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Thursday, 04 October 2012 11:42

Romney Accuses the President of Doing All the Right Things, Especially on Green Energy

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I’m not going to reiterate what Rachel Maddow and the MSNBC panel of commentators observed on what seemed to be President Obama’s lack of preparation for this debate.  Those arguments have already been sufficiently made.

Here are my first impressions of the debate: in terms of physical appearances, which the media and Americans love to focus on, Romney’s smirking, squared-jawed, pit-bull-face was rather ugly and unbecoming.  Some would argue that that’s my Democratic bias slipping in, but I would say the same of Obama if he, too, were superficially smirking through the entire debate.  

Okay, now for the policies, it wasn’t President Obama that took me by surprise on all the essential improvements he’s accomplished: it was Mitt Romney who pointed those surprisingly good things out through his accusations.  So when Mitt Romney accused Obama of providing subsidies for green energy companies, and that Obama wouldn’t allow Big Oil & Coal to pollute our public lands, I found myself saying, “Really?! Obama did that?! Wow! Good for him!”     

Everyone has his or her own priorities; for me, it’s about climate change and protecting our beautiful national parks from oil drilling, fracking and coal mining.  So when Mitt Romney angrily accused President Obama of providing $50 billion dollars for wind and solar companies AND when he said that he only allowed drilling on private lands and not in our beautiful public national and state parks, I thought, Amazing! (big applause for the President) Why didn’t I hear about that?!  That’s Obama’s best kept secret.

At that point, I would have loved to knock the smirk right off Romney’s face.  Obama could have easily turned this “green energy” accusation into a total victory for himself.  All he had to do is say, “You know, Mitt, I understand why you want to drill on every inch of this beautiful country and pollute our rivers and awesome landscapes by allowing the oil and coal companies to rape our sacred lands of all its precious resources for 100% profits, I understand your position on this issue because You Believe Climate Change is a Hoax!

Then, Obama should have finished him off with the following facts:

Temperatures are at record highs, droughts are so severe that our corn crops have withered to dust, the Mississippi is drying up, the glaciers and Greenland ice are melting at a terrifyingly rapid rate beyond scientific predictions, extreme flooding has cost tax payers billions of dollars from the damage, wildfires have consumed entire forests and communities in the western states because of the hot, dry extreme weather conditions that have been referred to as “epic” and it’s getting worse every year.

Romney keeps bashing President Obama on the solar company, Solyndra, but Romney chooses to ignore the fact that there are hundreds of successful solar companies that are booming across the country, opening the door to thousands of new jobs. Furthermore, perhaps Solyndra mismanaged funding, but are they responsible for what oil companies have done to our economy and environment from massive oil spills? The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster literally turned the entire Gulf of Mexico into a dead zone with toxic oil and dispersants; and they’re costing businesses a loss of billions of dollars in the tourist and fishing industries, how does Solyndra’s mismanagement of funds compare to such deadly oil spills, environmentally and economically speaking?

And lastly, the fact is Mr. Romney, you don’t want green energy at all.  You want to destroy what successes solar and wind are having through the help of my policies by phasing out all new green technology at a time when we’re facing a global warming crisis.  We’re not at the turn of the century, Mr. Romney: this isn’t 1900.  This is 2012—and we desperately need to make adjustments for a New Era of clean energy.

So here you go, Mr. Presisent:  Feel free to use this reply on the next round of debates!