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Thursday, 20 September 2012 10:42

Romney Darkens Skin Color to Appear More Hispanic for Univision Interview?

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It's not going unnoticed that in a September 19th interview on Univision (which has the largest reach of news programming to Latino audiences in the United States), Mitt Romney had his face darkened to appear, well, more Hispanic.  As a sharp eye on Democratic Underground noted and showed, there is simply no disputing it if you look at Romney's face while on Univision as compared to his other campaign photos and television appearances.

The cheesy attempt to subliminally try to make Romney appear more Latino, instead of a pale Mormon, was blatantly evident in a surprisingly critical article of the interview in the right wing Washington Times (although it should be disclosed that the commentary was from a liberal blogger). Just check out the Associated Press photos by clicking here.

As far as proof of Romney man tanning it up to try to appear more like "one of them," just look at his wan hands as compared to his face in the YouTube video of the television program. Catch the white skin in contrast to the heavy pancake makeup on his face as you watch the interview. (The video is posted at the end of this commentary.)

If you actually listen to the interview, Romney is doggedly challenged on his Latino immigration flip flops by Univision journalist Maria Elena Salinas.  Salinas and co-interviewer Jorge Ramos look lighter in skin tone than the heavily darkened Romney.

You have to wonder how much the Romney campaign is in freefall when it's candidate imitates Al Jolson singing "Mammy" in black face (although with a brown instead of black face) in order to sway Hispanic voters.




Mitt Romney's Skin Turns Brown for Univision