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Monday, 24 December 2012 18:35

NRA Santa Gives a Machine Gun to Every Teacher and Bullets as Stocking Stuffers

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VAN TOBIN FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT santaclaus "a little handgun in each child's sock"


Good news for folks on the far right,
as we approach this Christmas night.
Old Santa’s been hired by the NRA,
he’s hired Ted Nugent to drive his sleigh.
He’s putting a little handgun in each child’s sock,
sometimes a Colt, but more often a Glock.
Tossed beneath the tree as he races the clock,
a Bushmaster with a Red Ryder BB gun embossed on the stock.
For each teacher to carry when returning to school,
a machine gun and a copy of the make my day rule.
For janitors, school nurses, even teacher’s aides,
flack jackets, helmets, and a couple of grenades.
So listen closely come Christmas Eve night,
for a sad old voice, quivering with fright,
Merry Christmas to all, but especially the Right!

(Photo: Wikipedia)