses. Try to discuss inequities for women in the workplace and a firestorm erupts on the right with Rush Limbaugh hurling insults your way. In the most absurd and insulting conclusion to a nonsensical debate Limbaugh posted his silliest anti-feminist broadside yet by starting a Facebook page called "Rush Babes for America" an undertaking that has received a huge response and is an indication that too many women think so little of themselves they are willing to accept a buffoonish caricature of themselves just as they accept outlandish political hyperbole.

Seriously, would you or any woman you value want to be known as a "Rush babe?"

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