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Friday, 04 August 2006 01:40

Liberal Advocacy Groups Who Support "Moderate" Republicans Enable GOP Tyranny

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A special nod to Paul Krugman this morning for reiterating an important point that BuzzFlash has noted before.

Liberal advocacy groups who defiantly support so-called "GOP Moderates" in general elections over progressive Democrats enable one-party tyrannical Republican rule.

You really have to be plain politically stupid not to do the math. If you elect a Lincoln Chafee, and we have editorialized on this before, you help to ensure a Republican majority in the Senate. And if you help to ensure a Republican majority in the Senate, you help to ensure the one-party, anti-Constitutional, destruction of democracy by the Republicans.

Groups like the Sierra Club and Naral are both naive and enabling to support someone like Chafee, even though they must know that nothing favorable to their causes will pass through a Republican Congress. If Lincoln Chafee were for their issues, he'd be a Democrat. He knows that his vote on some occasional progressive issues is useless, because he is just a marker the Republicans need to control the senate.

The White House and Bill Frist decide what happens in the Senate, and they don't bring up or pass bills favorable to progressive causes. Furthermore, supporting a dimwitted Republican from perhaps the most Democratic state in the Union, Rhode Island, is plain dumb, as dumb as Chafee reportedly is.

As Krugman astutely points out, since the Gingrich "revolution" in 1994, the Republicans have made every vote for Congress a vote for CONTROL of Congress, because it's the leadership that manipulates the agenda and bills.

The self-righteous positions of progressive advocacy groups like the Sierra Club and Naral that they have to support "moderate Republicans" is suicidal. First of all, Chafee basically only votes against the White House when they know that they are going to win anyway and allow him to "take a walk" so that he can appear "moderate" in his home state. His votes have no impact in a Republican controlled Congress.

Secondly, the one-party national government of radical extreme Victorian authoritarianism can only survive if it controls Congress. Because that is the only way that it can prevent investigations that will disclose its illegal behavior, incompetence, dismantling of the Constitution, and illegal election activities.

It's called rule by despotism.

Krugman has got it right.

The Republicans don't have to win by themselves.

They can just watch groups like Naral and the Sierra Club shoot themselves in the face.