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Thursday, 27 September 2012 07:10

Romney and Ryan Want to Kick Grandma to the Curb With a Tin of Cat Food

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Satire or Maybe Not

I was listening to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and OMG I just realized that Grandma is a Communist! She thinks that she is entitled to get Social Security and Medicare after paying in for a lifetime. Quit being a victim Grandma! She thinks shes entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing! What's wrong with her? Get a f-ing job!

Paul Ryan says it best though. He wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare in order to "break the back" of the collectivist philosophy. Ryan understands that to make money is the essence of human morality. Ryan understands that people who have earned a lot of wealth deserve to enjoy that wealth and that it is immoral to force them to the old, tired, sick, and poor. These people, like Grandma, are nothing more than looters. How dare she? How dare she!?

So Grandma - I'm voting Republican this year. Romney and Ryan are coming after you.  I'm going to get my tax cut and you can go get your own food and home and medical care. I'm kicking Grandma to the curb. Eat cat food! I'm a Republican. Go Mitt! WooHoo!

7782228506 5dc90c9c4e IMAGE BY DONKEY HOTEY