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Thursday, 29 November 2012 12:38

Dodging Bullets and Winning the Day

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We seem to be in a cycle that mimics the movie "Groundhog Day." The election ended with the resounding re-election of Barack Obama, something the Republican Party, with its customary rabid partisanship, refuses to accept. And we are still writhing in the mud of ugly campaign rhetoric as if dissenters could still win the day by attacking the new/old president - - a shameful display not just of poor sportsmanship but deceit writ large. How could a candidate think he was fit for office when his campaign was laced with lies throughout?      

Susan Rice has been subjected to a relentless barrage of negative attacks regarding her testimony about the Benghazi raid that left four Americans dead in its wake. Predictably, Senators McCain and Graham say they were "more disturbed" after their meeting with Rice than they were before. Why she agreed to meet with three hatchet-wielding Republicans in the first place is a mystery. Apparently she assumed they would be satisfied that she was willing to meet with them and answer questions. But one should never assume an impartial hearing from a partisan triumvirate.

Thus it continues - as if she purposely withheld information to which the Senate was entitled, though it is hard to imagine why she would do such a thing. No matter; current speculation is that because McCain is term-limited, he must relinquish his current position on the Foreign Relations committee. If he were able to enlarge the scope of the Benghazi investigation to a Watergate-style operation, it would keep him in the political spotlight to a greater extent than a Fish and Wildlife assignment, for example.

The same old, same-old quality of our lives, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the election changed the political landscape, means that many of the same disruptive forces remain active. Columnist Mike Lux agrees with Mitt Romney in that there are "takers and makers." He just says they are "very mixed up." His business model made money buying up companies and "harvesting" their profit-making potential, loading up a company with debt and writing the debt off his company's taxes while paying his core company massive management fees, whether the company did well or not. Isn't this what we all rather suspected: that Romney didn't so much save companies as target them and wait for them to crash and burn.

One thing is certain, however: we dodged a bullet by re-electing Obama. Never mind that it wasn't a clean sweep; it was good enough. We dodged a bullet that could have been fatal.