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Monday, 15 October 2012 11:18

If Being Governor Is a Test of Leadership, Romney is Getting His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts

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There's nothing like asking people who were represented by an elected official about his performance.

According to a list of polls assembled by the generally conservative site, Real Clear Politics (RCP), Romney is likely to receive a whopping rejection from the people he once served as governor.  RCP averages polls and as of October 15 has President Obama leading former Massachusetts Governor Romney by 20.4 percent, with the Boston Globe giving a 27 point lead to Obama.

Yes, Massachusetts the home of Romney as he built Bain Capital into a role model for vulture capitalists and the forerunner of outsourcing jobs to China; the state that Romney became governor of by proclaiming to be a moderate on issues like abortion; the state where he created Romneycare as his self-proclaimed most important accomplishment as governor (only to denounce it now as the Affordable Care Act under Obama); yes, this state is – short of some deux ex machina -- going to reject his campaign for presidency in a momentous landslide.

If you are a politician claiming Zeus-like leadership skills, aren't the people you already have governed a good judge of how you delivered on your promises and performed in office?  In that case, Romney is getting the heave-ho from the residents of Massachusetts.

And if you want to feel some empathy for Mitt, you won't find it in Michigan.  He's not doing too well in his home state where he forced a gay classmate to the ground and violently cut his hair off.  Although the spreads are not nearly as dramatic as in Massachusetts, Romney is now losing his birth state by a 4.4 percent poll average, according to RCP.

Although, it's well within the margin of error, the homestate (Wisconsin) that includes the current congressional district of Paul Ryan also goes to Obama for a poll average of 2.2%.

But the real polling that counts here is the Massachusetts RCP Obama lead 0f 20.4 percent over former Bay State Governor Romney.  That is not likely to change dramatically and may go as high as a 30% Obama lead in one poll as the votes are counted.

Of course, these are polls and not votes, but the Romney/Ryan ticket right now is behind in their birth states and the states they have been politically responsible for.

With a 20 – 30 percent voter gap in Massachusetts, Romney's leadership has been tested and found wanting.   If the percentage gap gets any higher in Massachusetts, Romney might retire to the Cayman Islands where some of his hordes of cash are located. 

Otherwise, if he shows up in Massachusetts after the election, he might be tarred and feathered on the Boston Common for peddling more malarkey than a furnace salesman in hell.