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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 09:06

Partisan Politics and the Doom of Rational Thought

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Although most Americans anxiously await insight into the nation’s most pressing issues, politicians in Washington haven’t been able to bridge the partisan divide to find workable solutions. Instead, lesser minds keep appearing at every turn of the dial to make mind-numbing proposals on TV shows purporting to provide ‘the latest news.’


Marsha Blackburn turns up constantly to offer down-home wisdom from Tennessee. Her latest observation was that Sequester was a good thing for reasons that were necessarily unclear. Apparently her constituents are a forgiving lot - - Freedom of speech engenders a lot of gibberistic clap trap, but what’s a free society to do except hope that education catches up with its idiot fringes. Blackburn is a gun-carrying supporter of the NRA who criticizes the president for not having photos of him ‘skeeting’ at Camp David. Shouldn’t we have known about this activity if it is really true, she asks? - - To which a Huffpost blogger responds, If Marsha Blackburn is a real person, why have we not heard of her?


And how, we might ask, do some members of Congress get elected in the first place? Has it always been this way, or has this latest generation of leaders topped the stupid meter for that position. Who could have been less qualified to be Secretary of State than Condoleezza Rice, a person who seemed not to grasp the terrorist threat that was emerging on our borders? And one wonders what she was doing while she served as National Security Advisor to President Bush. Who, she asked during her testimony before Congress, could have imagined that enemies would fly planes into buildings? Who indeed, except for people who understood what was actually happening in the world and didn’t rely on scary talk about nonexistent mushroom clouds to make their points?  Talk about uunqualified...


Voters, all of us, should demand that our elected officials actually know something about the subjects of the day, and maybe a little history too. Otherwise we are doomed to a future of incompetence and 'gotcha’ politics.