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Thursday, 03 August 2006 09:43

GOP Government for a Minimum Number of Americans...Everyone Loses

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Why, why, why would anyone today, other than the Bush GOP elite, want to vote Republican? Any vote for the GOP is a vote against themselves, the one doing the voting. I'll never understand any working person, any minority, any female, any black, or anyone with the average intelligence of a fruit fly, voting for the Bush GOP or any partisan follower.
The bill would for the first time in nine years raise the federal minimum wage for 7 million workers from the current $5.15 an hour to $7.25 over three years.

The disagreement comes over the bill's wording for the seven states, including California, that do not allow so-called tip credits that permit tipped workers to be paid much less than the minimum wage.

Democratic critics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., contend that in California, which has its own, higher minimum wage of $6.75 an hour, the pay of some 650,000 people who rely on tips would be hacked from the state minimum wage of $6.75 plus tips to $2.13 an hour plus tips.

Democrats see pay cuts in minimum wage hike / Tip earners, they say, would lose money under Republicans' proposed federal plan
Americans need to start voting for themselves instead of some political party that used to exist and has since been watered down so much that is has virtually disappeared. Vote the issues, the reality Americans have to face today, and that reality is, the Bush GOP administration is a treasonous group and will NEVER govern for the American people ... they are for the destruction of our democracy and the American worker. They want slavery. They want stupid kids and young people ignorant because of a lousy education because they will be easier to lie to and they will learn not to think for themselves. Do as they are told. They want dead elderly. They want just an elite class, a hierarchical class and monarchy. They want war. They want all of the money. They want all of the power. As Bush says, our Constitution is just a g**d*** piece of paper. (paraphrasing) And he has taken that piece of paper and wiped his GOP political ass with it.

Bush looks down on all Americans and could never understand what it's like for many American workers who are already paid under minimum wage and tips are their lively hood. Why do people ever consider voting Republican? Republicans cannot govern because they want to rule. They are too self-centered to govern for the common good of all. I'm not saying Democrats are perfect, but at least they are timidly honest ... and can't put these treasonous government officials out of office because of the majority of Republicans in Congress who can impeach a president for a blow job, but refuse to impeach a president whose blow job blew up a whole country, and he lied to do it.

Our debt today, due to the Bush GOP, is like a black hole, and if these people are not brought down, we will be burying ourselves because of their leadership. The only good government for American people would be to relieve the Bush administration of their duties and impeach all of them for dereliction of their duties. If that had happened six years ago, we would not have a war or problems in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and doubtfully 911 would have happened, and I feel safe in saying that New Orleans would not have been left to be rescued by a fake government agency. Why should any government that has made as many mistakes on purpose as the Bush GOP administration has made be allowed to keep on making more of them? Americans need accountability and the world needs justice. Accountability will have to happen before this country can hold its head up as a leader in the modern world again. The US has lost an undetermined amount of respect among world leaders in just six years.

How can anyone in America with a conscience vote for such people? If this is a country who loves to spout morality ... where is it? If it's in the people, then the leadership should reflect that and the Bush GOP leadership that has been clearly dominated by greed does not represent the average American citizen, our Constitution, or our Bill of Rights. Americans should vote their conscience, not their party. Would you, as an American, vote for your neighbor if to your knowledge, he was guilty of killing a family, a mass murderer, in another city, but got away with it? Would any American vote for such a candidate or for any supporter of such a candidate? I don't think so. Then why would anyone who votes their conscience, vote Republican?

Just a thought,

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