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Thursday, 03 January 2013 11:45

In the Beginning God Created the Gun and Generations of Worshipers

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MARK KARLIN, EDITOR OF BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT  waynelapierre   The NRA's Wayne LaPierre, King of the Gun Cult

An Australian, Nick Adams, who is a gun fanatic sans gun in his home country, claims:

Nothing, Ladies and Gentlemen, nothing-is more emblematic of the exceptionalism of America than the Second Amendment. Without the second Amendment, there are no other Amendments: the rest of the Constitution is a recommendation. It defines what America is about. It speaks to the character of America and to the mentality and philosophy of the American. It reflects why America came into being and the success of its human experiment. Civilian disarmament is based on the assumption that people are irresponsible (unless they work for the government). America was founded on the opposite premise.

Just as there is no greater moral imperative than keeping America strong, there is no greater moral imperative than supporting and advocating the Constitutional right to bear arms.

You take away the guns of America, you take away America.

Let’s set the record straight here.

Adams issued this clarion call to gun worshipers in a keynote address at "the Arizona NRA Centenary Banquet on June 2, 2012, in Phoenix, AZ."  He noted plaintively at the time:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I belong to a generation of Australians that have never picked up a gun. When I was just eleven years old, the federal government implemented gun reform in the wake of a dreadful and heart-wrenching massacre conducted by an insane man garnishing an AR-15. The government of day implemented a comprehensive and elaborate gun buy-back scheme where Australians, the compliant people that we are, visited our local police stations and handed in our firearms.

Although firearms are strictly controled in Australia in the wake of high-profile shootings in the last three decades, Mr. Adams is free to apply for one there. The fact is that Australians simply aren't that into guns.  As a result, "The rate of homicides involving firearms per 100,000 population in 2009 was 0.1, as compared with 3.3 in the United States," according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

It won't take long for the Sandy Hook Newtown massacre to be lost from the public cry for gun control, just as have so many blood soaked gun shootings before it.  You could make a list of the victims, just like the names of the soldiers killed in WW II or the Vietnam War in a war memorial.

And then you can make a list of the 40,000 some homicides, suicides, and accidents that we accept every year as business as usual.  The ones in urban areas barely get a notice except on the knife and gun club weekend television news.

You can tell already that Obama, particularly given his penchant for walking backwards from his promises, is saying that Americans will have to rise up for gun control to happen, and he's giving it to Joe Biden to handle on top of it.

The Bush and Obama administrations have given the National Rifle Association, fringe gun groups, and the gun manufacturers everything that they have asked for.

For a while, the NRA ran out of stupid things to request. So it just started making up demands, the kind when you've achieved all your goals and you are reduced to pulling rabbits out of a hat to keep your donations coming  in: carrying handguns into Nation Parks, hunting squirrels with a handgun, making sure every US citizen has a right to own an assassin's sniper's rifle that can be lethal at a mile's range, keeping the US government from stopping suspected terrorists form buying guns, and letting shooting ranges accumulate toxic lead from shell casings in the surrounding environment, among a torrent of others including impeding police from using tools that could help in arresting shooters (you know, "the bad guys").

Nick Adams, of course, wants the entire axis of the world to balance on the barrel of a an assault weapon:

The right to bear arms is not wrong, immoral, evil, bad or unnecessary. It’s the opposite. The right to bear arms is the greatest test of genuine freedom, the best protection of you, your family and your property; the greatest deterrent of governmental overreach, the greatest disincentive to foreign invasion, the greatest defense to the two cancers of the West- radical Islam and socialism, and the greatest asset to a confident and individualistic society.

If there is a God, one would think he or she would create the greatness of lives and nations based on the inherent good and reasoning within people.

Little did we know that on the First Day of the Earth, God didn't create Adam and Eve.

He or she created a gun.