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Thursday, 03 August 2006 08:54

It Pays to Pay Attention to the Past ... Memories Do Count for Good Government

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This is good government? No, this appointment is the way our government has been replaced by partisan hacks, and these Bush GOP candidates, regardless of how they want people to forget the past, we still have a hellava lot of the present to deal with that has been caused by this treasonous Bush GOP government, and it is treated so casually, because the same mistakes keep being made.

But, people should take a look at how our government gets so screwed up ... GOP appointments, that's how. Appointments not for good government, which anyone who says the impeachment of President Clinton was good, honest government, needs to take courses in the subject. Why? Because Bush hasn't been impeached and he has committed real crimes against this government. If people can't determine that on the basis of their conscience, even when a prosecutor who is guilty of such stupid thinking gets promoted to a judge's bench by guess who, the guy who says he's different from the Bush GOP, that's who ... such action is Bush GOP style government and wait awhile, and Californians can see reruns of more of this "Bush GOP style of good government," if Arnold is not replaced.

It seems to me that Arnold gets in the papers in California all of the time and the Democratic candidate ... I hear about because I take his action letters such as the following that I received a couple of days ago:

Despite the fact that Governor Schwarzenegger and the Republican Party have dumped $15 million into television advertising over the last 6 weeks, the latest polls show that this race is wide open with the well-known incumbent governor stuck at 44 percent. Our job now is to spread the word that Phil Angelides will be a governor we can count on in California and a leader we can count on to set an example for the entire country.

I don't think anyone should guess where this money comes from and the fact that, whether Schwarzenegger wants to recognize Bush or not, does it matter? He's still a Bush loyalist and will lead with the same kind of bullying that we saw before voters toned him down a notch. I just hope California keeps their credibility when it comes to good government. Maybe Arnold has forgiven Republicans, after all, they put him in office ... but, why should California forgive them, for godsake, after they robbed them of a governor who did nothing to California and gave them an actor, who is just more likable than Davis? But, what about his performance?

And, another thing ... how could Arnold go after Clinton, when Arnold is a known groper and those ladies did not consent to the groping, which is the difference, when talking about violating laws. There's no law against blow jobs in the White House, consented sex among adults, regardless of how distasteful it sounds. But, there are laws against sex offenders, wherever they roost.

To me, it was more distasteful to hear Bush making fun and laughing while hunting around the oval office for WMD, after knowing that his hunt in Iraq was responsible for the killing of thousands, and, there is a law against lying this country into a war and killing tens of thousands of people. What do you think California?

But, we don't see judges going after Bush do we, especially those who get appointed for taking orders? Who needs judges with such poor judgment like these, and who needs those people in leadership positions who confess to wanting good, honest government, and yet, are willing to appoint such judges? Vote your conscience, California, and use your memories.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, once a critic of the GOP-led impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, has nominated one of the top Clinton prosecutors to the Orange County Superior Court bench. (snip)

What makes the Rogan appointment all the more interesting is that in 1999, Schwarzenegger told George magazine that the uproar over the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair was a waste of time and energy and something "I will never forgive the Republican Party for. I was ashamed to call myself a Republican during that period."

Governor's Republican forgiveness finds some room on the bench

More "appointments" and they are Bush type GOP. When does this stop? California, if they put the for-now-tamed Arnold back into office, and then he starts to prowl and growl again, they can blame only themselves for tripping up twice. If California wants to protect themselves from the greed of the GOP, they need to have longer memories than their stand-in Bush GOP, bought-and-paid-for, prepackaged governor.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith