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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 09:58

Anti-Abortion Group Launches ‘I Vote Pro-Life’ Pledge Tour on Swing States Campuses

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In 2008, the anti-abortion crowd, led by an Illinois-based 527 organization called Born Alive Truth, launched a campaign it was certain would mobilize the base and turn undecided voters toward the McCain-Palin ticket. The campaign would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in key swing states on advertisements branding then-Senator Barack Obama as a supporter of infanticide. When the group registered with the Internal Revenue Service that year, it claimed that its mission was, “informing the public of Barack Obama's support of infanticide" (a statement it later amended).

This time around, Students for Life of America -- another anti-abortion organization -- has come up with a different idea. It is taking the battle over abortion rights to college campuses in several swing states.

Jill Stanek, a longtime anti-abortion activist and blogger who headed the Born Alive Truth project, and who in January 2003 was named by the evangelical World Magazine as one of the 30 most prominent pro-life leaders of the past 30 years, is one of the headliners of the Students for Life of America's upcoming I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour.

The Tour will visit several universities in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, and intends to ask “every American, particularly young adults, to sign a pledge stating that a candidate's stance on the life issue will be the most important issue that a person looks at when deciding which candidates to vote for, from local school board to president of the United States,” Charisma News recently reported.

Perhaps more importantly, the tour is also designed to provide Get-Out-The-Vote training sessions as well as register voters at more than 13 campuses.

"If a candidate does not support the basic right to life, we believe they cannot be trusted to handle any other issue, fiscal or social, with honor and dignity," said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. "We plan to educate voters, recruit volunteers, and urge voters to vote for the candidates that respect life in all its stages."

Four years ago, Stanek’s Born Alive Truth received more than $300,000 from the multi-millionaire Catholic conservative philanthropist Raymond Ruddy, to push the Obama-infanticide meme. Ruddy, the president of the Boston-based Gerard Health Foundation and a board member of Maximus Inc. – the services provider that took full advantage of welfare privatization, was all-in on mot only attacking Obama, but in campaigning against Planned Parenthood.

But the 2008 election did not end well for Stanek or Ruddy. In a WorldNetDaily column after the election, a disheartened and angry Stanek wrote: “Altogether, this [the election results] means we are fooling ourselves if we think the United States is still a Christian nation. Its people just elected a barbarian as president, authorized the killing of both its youngest and sickest, rejected scientific fact that human life begins at conception, blocked parental intervention of abortions of young girls, and voted down the wording of an abortion ban they said only two years ago they would support.”

Later, Stanek wrote in a story titled “The tidal wave of death” -- posted at JillStanek.com -- that she hadn't written about Obama's cabinet appointments because she “found it too depressing. This is like watching a Culture of Death tsunami. Nothing we can do to stop it....”

This time around, Stanek continues to play a significant role as an anti-abortion activist.

In late August of this year, during the Susan B. Anthony List “Women Speak Out: Abortion is Not Health Care” bus tour, Stanek declared that she didn’t “want Barack Obama to have another four years. We must see that he’s defeated.”

Prior to the tour, Stanek wrote that her “entire focus and role on the tour is to expose Barack Obama’s radical support of infanticide as part and parcel of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, as he saw it and said it.”

Earlier this month, Stanek weighed in on Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2016: Obama’s America, which she “found … quite compelling”: “If nothing else, Obama’s childhood and adult ideological influences would shock American sensibilities. But I left the movie with a question: How does Obama’s anti-colonial beliefs play into his radical pro-abortion beliefs?”

She posed that question to D’Souza who responded with: “Obama rejects traditional Christianity. He subscribes to what may be termed Third World liberation theology. This radical brand of Christianity considers Christ to be a kind of guerrilla revolutionary, fighting against the evil capitalists and the ruling class. Traditional Christian tenets such as the dignity of life don’t seem to feature prominently in Obama’s view. Even partial birth abortion doesn’t revolt him in the way it revolts most people–even Democrats.”

After the storming of the U.S. embassy in Cairo and the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three staff members, Stanek wondered, in a piece posted at LifeNews.com, whether the so-called apology issued before the storming of the embassy “bolstered the mob.”

Never one to veil her dislike, distrust and disgust with Obama, Stanek wrote: “Obviously the sensibilities of at least some in the Obama administration are to think the worst of America first, which is no surprise. The apples don’t fall from the tree. Yet that same administration is blind to comparable attacks against Christians via the movie industry in its own country.”

Charisma News reported that “The ‘I Vote Pro-Life First’ initiative is a coalition effort with other national pro-life organizations such as RNC for Life, Live Action, The Justice Foundation, Pro-Life Nation, Rock for Life, I Am Whole Life, The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Lifenews.com, JillStanek.com, AbolishAbortion.com, Pro-Life Action League, California Civil Rights Foundation, and Created Equal.”